Bruins: Game 7 Against Toronto



You may think I am crazy but… the Bruins have been playing very lackluster for the last few games against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Overall the outcome of the series was as expected, the better team came out with a “W”.

The first four games you thought the season would be over for the Toronto Maple Leafs, down three to one going into the nest of the B’s. Think again, Toronto won the next two games to tie the series one to one in Boston. Those two games were ones that were tough to watch, with almost everything going wrong for the B’s. You could just say that they did not care, and they wanted to try to get to a new stage of a new series.

Heading into game seven of the first round series, the Bruins were lucky with their house to back them up against the thirsty Maple Leafs. The Bruins started off good with the first goal of the game, but then that was quickly shut down by the Maple Leafs with a quick goal back. One-one  heading into the second period, the Bruins give up another. Heading into the third period, we lost it, they scored another two. Now they were down three goals in the third period of a playoff game, it seems impossible for the Bruins to come back. The fans might as well go home, some in fact, did. But the truth is, they missed a great comeback, and now are sorry for leaving. The Bruins score one back, and with minutes left they pull out the goalie Tuukka Rask and score a goal! Closing the gap to just one. No way this can happen in hockey, and no fan  though they could come back and win the game in the third. With all of the luck in the world Bergeron scored the tying goal with just fifty two seconds left on the clock. A few minutes into overtime Bergeron scores the go ahead goal to win. People say it was all Bergeron, but reality is that the whole team contributed. Even Tuukka Rask who had a O.K. night made a great save to keep the B’s alive in OT.

Although the Bruins pulled together for game seven in the last period, it is clear that they are not good enough to win another Stanley Cup. I have nothing against them, but they have seen better years.


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