Bruins: Game 7 Against Toronto



You may think I am crazy but… the Bruins have been playing very lackluster for the last few games against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Overall the outcome of the series was as expected, the better team came out with a “W”.

The first four games you thought the season would be over for the Toronto Maple Leafs, down three to one going into the nest of the B’s. Think again, Toronto won the next two games to tie the series one to one in Boston. Those two games were ones that were tough to watch, with almost everything going wrong for the B’s. You could just say that they did not care, and they wanted to try to get to a new stage of a new series.

Heading into game seven of the first round series, the Bruins were lucky with their house to back them up against the thirsty Maple Leafs. The Bruins started off good with the first goal of the game, but then that was quickly shut down by the Maple Leafs with a quick goal back. One-one  heading into the second period, the Bruins give up another. Heading into the third period, we lost it, they scored another two. Now they were down three goals in the third period of a playoff game, it seems impossible for the Bruins to come back. The fans might as well go home, some in fact, did. But the truth is, they missed a great comeback, and now are sorry for leaving. The Bruins score one back, and with minutes left they pull out the goalie Tuukka Rask and score a goal! Closing the gap to just one. No way this can happen in hockey, and no fan  though they could come back and win the game in the third. With all of the luck in the world Bergeron scored the tying goal with just fifty two seconds left on the clock. A few minutes into overtime Bergeron scores the go ahead goal to win. People say it was all Bergeron, but reality is that the whole team contributed. Even Tuukka Rask who had a O.K. night made a great save to keep the B’s alive in OT.

Although the Bruins pulled together for game seven in the last period, it is clear that they are not good enough to win another Stanley Cup. I have nothing against them, but they have seen better years.

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Struggling Stanley cup champs


The Stanley cup champions Los Angeles Kings who happen to be my favorite team have had a little bit of what the call “a Stanley cup Hangover” as the have come out this season in last place in the pacific division. There top players Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Drew Doughty have not been playing up to there ability and it is one pretty obvious reason why they are not doing great.

The team has only 10 points in 12 games and is second to last in the western conference. “Were simply not scoring” said Kings head coach Daryl Suter. And he is right. They only have 26 goals and first place Chicago Blackhawks have 44 goals and are soaring this year atop the western conference. With there only being 48 games this year it will be very difficult for the Kings to get out of this and get a playoff spot. Personally I think that they will overcome this drought  just like they did last year and possibly make it right back to the Stanley cup playoffs. It is a hard task but if there best players start to perform like the normally do they will be Stanley cup champs yet again.

The team has about 35 games left and with each game being 2% of there season the will need to start winning very fast. A lot of there losses have been in over time or last second goals in the third period. If they can start winning these close games the Kings would probably have a winning record and be soaring in there conference. All in all, the Kings have not had a very successful start to the short 48 game season.

How Steroids Have Impacted Sports


In today’s sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football, athletes need to be in prime condition in order to compete at such a high level. Year after year athletes are elevating their sport. Competing at the level they are at is getting harder and harder each and every year. They are setting the bar so high that it almost feels impossible to make it as a young athlete. Athletes all have their ways of staying strong, fit, and fueled. Some drink sports drinks and eat hefty meals. Some work out and do it the old way. Some athletes choose to disregard the right and legal way and take performance enhancing drugs.

These drugs make you stronger, faster, and can make you go longer. These drugs are very effective  and help a lot, but the fact of the matter is, they are illegal. It’s no question these are unfair. It’s like if Tom Brady had a bionic arm and the rest of the quarterbacks had just a normal arm. It’s unfair and just not right. These drugs can also give you major side effects like chest pains, bleeding, headaches, and in some cases more serious conditions, like heart problems and brain failure.

One big controversy regarding PED’s, ( Performance Enhancing Drugs ) right now, is cyclist Lance Armstrong’s confession to drug use. Lance Armstrong is an American cyclist who won many events such as the tour de france, the longest and most popular race in the world, several times. He is an icon for any cyclist. He has always seemed like a very nice and innocent guy and nobody thought he would do drugs. But recently he was tested positive for PED’s. He has just confessed last week to Oprah on live television that he has used PED’s most of his career.  A lot of people neglect that their is actually a large use of this in cycling. A top – notch professional cyclist can travel 20 miles per hour up a pitch of 40 degrees and can do this for at least 45 minutes without losing energy. Even though Lance is incredibly fit, later towards his career he needed that little boost to enable him to still compete, and that is what led to Lance’s drug use problem.

 It makes a lot of people mad at what sports are coming too these days. Steroids are unfair and a little bit selfish too. A lot of people don’t care much if someone is doing PED’s, but it really is cheating. I feel that about one – quarter of the top athletes are doing drugs. Athletes are doing whatever they can and taking whatever they can, to make the millions they are and to stay on top of their sport.

ESPN problems

And another slam-dunk bye the Miami Heat! And the Denver Broncos sign Peyton Manning! I am so sick of hearing those words every time I watch ESPN. They’re always talking about football or basketball no matter what the season is and I think a lot of other sports fans are annoyed with this matter just like I am.  Continue reading

One of the Best Organizations/ Teams Ever to be in the NHL: Boston Bruins

The National Hockey League, NHL, is full of great teams and organizations, but one of the best is the Boston Bruins.  Every year this team makes a great showing even if they don’t make the playoffs.  This team, made up of skilled, caring, and fantastic hockey players, is also very classy.  Whenever they lose, whether it be the Stanley Cup Final or a regular season game, they always respect the other team.  Many Hall of Famers and well-known names have been a part of the Bruins organization. Continue reading

Los Angeles Kings: Possible Stanley Cup 2012 Champions?

Four teams remain in the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs, the Los Angeles Kings, Phoenix Coyotes, the New York Rangers, and the New Jersey Devils. While the Rangers face the Devils, the Kings face the Coyotes in Conference finals. So far, the Kings lead the series 3-0, and the Rangers lead the Devils 2-1. There is much at stake for all the teams because they are so close to the final round of playoffs. The team that has been the biggest surprise in the playoffs are the LA Kings, beating the Canucks 4-1 and sweeping the Blues 4-0. Many people believe that two teams left to face off for the Stanley Cup will be the Kings and Rangers. The Kings have a very high chance of winning the Stanley Cup for many reasons.

photo credit: Marianne O’Leary

The Los Angeles Kings have made an immense amount of progress during the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. They astounded their fans and many others by beating the Vancouver Canucks in the first round 4-1. Many people thought the Kings would be eliminated immediately, but they played their best and won the series. The Canucks clinched the top spot in the Western Conference, while the Kings got 8th place. The Kings had a very low chance of beating the Canucks because at the moment the Canucks were one of the best teams in the league. After beating the Canucks, the Kings moved on to play the St. Louis Blues who were second in the Western Conference. The Blues, playing well all season, had a very good chance of beating the Kings. Taking everyone by surprise again, the Kings swept the Blues by winning 4-0. Now the Kings move on to play the Phoenix Coyotes, a very talented team that was 3rd in the Western Conference. So far, they have played three games and the Kings have won all of them. The Kings definitely have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup this year. The Kings have a very excellent goalie, Jonathan Quick. Quick led the league in shutouts during the regular season and has a save percentage of 0.948%. He has only allowed more than two goals in a game once this season. The Kings have not lost a game on the road yet during playoffs and they have only lost once during the entire playoffs. They have very good offensive players such as Mike Richards, Dustin Brown, and Anze Kopitar. The team has scored four or more goals in six out of eleven playoff games. The Kings need to keep up their excellent goaltending and quality offensive play so they can win the Stanley Cup this year.

Many teams have been eliminated in the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs, but the LA Kings continue to excel. They have beaten the two best teams in the Western Conference and lead the series against the Coyotes 3-0. Coming from the worst seed in the West, the Kings have astonished many people. The Los Angeles Kings have a very high chance of winning the Stanley Cup this year because of their excellent goaltending and very productive offensive players that produce many goals.

Women Deserve a Chance to Shine

Men in our world get to play sports at a high level of competition while women don’t get a chance to show off their skills.  Women’s sports are just as good as men’s sports, and sometimes even better.  Men aren’t the only talented ones on this planet and women should be able to show that.  Women can really bring it to sports competitions.  People don’t realize that women are very talented and should be treated in a better way.  Many sports played by men are made into professional sports.  The world is full of professional mens sports such as the NBA, National Basketball Association, the NHL, National Hockey League, the MLB, Major League Baseball, MLS, Major League Soccer, and so forth.  Women only have the WNBA, Women’s National Basketball Association, golf, MLS, Major League Soccer, and gymnastics to be a part of.  Women should receive more respect and publicity for their skills.

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The Bruins with the Stanley Cup Hangover

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

“We are disappointed. We did expect to get out of that first round.” That is what Boston Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs, told the media today, May 3rd. Having just won the Stanley Cup last year, the Bruins have been on a Stanley Cup hangover. They weren’t able to pull themselves together this past season and were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. There were many reasons why they did not have a great chance at repeating their championship run again this year. In particular, there was a significant amount of injuries and holes in the roster. They also wore themselves out after the excessive celebration of the championship and after playing through three game sevens. In addition, they had to face plenty of other skilled teams.

My dad talked to one of their forwards, Shawn Thornton, and was told that even though the players make it look easy, their bodies don’t have enough left in them at the end of the season. Many players get sick in between periods or come in with injuries. Stitched or wrapped up, they hop back on the ice just to get beat up again. This season left Tyler Seguin needing surgery on his hand, Adam McQuaid with a concussion, and Patrice Bergeron with a hurt oblique and broken nose. Johnny Boychuk and Tuukka Rask were also hurt mid-season but returned in time for the playoffs. Missed by their teammates, Nathan Horton and Marc Savard were both out for the season with concussion symptoms. This goes to show that the team was never at one hundred percent during any part of this season.

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

Another reason they failed this year was that many of their best players became invisible when the playoffs started. David Krejci, Brad Marchand and Milan Lucic combined for only eight points in the seven game series against Washington. Tim Thomas, the Bruins’ goalie, has been great all year but also didn’t play his best at the end of the season. There were simply too many things out of place for them to be a championship team this year. Discouraged, the Bruins packed up early and saluted the fans. They’ll come back fighting next year, ready for revenge. The fans can’t be disappointed with all of the hard work that the boys have put in during the past couple of years. I can say that I am a very proud Boston Bruins fan. These holes will hopefully be patched over the summer. Today, Jeremy Jacobs said, “We’ve got to tell the Stanley Cup winner this year that the Cup’s on loan to them. It’s going to come back home here in the near term.”

Bruins: Why they deserved to win the Stanley Cup 2012

The Bruins, 2011 defending Stanley Cup Champions, are out of the 2012 playoffs for the Stanley Cup. The Bruins, losing in game 7 of quarterfinals in the Eastern Conference against the Washington Capitals, are eliminated. The Capitals scored the winning overtime goal on Thursday, April 26, 2012 in TD Garden. Moving on to semifinals, the Capitals will face either the Rangers or Senators in another seven game series. Bruins fans all over the U.S. are very discouraged, because the Bruins were obviously the better team in the series and deserved to win the cup this year.

Picture Credit: Dan4th

The Bruins worked hard all season, facing many challenges along the way. They worked through the loss and injury of many players, having to pick up players from Providence and other teams. The Bruins lost many important players throughout the season, some returning later and some not, such as Nathan Horton, Rich Peverley, Tuukka Rask, Marc Savard, Adam McQuaid, Johnny Boychuk, and others. Winning the Northeastern Division and securing the second seed in the Eastern Conference, the Bruins were able to keep up their defense and extend their offensive play. They deserved to win the cup this year because of their determination, skill, effort, and sense of community. Winning the cup would have shown how hard the Bruins worked to get better and fight through problems. The Bruins have amazing defenders, like Chara and Seidenberg, who were able to prevent other players from getting to Thomas. They also have loads of great offensive players, such as Bergeron, Seguin, Marchand, and Krejci. They were able to keep puck possession and provide many goals. Tyler Seguin, Patrice Bergeron, and David Krejci led the Bruins in scoring. Even when many players were injured, the Bruins were able to push through it and work harder than ever to succeed. Every player on the team was skilled, helping the team win many games. Also, every player did something to enhance the team. They tried to not get discouraged by losses, but instead to look at them as a way to get better. Beating their opponents could sometimes be a challenge, but the players tried their best. The players and coaches put endless hours into practices in attempt to make the team better. They spent countless hours traveling across the U.S. and Canada going to and from games. The sense of community was very strong between the whole team. All the players and coaches were very close and they acted like a family. Welcoming new players helped make the Bruins community very strong. The bonds between the players were unbreakable and the jokes were endless. The Bruins’ determination, skill, effort, and sense of community are why the Bruins deserved to win the Stanley Cup.

The Bruins’ deserved the 2012 Stanley Cup for many reasons, each as important as the last. Each player tried as hard as they could and gave countless hours to the team. Their amazing defensive and offensive players helped the team climb to the top to win the Northeastern division and second seed in the Eastern Conference. Their excellent goalies blocked many important shots. The whole team worked together to make this season great, the only thing that would have made it better was winning the Stanley Cup. They overcame many challenges and faced many problems. For these reasons, the Bruins deserved to win the 2012 Stanley Cup.