Should the Redskins Change their Name?

The Washington Redskins are a professional football team that was started in 1932. After over eighty years of playing in the NFL, people want to change the Redskin name because they believe it refers to Native Americans in a racist manner.

The owner of the team Dan Snyder has stated many times that he would never change the Redskin name. Some fans in The D.C. area want to keep the name because it is a major part of their past, and they identify the team by its name.

If people want the Redskins to change their name, why not other sports teams across the country? Teams like the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Blackhawks have references to Native Americans. In the article Should the Washington Redskins Change their Name, it says , It says that “ most Native Americans aren’t bothered by the word”. The Native American Community as a whole should be consulted on this matter. If the majority of the Native American community is not offended by the word, then the owners of the football teams should be able to keep their name.

The Washington Redskins football team has been around for over eighty years. They have won championships and are a big part of the city. The fans identify the team by its nickname. If the Native American community as a whole does not have a problem with the name, than the city and its fans should be able to keep the name.

“Zero Dark Thirty” is Epic

I recently saw the 2012 released movie, “Zero Dark Thirty” and it was the best movie I have seen this year. This epic movie captures the terrorist factor of day to day life in Pakistan, and CIA agents fighting the … Continue reading

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin, born April 22, 1870 and died January 21, 1924, was a Russian Communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist. He was the leader of the Russian SFSR from 1917, and then as a premier of the Soviet Union from 1922, until his death.

Born to a wealthy middle-class family in Simbriski, Lenin developed an interest in revolutionary politics after the unfortunate execution of his brother in 1887. He attended the University of Kazan, but he was ejected for his involvement in some anti-terrorists protests. He then used the following years for getting a law degree, and to politics. After that, he decided to become a Marxist. Lenin’s theoretical contributions to Marxist are known as Leninism, which with Marxian Theory, have come to be known as Marxism – Leninism. In 1893 he moved to St. Petersburg He was then arrested for sedition and exiled to Siberia for three years; he married Nadezhda Krupskaya, and fled towards Western Europe. He then lived in Germany, England and Switzerland for a while, but after the February Revolution of 1917, in which the Tsar was overthrown and the government took power, he came home. As the leader of the Bolshevik part of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, he took a senior role in commanding the October Revolution in 1917, which led to the overthrow of the Russian Provisional Government and the establishment of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, the world’s first constitutionally socialist state. Immediately afterwards, Lenin proceeded to socialist reforms, including the transfer of estates and lands to soviets. Faced with the threat of German invasion, he argued that Russia should immediately sign a peace treaty, which led to Russia’s exit from the First World War. In 1921 Lenin proposed the New Economic Policy, a system of state capitalism that started the process of industrialization and recovery from the Russian Civil War. In 1922, the Russian SFSR joined former territories of the Russian Empire in the Soviet Union, with Lenin as its leader. The Bolshevik part later became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which acted as a party presiding over a dictatorship. After his death, the theory Marxism–Leninism developed into a variety of schools of thought, like Stalism. Lenin remains a controversial and highly divisive world figure. Detractors have labeled him a dictator whose administration over performed multiple human rights abuses, but supporters have countered this criticism citing the limitations on his power and have promoted him as a champion of the working class. He has had a significant influence on the international Communist movement and was one of the most influential figures of the 20th century.

The Idea of “Fair Share”

On January 20th President Barack Obama was inaugurated. The idea of “Fair Share” keeps being brought up. Millionaires have to pay their fair share. What does Mr. Obama mean by paying you fair share. If somebody has been working for 10 years and they have 30% of that taken away form them to go to people who have been on welfare for 20 years and does not wan’t to work, how does that make sense? It doesn’t. There is tons of welfare fraud out there and the obama administration does not want to anything about. For years  5 years congress has called for welfare and other social program reform and passed bills which have been vetoed by Obama.

When President Johnson (1963-1969) implemented welfare it was made for people with financial problems to get on their feet and back to work. Now it is a nanny state program that some people have been on for 30 YEARS! When President Clinton passed a new supplement bill to welfare it said: That all recipients of welfare have to work in order to get money from the federal government. In 2009 President Obama vetoed that bill and said that it was not “fair”. Going back to my point about people paying “their fair share”, I think that if someone works hard to support their family, pay a mortgage  and put food on the table should not pay for other people to do that all their life’s. I hope this article brings up some awareness of the “nanny state” programs.

The Future of the Republican Party

Republicans this year have taken a great loss, not just at the election, but this will influence countless others in the future for many reasons. Also, this party has been extreme in about their beliefs, and moderate republicans are starting to have nowhere to go. In this post, I will discuss how the party is leaning more to the right, how that will affect moderate Republicans, and how the loss of the 2012 election has affected them.

Photo Credit: Donkeyhotey

Photo Credit: Donkeyhotey

The Kübler-Ross model, or more commonly known as the five stages of grief, can give us a reference to this. According to this model, the first stage of grief is denial. This party has already gone into this stage. Examples of this include wanting to secede, blaming Romney’s loss on not being conservative enough, or on Obama “giving gifts to his base.” The real reason for this loss was that the percentage of women and latinos was higher that ever before. Republicans have always depended on getting priests and bishops and other cultural influences to convince white men, or the “Silent Majority,” to defeat the evil Democrats. Now that more women and latinos who are not being targeted are voting, Democrats have a strong advantage. Stage two of the model is anger. Blaming Karl Rove, or Chris Christie, or anyone else is a form of this stage. We have already seen some of their blame game. The next stage is bargaining. This party is going to tweak their platform and change their positions on hot button issues to gain approval. Some they may give up easily, but others they might fight for. Depression will be next. They will start saying “Why even try?” and will be weakest during this stage. After depression will come acceptance, and this will perhaps happen when they choose a more left leaning candidate than before and they will realize that they no longer are what they were in terms of power. Continue reading

Global Warming: Where did all the Glaciers go?

Global warming is caused by many of things. Often what you mostly think of is Melting glaciers. A lot of Republicans don’t believe human activity affects to do with global warming. Although a majority of the republicans believe that it is nothing to do with global warming, some of them believe it is everything to do with it. The Democrats do not explain their feeling about it to the descent of the Republicans do. In my opinion human activity is a lot to do with the global warming issue.

Since 1951 the earth has warmed roughly twice as much as the average temperature. In that period the temperature in Greenland has gone up by about 1.5°C. A 2°C increase in global temperature.

I believe everyone should try to find new ways to help stop global warming and encourage their friends to help. For example, we could pick up trash when we see it, try to help to stop leaking gas, and help end the greenhouse gases from pollution. A Lot of people believe that think its just extra work to do, but we should do it for us and the planet that we live on.

Do we really want to harm our planet or the creatures that live on it?

We can make a change in our environment if we work together. Yes, that would mean we would have to work a little bit, but it would be much better in the end for the help that we made to our planet.

Is China Really Helping Us?

Photo Credit: Ugar Ertas

Since the 1940s, the U.S. and China have had a roller coaster relationship. Originally  these nations were fighting against each other, but between the 70s and 00s they became allies. But since they are now both economically threatening to each other, the tensions are higher and China isn’t our “friend” anymore. However, if the U.S. wants to become the world’s financial superpower again, they should focus on their trade relations with China.

Basically the U.S. is fairly trading with China, but they aren’t doing the same. They are trading at an unfair currency exchange, so we both pay the same amount but they get more money back since the trade works to their benefit. This is one of the reasons the U.S. economy has crashed recently and China’s has increased. I get that the U.S. needs some of China’s resources, but how can we continue to just let them steal our money?!? I agree with Mitt Romney’s point of view that the U.S. should lessen our annual trade with China  and place higher taxes on their imported goods. That way we are still getting resources, but won’t lose as much money.

So for all the Americans who want economic improvement realize that a good first step to regaining our power is too rethink our trade relations with China. If you’re one of these people, then remember to vote for Romney next Tuesday.

Keep out.

Millions of immigrants come over the border of the United States and Mexico. Do you really want poverty ridden illegal immigrants coming into this country and causing problems? Having higher security would solve some of the many problems many problems our country faces.

These illegal immigrants are taking the jobs of legal American citizens, because they will work for less. With the unemployment so high, and all of these illegal immigrants taking the jobs that legal Americans should have, it is just not fair.

There are more and more immigrants coming in, and it is becoming a major problem. As it is, there are already so many immigrants coming in. It is challenging for the police force to keep track of who’s legal and who is not, and a simpler way to keep track of this needs to be put together. If all these immigrants keep coming in, our population will sky rocket.

It’s not fair for illegal immigrants to not even have to pay taxes, while the rest of the country has to to support them. This unfairness needs to be put to an end, and the security on the border needs to be strengthened so that the number of immigrants coming in from Mexico will be decreased.

Dirty Energy

photo credit: ninahale

Most Americans today have a car or truck that runs on gas. Most Americans also have a house that gets Its energy from coal, oil or natural gas. Cars and trucks produce emissions which are bad for the environment. How Is It good to put pollutants In the air?

Whenever you burn fossils fuels they produce emissions with carbon dioxide, which are very bad for the atmosphere. A  smarter source of energy  Is clean energy such as wind, solar, hydro or water, biomass, and geothermal energy. Clean Energy produces 100% percent less pollution and emissions than fossil fuels. states that “We breathe around 2 gallons of air every minute, by breathing polluted air everyday It can reduce your lifespan 1-2 years.”

The energy sources we use now put carbon dioxide Into the air. The carbon dioxide gets trapped in our atmosphere which, makes the earth much warmer. That Is what  happens In global warming.

If we don’t start to convert to clean energy what will happen when we run out of our resources like coal, oil, and natural gas.

I believe that every town or city should have some sources of clean energy. Windmils or solar panels should be put on houses and buildings, so the next generation of people won’t be left with a dump.

Romney’s “Intelligent” Thoughts on Iran

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey

The country of Iran has a nuclear program that they claim to be using as a clean energy source. Assumed by many, the leaders in charge of the program are not planning to use the nuclear power wisely, but are plotting a violent attack on their enemy, Israel.

First off, Governor Romney says that when he is president, he wants to send troops into Iran to disrupt their nuclear program. Okay “Governor”- good luck with that. The last thing this country needs is a leader who thinks the main enemy of the United states is Russia. *Ahem.* Washington DC from the 1980’s called and they want their enemies back.

Secondly, it is a bad idea to cause a violent war with a country that can send nuclear missiles at us. Fortunately, knowing our government, the US would remove our troops in the middle east and then bomb Iran before their own government had a thought about planning an attack on us.

We can just hope that “Governor” Romney doesn’t end up as president. It is crystal clear that he will cause a larger war with the middle east. The best idea in my view would be to monitor Iran, but not to take action unless vital.