4 Easy Recipes That Anyone Can Do!

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Both cooking and baking are lots of fun. There are so many reasons to cook and bake, my favorite being that you get to eat delicious food. But sadly, some people want to cook or bake, but either they can’t obtain the ingredients, or don’t have them, or aren’t experienced and can’t find easy recipes that anyone can do. That’s what I’m here for! I went through my recipes and found the ones that I know anyone can do, and don’t require lots of ingredients, so you here you go: 4 easy recipes that anyone can make!

  1. The Versatile Scone.

Scones. A delicious breakfast food that is similar to a biscuit, they are one of my favorite foods of all time. I absolutely love scones, and this is my favorite recipe. It also happens to be very easy!  You only need 5 ingredients, plus the things…

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Boy vs. Girl Sports

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In my three years at the Worcester Academy middle school, I have always thought that the boys sports were taken more seriously, gotten better equipment and had many more opportunities than girls sports have. For one easy example, every basketball practice the boys get the big new gym, while the girls are upstairs in the small old gym where some shots are not counted because they hit the track that leans over the court. This alone is depressing. Last year, one girl took a three point shot that looked like a good shot and would have had them going ahead, but it hit the track. Why wouldn’t we split time with the boys for the new gym? Why can’t the girls play any games in the new gym? Last year, we even had a game that was supposed to be in there, it said so online, but no, we got…

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20 Life Hacks (with cupcakejordanblogs!)

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P.S. this is a collaboration with Jordan (https://cupcakejordanblogs.wordpress.com) so check out the other 10 life hacks on her blog!

  1. No-drip popsicle trick:

Popsicles can be the ultimate summer treat, but can also be the leading cause of uncomfortably sticky fingers and an abandoned half eaten popsicle. You can’t exactly stop the sun from shining and temperatures from rising, but you can stop your sticky popsicle from getting all over your hands. Just take a cupcake liner and either pierce your popsicle stick directly into the center of it, or create a small incision with a pair of scissors or a knife to slide it into. The melted portion of your treat will just drip right into it. (If you want an even longer lasting mess-free experience, used glassine or foil liners).

  1. Waffle Iron + brownie mix = instant dessert

This is an ingenious idea and it’s crazy that no one…

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One of The Worst MLB Pitchers (2014)

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We all know the names of the best in the game, but who are the worst? Here’s a pitcher who’s stats none desire for, and surprise people how he’s been in the MLB this long.

John Danks, never heard of him, right? That’s because of his uncharacteristically high ERA and WHIP, while being paid $15 MILLION per year. At an ERA of 4.69 in his career, and a WHIP of 1.34 it can be surprising that he has not yet been sent to Triple A, especially since he has  had more than a 3-1 loss to win ratio in the last few years.

You can say there are many more pitchers who have higher ERAs in the MLB, and there are. But, how many do you see being paid $15 million to lose nearly twenty games a year? You only see one, and his name is John Danks.

In Major…

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OHL Classic at Mayakoba

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This week was the OHL Classic at Mayakoba at the Mayakoba resort in Mexico. Going into the tournament, Russell Knox had just won his first tournament in Shanghai and was playing well. Unfortunately,  he couldn’t get it done in Mexico. It was an odd week because play had to be suspended several times due to either rain or darkness, resulting in a Monday finish.

The tournament saw a bunch of great players like Keegan Bradley and Harris English. Some new tour members, like Q-School graduate Harold Varner III and recent Vanderbilt graduate Hunter Stewart, produced great tournaments. On the last day (Monday), Graeme McDowell and Russell Knox posted stellar five under par 66’s. When it came to the 18th hole, Russell Knox had a putt for par and the tournament win, but he missed ending up with bogey on the difficult par four.

When the regulation play concluded, there was a three man playoff between…

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Mike Condon Has Stepped Up To Play With Carey Price Out

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Mike Condon has been unbelievable with Carey Price out. He has the second best goals against average in the league (1.73 GAA) and tied for sixth in save percentage with….Carey Price (.936 SP). You would think the canadiens would struggle without Carey Price in the lineup, but they still look like a first place team without him. If anyone was watching The Montreal Canadiens play the Boston Bruins last weekend it was an eyeopener for them. The Bruins controlled the whole game but the Canadiens still got the win. Even if the Canadiens don’t play well, they still have a chance to win. But the game probably would’ve went to overtime if the Bruins didn’t have a stupid penalty at the end. Mike Condon shut down the Bruins besides there two goals. He finished the night with 31 saves, that’s a great outing for a backup. His record is 6-0-2…

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Build a PC: Motherboard

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The motherboard, or MOBO, is what holds together all of your parts, connects them, and sends power to them. They also come with the UEFI BIOS, which controls everything that goes on hardware-wise in your PC, whether it be overclocking to deciding what to boot first.

Motherboards have many different ports, or places where parts get connected to. First, there is a CPU socket, which also determines what type of CPU to buy. Right now, the most common are LGA 1150, but Intel has recently created the LGA 1151, a successor to the LGA 1150. It is most likely a better idea to buy an LGA 1151 socketed motherboard since newer, better CPUs in the future are most likely to be LGA 1151. However, if you want an AMD CPU, then you’ll probably have to get a motherboard that has the AM3+ socket.

Next there are PCI-E x16 slots and…

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WA Middle School Boys Soccer (November)

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Monday 02 Bancroft vs Bancroft

At first it seemed that they game would end in a draw. In the first half, Caleb R started the game off with a chip over the keeper from about 25 yards out. Bancroft was able to tie, and make it 1-1 at half. In the second half WA quickly regained their ground by being able to string some passes together. Tyler M was able to find the net after a wide open tap-in from Caleb R’s great effort to bypass the defense and give Tyler the goal. The next goal came from Andrew E’s amazing shot that somehow the goalie was able to deflect. However, Caleb R was able to follow up and finish it by the keeper of the deflection to get his hatrick on the the day. WA’s defense had a great game, shutting down Bancroft throughout the game.

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