Why You Should Watch Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society is, by Gene Shalit’s words, “One of the most magnificent motion pictures I’ve ever seen.” Robin Williams stars as professor John Keating at Welton Academy, a prep school set in 1959. It also features an great performance by Ethan Hawke as Todd Anderson, one of the main characters in the movie.

Welton Academy is an all boys prep school that is defined by sports coats and conformity. When professor John Keating comes to teach English, he tells the kids to be free-thinkers from day one. The first lesson he gives is unusual to the students but shows a point. “Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.” All the while, the Dead Poets’ Society, a group of poets and romantics, reconvenes with several students from Keating’s class including Dalton, Perry, Anderson, Pitts, Cameron, Meeks, and Overstreet. They become free-thinkers and Keating shakes things up at Welton, even influencing some of the teachers there to do the same. It all unravels into an unexpected, but one of the greatest, endings.

Dead Poets society is one of the best movies ever made and teaches about the dangers of conformity. This also relates to our eighth grade theme here at Worcester Academy, which is “disturbing the universe.” Keating teaches in an unorthodox way that allows students to see for themselves and to “suck the marrow out of life.” Go and buy Dead Poets Society now. You need to see it.

Olympus Mons: The tallest mountain in the Milky Way

           Many brave humans have trekked up Earth’s tallest mountain Mount Everest, a 29,000-foot monstrosity. But did you know that there is a place 35,000,000 miles away from earth that bares a mountain three times taller than Mount Everest?

         Olympus Mons is the tallest mountain in our solar system that we know of. It reaches the colossal height of 88,600 feet tall (approximately 17 miles high) and the base is estimated to take up about the size of Arizona. That is about 342 miles across. But where exactly is this mountain located? Mars: the red planet that has been observed by humans since 1971.

         So what exactly is Olympus Mons? Classified as a mountain, Olympus Mons is actually a shield volcano. A shield volcano is a volcano typically made up of cooled magma from eruptions built up over time. Because of the way a shield volcano is created, it has very shallow slopes only reaching about 5˚.

       Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that Olympus Mons will be monitored up close anytime soon because of the shallow terrain and dust clouds that will interfere with the NASA rover’s maneuvering system. Hopefully we on Earth will be able to learn more about this volcano in the future. 


A force is a pull or a push

Pushing on an object causes motion

Motion when you push an object is working

Working on development

Developing Machinery

Machines are invented

Invented by geniuses

Geniuses like Newton

Newton is the SI Unit for motion

Motion laws were discovered by Newton

Newton and others were geniuses

Geniuses that invent

Invent usable machines

Machines develop

Developing work

Work is when pushing an object causing motion

Motion caused by a push

Pushing or pulling is force




Top 5 Spookiest Deep Sea Creatures

This week I have the word “deep” to write about.  Just like last month, I will start off March with a top five.  There are a wide variety of strange creatures that dwell deep below the surface of the ocean.  They are all adapted to finding food in the dark depths of the sea, and generally seem a bit spooky.  Without any more delay, let’s jump right into the top five spookiest creatures of the deep ocean.

5.) Fangtooth Anoplogaster Comuta

Its name says it all!  The fangtooth is definitely a creepy fish worthy of the top five.  Its teeth are long and slender, which it uses to help catch its prey when it wanders closer to the surface of the water during nighttime. They are the only creatures in this top five that do not use bioluminescence to catch prey.  Ironically, they are also some of the deepest dwelling fish in the world.  During the day, it stays in the shadows of a 16,000 foot depth to avoid its predators.  This is important seeing as it is only capable of growing just a bit over a half foot long.

4.) Gulper Eel Eurpharynx Pelecanoides

A gulper eel is classifiable by its pelican-like mouth that allows it to swallow food much larger than its size, which is a whopping 6 feet long.  The gulper eel lives as deep as 6,000 feet, where it attracts fish with bioluminescence.

3.) Viperfish Chauliodus Sloani

The top three fish are all very terrifying, and resemble how people might depict a sea monster.  However, I had to choose, and the viperfish came out on the bottom of the close round between the viperfish, and the second place creature.  Even though the viperfish is only 1 foot long, its ferocious appearance makes it look evil.  It has sharp teeth of varying length, which gives it a savage appearance.  The viperfish lives anywhere from 250 to 5000 feet below sea level, though some make it down to 9,000 feet.  Just like the gulper eel, the viperfish uses light to attract prey.

Viperfish Photo Credit: estherase

Photo Credit: estherase

2.) Deep Sea Anglerfish Melanocetus Johnsoni

In a close race with the viperfish, the anglerfish has more of the spooky aspect.  Many people out there know of the anglerfish from the children’s film, Finding Nemo, and I’m amazed that it has come up somehow in two blog posts within a month of each other.  A female anglerfish grows to be about 5 inches, which also happens to be about the size of a clownfish.  Though, in the movie, the anglerfish appeared much larger than Merlin.  The male anglerfish is black, opposed to the female coloring of brown and has a huge mouth, which earned him the title of “Black Devil,” though he is only half the size of the female.

1.) Deep Sea Dragonfish Grammatostomias Flagellibarba

These fish are truly terrifying.  The bizarre look about them really can throw you off.  Though they only grow 4 to 6 inches long, pictures of them could really make you jump.  They live as far down as 5,000 feet and are well adapted to this environment.  They have a controllable light that they can blink, wave, or do anything to attract smaller fish, which they then devour.  To hide themselves after eating a glowing meal, they have a lightproof stomach, to prevent themselves from attracting predators.

All of these fishes are very eerie, but well adapted to their environment.

Fun fact: The difference between plural fishes and plural fish is that fish refers to the same type of fish. Continue reading

A Wire That Heals Itself?

There is a new wire that can fix itself if it breaks. This re-healing wire is a new, stretchable wire that can repair itself after being disconnected from the other half. This new breakthrough will help solve many problems that occur when wires break in many items and gadgets.

This was created in North Carolina State University. This new wire has a liquid metal core and polymer covering, which means it can bend and stretch more easily without breaking. The liquid center allows the wire to be in more dangerous environments where you do not want things to break.

To create this, researchers made very small holes in the self-healing polymer. Then researchers filled the holes with different liquid metals. When the core is cut up, it forms a barrier so the liquid metal is kept inside the polymer cover. When severed parts are put back together, it reconnects, giving you a wire that is as good as new.

This new invention will change the world and make many new gadgets indestructible. North Carolina State University has made a great invention that will affect many things in the future.

The Space Cloud

black-hole-milky-way-cloudOur Milky Way black hole is about to get a very filling meal. According to scientists, there is a giant space cloud that is destined to fall into the mouth of the black hole. The black hole, or Sagittarius A-star has an estimated mass of over 4 million of our suns. Astrophysicist Stefan Gillessen of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Munich, Germany has been watching the center of our galaxy for over 20 years. He has seen 2 stars come close to Sagittarius A, and they went past unharmed. He does not think this will be the case though, for the giant space cloud. He predicts that “The gas cloud will be completely ripped apart by the tidal forces of the black hole.” Even though black holes are unseeable by the human eye, they have a gravitational pull so strong not even light can escape its clutches. The cloud, which will pass within 25 million miles of the black hole. The black hole is currently estimated to be moving at an accelerating speed of 5 Million MPH, this has nearly doubled in the last 7 years. The space cloud is already starting to shred apart. The area around a black hole is so bright, scientists can see when matter falls into it. Scientists are looking forward to this opportunity to see something go into our own black hole. When the space cloud goes explodes, it will release x-ray radiation that will be visible from earth. The space cloud is said to be gobbled up around mid to late 2013. Continue reading

Destroying The World

photo credit: Bob Weber

Do you ever think about how we as people affect the world? Do you know that we affect the world? Well, we do. Some of the human-related activities we do affects the world negatively and is a main cause Global Warming.

The things we do that causes Global Warming is burning fossil fuels, wasting water, air and water pollution, deforestation, greenhouse gases, and much more. Is it worth doing those things if we know that we’re affecting the world? I don’t think so!

Have you ever thought of the effects that occur after we pollute and harm our environment? The after and during effects of Global Warming is mostly temperature and climate change. Because of Global Warming, glaciers melt, climates change, natural disasters occur, and so many other effects. For example, polar bears are on their verge of death due to Global Warming.

We’re negatively impacting the world.

Global Warming is very bad for our environment and if it continues over the years its effects will become a lot worse.

I definitely think that we should do more to stop Global Warming. Simple things such as shorter showers and carpooling are ways you can help stop it. You may think it’s nothing, but if a lot of people do these simple things day by day, we can start to become a cleaner world!

Technology Made Easy: All You Have to do is Think!

Taken By BrainGate Collaboration

Technology is developing everyday from tests, research, and studies. People interested in technology make new creations everyday. More and more our world is discovering new ways to help people out through technology. Technology is difficult to work with, but numerous people are finding ways to cope with it. A great concept of technology is that it can be used in completely different ways. For example: engineers, doctors, and scientists can work together to come up with a controlled arm for a paralyzed patient, or create a new type of software for a computer. Most of our world today is dependent upon technology. We need technology to get through our daily lives. Relying on technology seems silly.  Before electronic technology was in use, our world was dependent on each other.  But for Cathy Hutchinson technology is what helps her live her life.

Taken By BrainGate Collaboration

58 year old Cathy Hutchinson had a stroke that disconnected her brain from most of her body. Because of the stroke, Cathy had been immobile for 14 years. But thanks to new science and technology, her life has changed. Researchers have connected a computer to her brain to help her get back into action. The computer gathers signals from chips on her brain that detect how she would move her arms if they could work. To get the robotic arm to move all Cathy had to do was think. If she visualized how to pick up something, the sensors would pick up the sparking of nerve cells and send the signals to the computer. The robot arm would then move as if it were her own arm. Thanks to researchers Cathy is able to move her right arm again. She thought she wouldn’t be able to move her arm again, for the stroke had disabled her.

Technology is changing the lives of people everyday. Without it, our world would be very different. Communication, medicine, and work would become very difficult. It’s amazing that Cathy, who thought she could never use her arm again, was given a new arm because technology is available. To do anything without technology would make our world different.