How Steroids Have Impacted Sports


In today’s sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football, athletes need to be in prime condition in order to compete at such a high level. Year after year athletes are elevating their sport. Competing at the level they are at is getting harder and harder each and every year. They are setting the bar so high that it almost feels impossible to make it as a young athlete. Athletes all have their ways of staying strong, fit, and fueled. Some drink sports drinks and eat hefty meals. Some work out and do it the old way. Some athletes choose to disregard the right and legal way and take performance enhancing drugs.

These drugs make you stronger, faster, and can make you go longer. These drugs are very effective  and help a lot, but the fact of the matter is, they are illegal. It’s no question these are unfair. It’s like if Tom Brady had a bionic arm and the rest of the quarterbacks had just a normal arm. It’s unfair and just not right. These drugs can also give you major side effects like chest pains, bleeding, headaches, and in some cases more serious conditions, like heart problems and brain failure.

One big controversy regarding PED’s, ( Performance Enhancing Drugs ) right now, is cyclist Lance Armstrong’s confession to drug use. Lance Armstrong is an American cyclist who won many events such as the tour de france, the longest and most popular race in the world, several times. He is an icon for any cyclist. He has always seemed like a very nice and innocent guy and nobody thought he would do drugs. But recently he was tested positive for PED’s. He has just confessed last week to Oprah on live television that he has used PED’s most of his career.  A lot of people neglect that their is actually a large use of this in cycling. A top – notch professional cyclist can travel 20 miles per hour up a pitch of 40 degrees and can do this for at least 45 minutes without losing energy. Even though Lance is incredibly fit, later towards his career he needed that little boost to enable him to still compete, and that is what led to Lance’s drug use problem.

 It makes a lot of people mad at what sports are coming too these days. Steroids are unfair and a little bit selfish too. A lot of people don’t care much if someone is doing PED’s, but it really is cheating. I feel that about one – quarter of the top athletes are doing drugs. Athletes are doing whatever they can and taking whatever they can, to make the millions they are and to stay on top of their sport.

NCAA Tournament Preview- Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins, a school known for its exceptional academics, is not usually associated as being a superpower in many college, except for lacrosse. Upperclassman leadership has been a key for this team, but underclassmen have also played a key part in winning. Strong attack, one of the best midfields in the country, and an exceptional defense have kept Johns Hopkins in the top 10 all season long.

Although Johns Hopkins’ only strong sport is lacrosse, the lacrosse has developed only in recent years. A dynasty began from 2002-2005, when midfielder Kyle Harrison played for the Blue Jays. Athletic ability unrivaled by anyone else in the country, Kyle won the 2005 national championship almost single handedly. Being one of very few African-American lacrosse players in the NCAA at the time, Kyle also grew interest in the sport exponentially. After Kyle, Paul Rabil continued the trend at Johns Hopkins. Rabil is now considered to be the best lacrosse player on the planet.

Zach Palmer

The Blue Jays are currently led by defenseman Tucker Durkin, attackman Zach Palmer, and Tewaaraton Award contending midfielder John Ranagan. Tucker Durkin is only a junior, and he leads a lockdown defense anchored by goalkeeper Pierce Basset. Zach Palmer, known as “the crafty Canadien”, is popular due to his awe inspiring goals. Making the Sportscenter Top 10 three times this season, he has a flair for the fantastic but is also a great leader. Finally, John Ranagan rounds of an already fantastic lineup. The Tewaaraton Award is an award given every season the best player in college lacrosse, very similar to football’s Heisman Trophy, and John Ranagan is in contention for it. Ranagan is both an emotional and situational leader for the Blue Jays. These three players lead a very strong Johns Hopkins team, and these young men will have a chance to prove themselves in the NCAA tournament.

This weekend, Johns Hopkins gets to face off against unseeded Stony Brook in the first round of the tournament. Coach Dave Pietramala and his Blue Jays managed to take a hold of the number two overall seed after having an 11-3 regular season record. Eyes set on the national championship, a first round loss isn’t likely. Of course it won’t be easy, but they should at the very least make it to the Final Four. Once they beat Stony Brook in the first round, they will get to play either Maryland or Lehigh, both of which are good matchups for the Blue Jays.

Leadership, talent, and a favorable bracket make a playoff run look probable for this season’s Blue Jays.They only need to play up to their standards; winning is the only option for Dave Pietramala and his crew.

In Or Out? – Syracuse Lacrosse

JoJo Marasco

NCAA Championship

The NCAA lacrosse tournament selection show is this Sunday, and some of the bracket has already been “decided”. Annual powerhouses Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, and Johns Hopkins are already considered to be “in” the tournament, although the only one of those teams to have earned an automatic qualifier (AQ) is Duke. Usually, Syracuse is one of the powerhouses that are in the tournament every year, but this season it is clear that they don’t belong in the field of sixteen.

This season, Syracuse came in with the high expectations that come with playing lacrosse at Syracuse. Strong lacrosse runs in Syracuse’s blood, starting with the Gait twins in the late 1980’s. This carried on into the 1990’s and through the 2000’s with the three Powell brothers. The tradition of success, carried on by the Desko family, continues today. Dad John Desko is currently coach, and his son Timmy Desko is a current attackman. Also, coach Desko’s nephew Jeff is currently playing high school lacrosse at St. John’s in Shrewsbury, and has made a verbal commitment to play at Syracuse.

This season’s team has been underachieving to say the very least. Heading into the Big East tournament with a record of only 7-7, this team hasn’t earned the selection committee’s trust. Although this has been a very tough schedule for Syracuse, with games against many top 25 opponents, a tough schedule is no excuse for a program cemented in success. An AQ will be needed to even make NCAA’s this season, and they would need to make it through Villanova and then Notre Dame or St. Johns to receive the AQ. Weighed down by past success, it appears that this team feels the need to perform. Although the team has had its moments, including multiple Sportscenter Top 10 Plays by Timmy Desko, a mere .500 record doesn’t cut it to make NCAA’s. Sought for by players, an NCAA tournament bid looks out of grasp for Syracuse this season.

A young team, high expectations, and a tough schedule haven’t worked in Syracuse’s favor this season. Being upset multiple times and not earning any signature wins, this team hasn’t proven itself worthy of handling the big stage this year. Needing an AQ to even make NCAA’s, a postseason shouldn’t be happening for this underachieving Syracuse team.

Women Deserve a Chance to Shine

Men in our world get to play sports at a high level of competition while women don’t get a chance to show off their skills.  Women’s sports are just as good as men’s sports, and sometimes even better.  Men aren’t the only talented ones on this planet and women should be able to show that.  Women can really bring it to sports competitions.  People don’t realize that women are very talented and should be treated in a better way.  Many sports played by men are made into professional sports.  The world is full of professional mens sports such as the NBA, National Basketball Association, the NHL, National Hockey League, the MLB, Major League Baseball, MLS, Major League Soccer, and so forth.  Women only have the WNBA, Women’s National Basketball Association, golf, MLS, Major League Soccer, and gymnastics to be a part of.  Women should receive more respect and publicity for their skills.

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Why Camp Dudley is the Best Camp in the World

Up on Lake Champlain, on the New York side, resides a camp that has been running for over 125 years.  It’s name is Camp Dudley.  It is an all boys camp that only does sports but has a great theater program as well.   With 250 acres of land and waterside property, Camp Dudley offers boys opportunities that they would never have at home.  When you arrive at dudley all you get is smiles, nobody judges you if you can’t do something and everybody is encouraging.  All these things show why Camp Dudley is the best camp ever.

With 250 acres of land and over 125 years of experience the Camp Dudley counselors have got the right idea on how to run a camp.  With kids starting when they are nine, it is sometimes their first time being away from home.  The counselors know exactly how these kids feel, most of them having gone to Dudley as a camper before becoming a counselor.  With all those acres of land Dudley also gives kids opportunities to do things they never would have a chance to do, and a safe environment to do them in.  Learning new things is a everyday activity, there are specialists for every activity waiting to help you.  Being right on Lake Champlain you do things like sailing, fishing, swimming and kayaking.  To catch a 5 pound bass was always one of my dreams, at dudley I was able to catch it along with other fish.  You can also participate in rifle and archery.  I had always wanted to fire a real gun and was able to when I went to Dudley.  Being assigned to a sports team in which you spend a lot of time with teaches kids teamwork and how to be competitive but still have fun.   Continue reading

Undefeated Lacrosse Season?

Lacrosse net
credit to Eric Jonathan Martin

This season, the WA boys middle school lacrosse team has been looking like we can take on any team on our schedule. Strong coaching, explosive offense, and lock down defense has been a recipe for success so far. After winning the first two games, an undefeated season is not looking out of reach.

Eighth grade captain Ben D leads a high energy attack. Offense has looked very good early on, scoring easily and frequently. Trevor P has been valuable at attack, breaking down zone defenses with his exceptional outside shooting. Sixth grader Jared D has a knack for finishing, positioning himself to score goals. Ben D, feeding from behind the net, has been the backbone of the offense. Our opponents have yet to find a solution to keep this team’s offense under wraps.  Winning games has been easy so far thanks to this high powered offense. At defense, a dynamic duo of Keith R and Keith C have been leading the charge. These two have played lockdown defense in the first two games, and have caused numerous turnovers. Playing midfield too, Keith C has proven himself to be a dual threat against any team. It is only goalie Peter D P’s first year playing lacrosse, but he really enjoys it and he is getting better every day. The center of the defense is Matt D. Matt D has been playing crease defense, controlling the hybrid man-zone defense that we like to play. This lockdown defense likely won’t meet an offense that it isn’t capable of stopping. The midfield is led by the other two captains, Owen M and Will J. These two have lost one faceoff in the first two games. Also both have shown an above average ability to pass and score.  Even newcomers to the team have been contributing frequently on the midfield. Matt Q has been able to scoop ground balls and contribute on defense. Also, J.R. S had his name in the scoring column for his first time ever against Applewild. Passing accurately has been troublesome for some midfielders, but this will change with time, and once it does, we will become even harder to defend against. The midfielders have molded very well with the attackmen and defensemen, creating a chemistry that shows on both ends of the field.

Scoring goals is easy for this team, and tight defense has become an expectation of everyone. So far, we haven’t played against a team that can match up with us on offense or defense, and that is likely to continue. If we continue playing in a way that we are capable, we can challenge any team on our schedule this year.