Geo most important thing we did this year

Mariano Ricciardi


            There are many great things that we have done this year in geography. However, the best lesson we did was the lesson on city life. City life taught us many things about our country. There are a lot of jobs for people in cities and taught us a lot about our countries cities and not just other country’s cities. Also it showed us how there are many different climates and wildlife in the U.S. Lastly it has showed us if we would like to live in a city and what kind of city we would want to live in. Cities are suddenly becoming very popular for many reasons.


One big reason city life helped us was that it taught us a lot about our countries cities and the problems we have in our country. There are many things we should be paying attention to in our country and not just the world. Our cities have a lot of history and many amazing facts about them. We need to learn about the history of our country and know what has been going on. Cities in the U.S are very nice and provide many jobs for people of all ethnicities and how knowledgeable you are. This helps the economy of the country and is very important to the U.S culture.


Another reason cities are important is too learn about the different climates and wildlife in the U.S. There are many beautiful areas of the U.S and it helped us learn about the climate and different plants and animals in different regions in the U.S. It helps us learn about what type of climate we would like to live in and what places are good to live in. This shows us what type of place we would like to live in when we are older which is very important.


The last reason city life is important is that it would show us if we would like to live in a city when we are older and if so, what kind of city we would want to live in. There are also many jobs in cities and it would show us what kind of job we would like to do in a city and where these certain jobs are in these certain cities. Cities are a huge part of American culture and is important to most communities.


City life was very important to cover this year for these reasons. It shows us how diverse are culture is and helps us learn a lot about America and the problems we face as a country. Its also shows us the downsides to our country and what we need to do to fix it. That is why city life was the most interesting and important thing we did this year.

Mcdonald’s in Dubai

 There are many different foods all around the world and in different countries. Many countries eat different kinds of food and eat it in very traditional styles. However, McDonald’s would like to expand its chain out of the United States and into these different countries. Most countries did not like McDonald’s in their countries, so McDonald’s would have to make the food more like the country’s style of food.

Dubai, a city in United Arab Emirates, has an Arabic style of food, which means that their main meal is lunch. If McDonald’s were to make a menu in Dubai it would have to have breakfast. Dubai’s breakfast is very basic but will satisfy your palette consisting of croissants, yogurt, and Kaak bagels. Their Lunch is the big meal of their day and is very sacred. It consists of many types of meat like chicken, beef, and lamb. It is a big part of Arabic cultural identity. The side dish would be falafel, which is just like an Arabic French fry. The whole lunch meal is served with, the main bread, Roti bread. Other lunch choices consist of fish and salad, which many women of the country eat. Dinner is not a very big meal but people will normally have cheese, coffee, and maybe some left over meat. They do not eat very many deserts because of religious reasons. Overall McDonald’s would have to really impress the people of Dubai to make good food.

Dubai is a very modern style city with many world records for buildings and roller coasters. McDonald’s has to make their buildings look very unique if they want to look normal in the city. Overall, Dubai is one of the best places to put a foreign investment of McDonald’s.

Louisville NCAA champs

Last Night the Louisville Cardinals defeated the Michigan Wolverines 82-76 to win the National championship. The team stated that they had won the championship for Marcus Ware who had broken his leg against Duke in the elite eight game. He is from Atlanta and all that he said to his teammates after the injury was “just win the whole thing” which meant a lot to the Louisville players and showed them how strong Ware was. From that game on they were determined to win the whole thing no matter what it took. They were the favorite in the game but Michigan was up by 10 for a while in the first half with 3 three pointer from the little bench player Spike Aldrich who had 11 points in the first half. What was a key factor in why Michigan loss was that there All-star Trey Burke was on the bench for most of the first half with foul trouble. Luke Hancock got the most valuable player award and it meant a lot to him because his Dad is severely ill and he was not able to make the game but ended up going.Lastly Louisville coach Rick Patino had just had a horse voted in for the kentucky derby, His son had just got a coaching job at a D1 school and he won the NCAA championship. I would say that is pretty good week for him. All in all Louisville had a lot of people touched because of the win in the national championship.

Chicago Bulls defeat streaking Heat

On Wednesday March 27th, 2012 at about 6:00 pm at the United Center in Chicago Illinois, the Miami Heat were ready to stroll in and get their 28th win in a row. They were trying to brake the 33 Game win streak from the 71-72 Los Angeles Lakers during the Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West era. The struggling Chicago Bulls had other plans. They were trying to end the mighty Heat streak by playing hard nosed 70s smash mouth basketball. And that they did, and Bulls Point guard Kirk Hinrich Slammed Lebron James to the ground when James was on a fast break. Lebron was furious with the refs and thought Hinrich should have been ejected but for the fans of Chicago they absolutely loved it. I also loved it. The Bulls play tough Basketball and would never let the Miami show boats do trick dunks against them. Many of the Heat players said that because of the awful fouls is the reason they lost, but that should be how all N.B.A teams play against them because they do not like to get fouled. All in all it was a great win for Chicago and I personally loved the game.

Anze Kopitar: the best of the best

There has been a lot of great players throughout the NHL from Bobby Orr to Rene Rashard. However there has been a player over the last 7 years that has really stood out and is a very talented player. Anze Kopitar has been terrorizing the league since 2006 and is personally the best NHL player in the league.

Kopitar has a career 169 goals in 7 years and has a crazy 283 assists in those years too. Its not the craziest stats but he has done millions of “little things” in every game to help his team from intercepting passes to getting back on defense. It will be tough to for him to get in with the low stats he has for a hall of fame candidate but I think he has the potential to make it eventually. All in all he is a great player and I hope he gets in.

Kopitar has been my favorite player since 2009 when I started liking the Los Angeles Kings. I really started to like him when my Dad took me to a Bruins game and he won the game in a shootout with and unreal goal. it made my night and from that day on was a Kings and Kopitar fan.

Dolphin killing

Mariano Ricciardi


E.G.U essay

Dolphins have been loved throughout the years and seem to be people’s favorite animal. However see how much harm these animals have faced and ways people have tried to help. People have been very brutal to dolphins but in many ways have helped.


These animals have been harmed in many ways. One reason is how people who put them in aquariums sometimes leave them in toxic tanks to die. Also Japanese fisherman kill thousands of them a day with harpoons for food and brutalize the animals. Lastly tuna companies have killed millions of them by catching them in their nets and suffocating and making them disoriented in their nets.


Throughout all of these bad things, many people have helped these dolphins in many ways. People have video taped these awful attacks and have cause the whole country of Japan to stop killing dolphins. Accredited aquarium owners will put them in clean tanks to make the dolphins feel more at home. The video clips have also caused tuna companies to make their tuna fishing “dolphin safe”.


The harrowing battle still continues to go on to try to save the dolphins Overall if people realize the greatness in this animal the killing will be stopped.

Struggling Stanley cup champs


The Stanley cup champions Los Angeles Kings who happen to be my favorite team have had a little bit of what the call “a Stanley cup Hangover” as the have come out this season in last place in the pacific division. There top players Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Drew Doughty have not been playing up to there ability and it is one pretty obvious reason why they are not doing great.

The team has only 10 points in 12 games and is second to last in the western conference. “Were simply not scoring” said Kings head coach Daryl Suter. And he is right. They only have 26 goals and first place Chicago Blackhawks have 44 goals and are soaring this year atop the western conference. With there only being 48 games this year it will be very difficult for the Kings to get out of this and get a playoff spot. Personally I think that they will overcome this drought  just like they did last year and possibly make it right back to the Stanley cup playoffs. It is a hard task but if there best players start to perform like the normally do they will be Stanley cup champs yet again.

The team has about 35 games left and with each game being 2% of there season the will need to start winning very fast. A lot of there losses have been in over time or last second goals in the third period. If they can start winning these close games the Kings would probably have a winning record and be soaring in there conference. All in all, the Kings have not had a very successful start to the short 48 game season.

Avalanche Warnings.

Dear skiers,

Many of you are taking a trip into the backcountry. Skiing is very fun and most people do it on there free time. However, there are many dangers in this activity. If you decide to go there are many signs that you can tell if there is an avalanche and ways to help you get out if you unfortunately experience one.

If you are on a slope and you are getting ready to ski there are some signs that an avalanche is likely. Watch to see if there is too much space between snow particles and sudden changes in the weather. Also if there are high slopes and bits of fresh snow I suggest not skiing down them unless you want to die. If you unfortunately experience one there are some ways to stay safe from avalanches. Bring a shovel for digging just in case someone gets trapped under the snow and make sure everyone in your group has one so they can all help. Also bring a beacon for locating a person under the snow. And lastly, consider purchasing a body float made by North Face that helps keep you on top of the snow. I know it is very expensive but would you rather pay $1,179 dollars for a safety jacket or would you rather be dead? This is why you should be very careful if you decide to do this extreme skiing.

This is a very dangerous activity and know that people enjoy it but please be extremely careful. Please go out and buy all the things in this essay because it can happen to anyone and you don’t want it to be you. You don’t want this skiing trip to be your last. Please listen to my advice and be very careful if you decide to go.

Love, Mariano

Harbaugh brothers unite in superbowl

There has been a lot of talk about how the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens shouldn’t have made it to the superbowl. But they have proved all odds wrong and now for the first time in sports history Jim and John Harbaugh will be the first two coaches in any professional sport to ever compete in the championship game as brothers.

Both teams were not supposed to make it to the playoffs and some thought that neither would even make it out of the first round. but yet these two great coaches have brought there teams to the finals. Besides the two brothers being in the superbowl together there are many other great storys to this championship game like hall of famer Ray Lewis, this will be his last season and he has been the face of the Baltimore Ravens organization since they joined the league. The ravens team wants to win the superbowl for all the great leadership Ray has given the team. On the other hand the 49ers also are very similar and claim the the team is Patrick Willis’s and will try to get the superbowl for there 2007 first round draft pick and future hall of famer also. Willis states that “this is everyone on the teams team” and will try to lead his team to victory this upcoming February.

This will defiantly be a very fun and exciting superbowl. Personally i think that with Collin Kaepernicks speed and the motivation the 49ers defense has with Patrick Willis they will get the win in New Orleans. 35-10 49ers. This should be a great superbowl and I am very excited to watch.

ESPN problems

And another slam-dunk bye the Miami Heat! And the Denver Broncos sign Peyton Manning! I am so sick of hearing those words every time I watch ESPN. They’re always talking about football or basketball no matter what the season is and I think a lot of other sports fans are annoyed with this matter just like I am.  Continue reading