New York City

New York City, the largest city in the United States, is home to more than eight million people. Its five major burrows consist of a large, diverse population. The numerous corporations that have offices there make Manhattan a business hub. Its numerous monuments and landmarks make it a popular tourist vacation place for people around the world.

New York City has five boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, each one different in its own unique way. Queens, for example, consists of people of many different cultures from around the world. There are many Chinese, Mexican, and Indian restaurants in Queens. In Manhattan, Chinatown is home to many ethnic Chinese people who speak mostly mandarin instead of English. The Bronx has many Hispanic and African-American neighborhoods. This helps bring new immigrants to New York City.

Many large corporations and media companies are based in New York City, specifically in Manhattan. For example ABC and NBC are both based in New York City. Both the NFL (National Football League), the MLB (Major League Baseball), and the NHL (National Hockey League) are based in New York City. Even Macy’s is based in New York City. This has made NYC the place for big businesses.


New York City, for a long time has been a popular tourist destination for people around the world. Monuments like the statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge are what bring many people to visit the city. New York’s empire State building is one of the largest buildings in the country and are definitely a landmark in NYC. This helps a lot with the City’s economy.

New York must be a nice place to live in. It’s five different boroughs make for diverse living. It has many national monuments that make it a popular place to visit. Many big companies are also based there. New York, to me, seems like an interesting place, and I would definitely visit it.


City of Dreams

Photo Credit: Grufnik

The sun peeks out of the horizon, saying “Good Morning”.

But the city is already awake.

The Subway trains slow into the station,

birds in Central Park chirp tunes

and Broadway signs flicker with life.

Blue dotted curtains on apartment windows open,

letting the light flood into their homes.

Cars already fill the streets,

scattered sounds filling the New England air.

The paper stands are open,

today’s news broadcasted across the busy sidewalks.

Doors open and close,

people come and go.

Young and old,

men and women.

Nothing divides them.

Trains pull out of the station,

streaking across the city with no time to lose.

Passing through the city,

slicing the cold early-­spring air,

the train speeds across the tracks.

It’s old engine groans with protest, but keeps going.

Faster, faster.

The engineer urges,

trying to push the train.

It presses on.

And finally the train slows,

the station in sight. As the train squeals to a stop,

passengers walk off the train, the intercom welcoming them.

“Welcome to The City of Dreams.”

New York

New York is a maze

Twists and turns

Turns and twists

Dead ends.


Turning in and out

through buildings,

through blocks


Seeking for gladness

and happiness.

Find your way

to the new way

of light


Casting your dreams,

through day


through night


Why Camp Dudley is the Best Camp in the World

Up on Lake Champlain, on the New York side, resides a camp that has been running for over 125 years.  It’s name is Camp Dudley.  It is an all boys camp that only does sports but has a great theater program as well.   With 250 acres of land and waterside property, Camp Dudley offers boys opportunities that they would never have at home.  When you arrive at dudley all you get is smiles, nobody judges you if you can’t do something and everybody is encouraging.  All these things show why Camp Dudley is the best camp ever.

With 250 acres of land and over 125 years of experience the Camp Dudley counselors have got the right idea on how to run a camp.  With kids starting when they are nine, it is sometimes their first time being away from home.  The counselors know exactly how these kids feel, most of them having gone to Dudley as a camper before becoming a counselor.  With all those acres of land Dudley also gives kids opportunities to do things they never would have a chance to do, and a safe environment to do them in.  Learning new things is a everyday activity, there are specialists for every activity waiting to help you.  Being right on Lake Champlain you do things like sailing, fishing, swimming and kayaking.  To catch a 5 pound bass was always one of my dreams, at dudley I was able to catch it along with other fish.  You can also participate in rifle and archery.  I had always wanted to fire a real gun and was able to when I went to Dudley.  Being assigned to a sports team in which you spend a lot of time with teaches kids teamwork and how to be competitive but still have fun.   Continue reading