Women Deserve a Chance to Shine

Men in our world get to play sports at a high level of competition while women don’t get a chance to show off their skills.  Women’s sports are just as good as men’s sports, and sometimes even better.  Men aren’t the only talented ones on this planet and women should be able to show that.  Women can really bring it to sports competitions.  People don’t realize that women are very talented and should be treated in a better way.  Many sports played by men are made into professional sports.  The world is full of professional mens sports such as the NBA, National Basketball Association, the NHL, National Hockey League, the MLB, Major League Baseball, MLS, Major League Soccer, and so forth.  Women only have the WNBA, Women’s National Basketball Association, golf, MLS, Major League Soccer, and gymnastics to be a part of.  Women should receive more respect and publicity for their skills.

Men get to have a job being a professional athlete while women are left to just play their best sports for fun, as a hobby.  Although women in the WNBA get paid, they get paid ten to twenty times less, in some sports even more, than the men in the NBA and other professional sports.  Not many people know about the WNBA because it doesn’t get any credit, as doesn’t any other women’s sports.  The WNBA is rarely, and usually not, broadcasted on television while the NBA and other men’s professional sports are.  I recently found out about a women’s hockey league called the CWHL, Canadian Women’s Hockey League.  Many fantastic and skilled women hockey players play for these teams, such as Erika Lawler.  Born in Massachusetts, she attended Cushing

Erika Lawler of the USA Hockey team. Credit to: Sara Melikian

Academy, where she won the Betty Davis Award, and the University of Wisconsin, where she won three NCAA Championships, out of four seasons.  After her college journey, she was a part of the 2010 USA Women’s Olympic Hockey Team and the USA Women’s National Team.  Many people don’t know about the CWHL and most likely never will unless they are given the attention that the

Team Boston of the CWHL. Credit to: Canadian Women’s Hockey League

NHL or any other mens sports do.  I believe that women’s hockey can sometimes be better than watching men’s hockey.  The game has more purpose to it, it’s not just a hit fest where everyone is just checking each other and not minding the puck.  Also, people think women’s hockey is boring to watch because they are not “allowed” to check.  For your information, women that play in competitive hockey leagues still take the body and they aren’t afraid to get in a scrum.  Women still somewhat check, just not full out like men do.  Women’s hockey is also entertaining to watch because you get to experience how fast paced and intense the game is.  You  also get to see crisp passes, tremendous shots, and a well played game.  Women and girls who play sports should be treated the way that men and boys get treated.  

An example of how women aren’t treated the way that men are is the Little League World Series.  The Little League Baseball World Series give the boys who make it to Williamsport, PA a very nice, large, and fun-filled complex to stay in.  They also receive full uniforms, pants, jerseys, hats, socks, and cleats.  Custom team bat bags, batting gloves, and helmets are given to each team, too.  Most of their games are also broadcasted on live television.  The Little League Softball World Series is very different from that.  The teams only receive jerseys, socks, visors, and pants.  They also have to pay to sleep in a hotel, unlike the complex that the baseball teams get to stay in.  There is no famous field that looks like a professional one, it is just another softball field.  On the other hand, the boys get two well kept fields that are taken care of every second of every day.  Even at a young age, girls sports are not given as much attention as boys sports.

College softball has become very popular, but no one knows where those fantastic girls go after they are done playing college ball, along with all the other girls who play college sports.  You don’t see them play in the professional softball league because there isn’t one.  Women should have the opportunity to show off their skills through professional sports.  People always say, “It will cost too much.”  Well, you never know if you don’t try and you can’t just base that off of the WNBA which might not be doing very well right now.  Also, if they say it costs too much, than why can people afford to pay for all of the men’s professional sports?  Why can’t people just try to assemble a professional women’s league?  People need to believe and try because you never know what can happen.  The NBA almost didn’t have a 2012 season, but they got to have one.  Desired to have a season, the NBA workers and associates were able to keep the league going because they tried.  If someone just tried to start a professional sports league for women, they could maybe keep it going like the NBA did.

If people go to see an AHL, American League Hockey, game or a Minor League Baseball game, what makes you think that people won’t go watch professional women play hockey or softball?  Women should at least get a chance.  I asked a friend, who is also an athlete, about what she thought about the situation and she said that women should be given the same opportunity as men.  An article written by Donna A. Lopiano of Sports Management Resources states that girls don’t receive the same message that boys do when they are growing up and watching professional sports.  Boys received the message that they are expected to play sports and the people around them would support them, but girls didn’t get that message because there are no professional women’s sports to watch on television.  Other than the World Cup or NCAA Women’s Final Four, women can only show off their skills during the Olympics.  If you played a spring or summer sport, you would have to wait every four years to tryout for your country’s team and some sports aren’t included in the Olympics.  It’s the same for winter sports athletes, while professional men get to play their sport every year.  Women rarely have the chance to show off their skills to the world.

Jennie Finch of the USA Women’s Softball team. Credit to: Unknown

Many people say, especially men, “Women can’t keep up with us, they aren’t as strong or good as we are,” but women actually are.  Some women are even better athletes than some men.  We may get hurt, but we can take it because we are just as strong, maybe stronger.  There is a saying, “Life isn’t fair,” but people should still strive to make it somewhat fair.  In the past few years, women’s sports have received many participants to where more teams, divisions, and age groups have had to have been added.  Women shouldn’t be left behind the men, they should be right up next to them because women have the right to be there and they are just as good.  Women should at least get a chance to prove that they are worthy of professional sports leagues because everyone deserves a chance.


4 thoughts on “Women Deserve a Chance to Shine

  1. Love it! My neice is a highly competitive hockey player in Canada. She has been to Finland, Iceland, and Sweeden to play hockey as well as the US. She hopes to attend college in the US and play D1 womens hockey. Trust me she is every bit as tough as any boy. You can ask my son, they have a wrestling match every time they get together to see who is stronger. It is usually pretty even.

    • I am a competitive hockey player also, but from the U.S. I find that we are definitely under-estimated. Boys sometimes think we can’t be on the ice with them. I first started off on a boys team and played on that same team until last year. Sometimes the boys on the other team would hit me in the head and illegally hit me because I was a girl. Last year I was also on a girls team and decided to continue playing with just girls because that’s what I am going to do in college and hopefully the Olympics and National team. I feel that girls/ womens hockey is definitely given less attention and media than it should have.

      • Awesome. Perhaps you will see my niece on the ice in College. I have never been so proud. She is one tough cookie who works extremely hard, and she is pretty to boot. See girls really do have it all. You don’t see alot of good looking male hockey players!

        • Ya, not many of them. Hopefully they won’t take women’s hockey out of the Olympics though because that’s really the only place where women get to show off their skills.

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