The Bruins with the Stanley Cup Hangover

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

“We are disappointed. We did expect to get out of that first round.” That is what Boston Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs, told the media today, May 3rd. Having just won the Stanley Cup last year, the Bruins have been on a Stanley Cup hangover. They weren’t able to pull themselves together this past season and were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. There were many reasons why they did not have a great chance at repeating their championship run again this year. In particular, there was a significant amount of injuries and holes in the roster. They also wore themselves out after the excessive celebration of the championship and after playing through three game sevens. In addition, they had to face plenty of other skilled teams.

My dad talked to one of their forwards, Shawn Thornton, and was told that even though the players make it look easy, their bodies don’t have enough left in them at the end of the season. Many players get sick in between periods or come in with injuries. Stitched or wrapped up, they hop back on the ice just to get beat up again. This season left Tyler Seguin needing surgery on his hand, Adam McQuaid with a concussion, and Patrice Bergeron with a hurt oblique and broken nose. Johnny Boychuk and Tuukka Rask were also hurt mid-season but returned in time for the playoffs. Missed by their teammates, Nathan Horton and Marc Savard were both out for the season with concussion symptoms. This goes to show that the team was never at one hundred percent during any part of this season.

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

Another reason they failed this year was that many of their best players became invisible when the playoffs started. David Krejci, Brad Marchand and Milan Lucic combined for only eight points in the seven game series against Washington. Tim Thomas, the Bruins’ goalie, has been great all year but also didn’t play his best at the end of the season. There were simply too many things out of place for them to be a championship team this year. Discouraged, the Bruins packed up early and saluted the fans. They’ll come back fighting next year, ready for revenge. The fans can’t be disappointed with all of the hard work that the boys have put in during the past couple of years. I can say that I am a very proud Boston Bruins fan. These holes will hopefully be patched over the summer. Today, Jeremy Jacobs said, “We’ve got to tell the Stanley Cup winner this year that the Cup’s on loan to them. It’s going to come back home here in the near term.”


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