Word of the Week: Failed

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

Last week the word of the week, jolly, was very positively connoted.  This week we have just the opposite.  The word failed is negatively connoted.  If something were to not work, it would be considered failed.  A plan, or a machine could fail.  Also, it could mean someone is not good at what they do, which in my opinion, should never be used in that context.  The word failed is heavily negatively connoted.

The word failed symbolizes the frustration that comes when something were to not work.  This is often a case of a failed plan.  If a plan were not effective enough, you would consider it to be a failed plan.  Sometimes a failed plan is very costly, other times it is just that it does not work the first time, and it needs to be tweaked into a new idea.

Machinery is described as failed when it is broken.  Whether overheated, missing a bolt, or any other of the seemingly endless causes of a machine malfunctioning, failed could describe any technical issue.  To tie this in with my previous example, a failed design on a machine could amount to a failed machine.

Failed could also be used to describe a person.  If they are not good at what they do, one might say they failed.  Maybe they are the failed designer of a failed machine.   Sometimes it is friends joking around.  Other times, it is used as a rude way to tell someone that they need to find something that they are better at.  I personally hate it when people insult other people.  I feel like it is easy enough to keep it in your head rather than blurt it out to embarrass someone. Continue reading

Failing, Don’t Fail at the Wrong Things!

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Photo credit: griffithchris


Did you cringe when you read that? I know I did. Failed is such a degrading word, like if you work really hard on something, and someone just says “you failed”. That can really upset you right?

Failing is associated a lot with grades and tests, but failing is in the real world too. You can fail at cooking (like me) and you can fail at drawing (again like me), but you can fail in more serious ways than that. You could fail at a business report, and you can fail at an interview.

But sometimes, we are so consumed by trying not to fail at business or academics, that we actually fail at something much more important. Having fun in life!

If you focus all your time on your grades or company, you forget to be happy. And when you are happy you are actually be less likely to fail.  Continue reading