Newtown Survivors Can’t Forget; And Neither Should We

Photo Credit to NorthEndWaterfront on FlickrJust a little over a year ago, 26 people were killed in a shooting that took place in Newtown, CT, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But more than 26 people have been damaged mentally forever. Innocence would never return to them.

Early morning on December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot his mother, Nancy Lanza with a gun at her home. He then drove the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and at 9:30 am, Lanza opened gunfire at SHES.

Lanza went inside classrooms filled with 6 and 7 year olds, killing almost all of them. Warnings that an intruder was in the school were broadcasted over the announcement system. Teachers tried to hide students in closets and bathrooms attempting to protect themselves and the children. The children and teachers were terrified, screaming and crying. The announcement system made it worse; the children could hear the gunshots being fired, and other children screaming.  In one classroom, two boys ran past Lanza and saw broken glass, their dead teachers, and dead classmates lying on the floor.

Lanza fired about 154 shots in just over 5 minutes before hearing the sirens of first responders.

At 9:40 am, the sounds of the police caused Lanza to take his own life.

The Newtown Police Department arrived at the scene, and escorted the traumatized students, teachers and parents to the fire station. The police made the survivors close their eyes and hold on to each other to avoid the sights of their deceased teachers and classmates. Later that night, the fire station became a place for parents to gather to grieve once they realized their child was gone. Many survivors and parents were in shock; the parents, trying to figure out how to console their children, and the children, having to figure out how they were going to live their lives from here on out.

In an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, parent David Posey discussed how his son, who was involved in the incident, was doing. A few days after the shooting, Posey heard his son (who has not been named due to psychiatric reasons) pounding on the floor in his room. His son then told his father, “ I know where the bad guy is. I’m beating him up”.  The “bad guy” was Adam Lanza. Even though he (Lanza) was gone, he still haunted this little boy.

Posey’s son is one of the many that experiences nightmares, feelings of apprehension, and feelings of anxiety. Posey’s son is probably not any older than 7, and was put at gunpoint by a strange man. Lanza has destroyed the image of innocence for children that are just starting to learn how to write, read, and draw pictures. These children are now experiencing emotions and flashbacks that even a grown adult cannot handle.

Many parents have reported that their children have frequent nightmares, sometimes with Lanza appearing in them. Fire alarms, a clap of thunder, and the sound of an intercom can even trigger flashbacks or feelings of panic. Some of the survivors today panic when they hear intercoms or announcement speakers turn on.  Imagine what hearing another gunshot or maybe even a firework would do. Not only have children been affected, but a police officer that reported to the scene that day has been experiencing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

All of the parents of the survivors were given $20,000 from a Newtown Charity Fund, but therapists say that this will not even begin to cover the years of therapy that the children will need to receive. Each parent that had a child die that day was given $281,000 by the same Newtown Charity Fund, even though their children have passed on. This hardly seems fair to me.

David Posey’s son is beginning to heal; he plays sports and was excited to return to school again this fall. Hujo Rojas’s son is in therapy, but like Posey’s son, he is doing better. Rojas’s son was also excited to return to school, but very apprehensive at the same time. Many other students are doing better, but like I said before, flashbacks are frequent.

Each year, as the anniversary of 12/14 passes, we gather to grieve as a nation, and to remember and honor ones that have passed. Even though this tragedy happened, we should not forget the survivors. They are the ones that need the most help; most of them still struggle. We might not know their names, but we should give them the same attention that we give the ones that have died.

The Actual Pain Behind that Grade.


It’s Midnight. Lily is still flipping through her science textbook. Five other books are stacked in a tower to her right. Worry floods her heart. Whenever she stares at this colossal pile of books, she loses more hope. Just like Lily, many teenagers suffer from the effects of chronic stress.From my personal experience, it is easy for me to say that I can relate to her about the workload that teachers give. There have been times where I have gone to sleep in the early morning hours just so I could finish an essay. Imagine sitting in a sea of books trying to finish homework with tears running down your eyes. No one should be in this situation.

According to, 28% of children spend more than six hours with after school commitments (including homework). This is a lot of time. Children would definitely be stressed and tired after six hours of after school activities. Stress is a problem that children should not be dealing with. According to a blog on academic stress, 64% of teenagers ages 13-17 report that the stress from homework and activities for them is serious. This number seems fake. I mean, aren’t children supposed to be enjoying youth? This just seems preposterous. If more than half of all teenagers have serious stress, then it is time for teachers to make a change.

Teachers, lower the amount of homework you give. A low amount of homework can help children relieve the stress they have. I am not saying that you should stop giving homework. I am just saying that everything has its limits and I can say that homework should have its limit aswell. Homework should be given in appropriate proportions. It should be enough to keep students busy, but not make them stay up all night.

If children are staying up all night, then they are lacking one of the most important activities in their whole life: sleep. A lack of sleep because of stress can cause many problems. According to, teenagers need 9 ¼ hours of sleep. However, according to, teens only get around 7 hours of sleep. If teens don’t get sleep, this will make them susceptible to illnesses which is not good for health. If a child’s health is affected by homework, then is it right to give homework?

Teachers, homework is a great way to help children reinforce their concepts. However, if homework is interfering into a child’s health and personal life, then there should be a change. I will stand up for the children. They should not be kept awake for the sake of school. They should not be constantly worried about the amount of homework they have the next day. Childhood only lasts for sometime. Help children fill their youth with happiness and not stress.

Top 10 Rock Bassists

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Bass Guitar
Rock n’ roll has developed incredibly over the years, but one things that has not been considered is the bass guitar.  This is a list of all the top ten bassists in rock n’ roll.  All of the decisions made are bias and made from a 1-10 (1 being worst, 10 being best) rating:

10= Perfectly Noticeable

9= Extremely Noticeable

8= Very Noticeable

7= Could See Comparison

6= Some People Could Relate

5= Average/Standard

4= Lower Strength

3= Takes Some Listening To Notice

2= Weak

1= No comparison (Need to have a broad idea of genres to be able to compare)

10. Krist Novoselic

Clarity: 8   Beat: 6   Speed: 3   Range: 2
Krist Novoselic Grunge was a different genre of music and was the most popular genre throughout the ‘90s. Out of all of the 90’s bands, Nirvana  was the one most well known for it. One of the…

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Harry Potters Top Ten Supporters

From the day Harry went to Hogwarts, to the final battle between him and Voldemort, Harry has had supporters by his side. Now, there are many supporters in the wizarding world, but some aren’t mentioned that often. Here is a list I put together of the ones that are mentioned often throughout the book series. This list doesn’t include creatures and have spoilers.



It was hard to pick between Ron and Hermione for first. She is the only girl in the trio and is the best friend of both Harry and Ron. She helps Harry on his journey from the start ever since they met. Remember when she helped the pack during the Halloween when the troll came? That is an example of her being helpful. Hermione is not only a brave fellow Gryffindor, she is also very intelligent. Her intelligence has helped Harry through many times such as when she figured the potions puzzle in book 1. If she never used her intellect for them to move on, they would not have made it. (She never backs down from a challenge and never gives up (remember S.P.E.W)?



Ron is Harry’s best friend’s a boy. He always got Harry’s back no matter what challenge they face, such as when people were against Harry because they doubted Voldemort’s return. Ron was there by his side and told everyone that Harry was right, even though Ron didn’t see Voldemort’s return. From a family of gingers, Ron is the youngest son of the Weasleys. He has a fear of spiders, but is willing to overcome it.


Albus Dumbledore

The only person the Dark Lord fears. Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts. He protects Harry no matter what the cost is. Dumbledore was the person that brought Harry to the Dursley’s and has helped Harry’s on his journey ever since. He “set” Harry up so he would be ready for the final battle between him and voldemort. Dumbledore was there for Harry when Harry needed help.


Severus Snape

All Severus wanted was to protect Harry. People saw him as a “dark person”, but inside, he was a good person. Snape loved Lily Potter, who was Harry’s mom, and when Lily died, Snape was devastated. Snape protects Harry even though he is shown to “hate” Harry and to like Draco. In book 7, the last book; Snape’s true side is revealed.


Rubeus Hagrid

The friendly giant that supports Harry through trouble times. He has helped the trio through most major parts of the story. He is kind to many people and gives them the support they want. Hagrid has always been nice to Harry.


Sirius Black

Harry’s godfather and one of the most important living person. Sirius and Harry has many qualities in common. They both care for the people they love. When they want something, they strive for it, making them both successful with their goals.



Lupin was a friend of James Potter, who is Harry’s father. Lupin was bit by Fenrir and turned into a werewolf. He was the Defense against the Darks Arts teacher in Harry’s third year. Even though it wasn’t clear, Lupin is definitely one of Harry’s favorite Defense against the Darks Arts teacher. Lupin helped Harry with dementors, which was a major thing as the story progresses.


Arthur and Molly Weasley

Arthur and Molly Weasley are the parents of the Weasleys. They treat Harry as if Harry was one of them. They joined the Order of the Phoenix in order to support Harry and help him through the journey to Voldemort. They fought the second wizarding war and dueled against many dark wizards, helping Harry get to Voldemort.


Neville Longbottom

Neville helps Harry with his throughout his journey. He was a fellow DA member and during that time, his bravery as a gryffindor was shown. Neville was a brave person who fought by Harry’s side. A time where Neville helped Harry was when he gave Harry the gillyweed for the second part of the Triwizard Tournament. Neville’s herbology talent was useful and showed later use when he became a Hogwart’s herbology teacher.



9 Problems that People With Curly Hair Have (And How to Solve Them)

Photo Credit to Gavin Bobo on Flickr

Photo Credit to Gavin Bobo on Flickr

I’ve always had curly hair, and I’ve always been jealous of people that have straight hair. They don’t know what curly-haired people go through to take care of our hair! The list below shows the top 9 problems we curly-heads go through, and how to fix them.


1: Your conditioner bottle is always 2 times less than your shampoo.

Curly hair is naturally drier than other types of hair. When you have curly hair, it tends to either frizz or become dry easily, due to the need of moisture for the curls. Whenever you take a shower, you need to condition it to make sure your hair stays moisturized. If you have curly hair, you should only shampoo once or twice a week, since shampoo generally can add oils or frizz to your hair. For conditioners, I recommend TRESemme. My curls always look healthy when I use that conditioner, because of the high levels of keratin in the conditioner. Keratin is a protein that your hair needs to grow.


2: Taking two hours to straighten it.

If you have curly hair, everyone always asks you to straighten it, because you’d look like a different person, right? Well yeah, but do you really want to wake up at 5 in the morning to straighten your hair? Didn’t think so. An option is to straighten your hair the night before, and then straighten it again in the morning. When picking a straightener, try looking for one that has a built-in comb teeth or steam functions that can tame the curls. Always spray your hair with a heat-protectant before putting any kind of heat on it. The heat-protectant will help keep your hair from being heat damaged.


3: Frizz.

People always ask you to leave your hair down, but you know best that its going to look like a lion’s mane at the end of the day. To tame frizz, try rinsing your hair with cold water after you condition it in the shower. This takes out any excess shampoo, tames the frizz, and gives the hair a shiny look. Also look for shampoos that say “for dry or damaged hair” instead of “frizz controlling”.


4: Hair ties snapping regularly.

Since your hair has A LOT of volume, plus the added frizz, hair ties can easily stretch out and break. Always carry a minimum of two on you. Personally, I like to buy Goody hair ties. Goody hair ties are very durable, and can last up to 1 week if you use them right. They reduce snags and breakage of the hair.


5: Your hair taking all day to dry, and never being able to blow dry it.

Blow-drying will just make your hair frizz, and you know how much we curly haired people hate frizz. Never use a brush, you will destroy your hair. “ Bristles fray the hair, disturb curl formation, and create a cloud of frizz,” says Lorraine Massey of Devachan Salon for Allure Magazine. Instead, use wide-toothed combs, but only when your hair is wet. What I do to dry my hair is put it in a topknot, or a high bun, after I take  a shower and take it out when I go to bed. This helps your hair dry naturally, and makes it even curlier!


6: Tangles.

Your hair is always getting caught on things like back of chairs right? This is because of the tangles in our hair. When one of them snags on an object, and you feel a sharp tug on the back of your head, you can thank the tangles. To prevent tangles, try looking for a detangler. I recommend Herbal Essences. Their detangler have built in conditioner and keratin in them, so they give your hair the repair it needs.


7: Having minimum hairstyle options.

Since your hair is so big, sometimes leaving it down isn’t the best idea. It’ll frizz, and you’ll look like a lion. The most common (and easy) hairstyles are bun, ponytail, and braid, because you can sort-of tame your hair. A half-up/half-down ponytail is also common. If you want, you can try other variations of these hairstyles to mix things up sometimes such as the French braid, braided bun, and or side-ponytail.


8: Having to do a full on FBI-scale inspection on hairstylists before you get your haircut.

You do not want to end up with a triangle shaped haircut. Also make sure to only get either a trim or 1-2 inches off depending on how short your hair is. You do not want to end up with an accidental afro (hello my third-grade haircut all over again!) Curly hair is harder to cut, and hair schools don’t teach how to cut it either. “You can’t cut curly hair accurately,” Jonathon Torch, founder of Curly Hair Solutions says. “Learning to break the rules and to cut hair unevenly is foreign to hairdressers. You have to change your whole thought process.” When you go to a hair salon, either ask for someone that cuts curly hair only, or someone that has curly hair themselves.


9: Spending A LOT of money on hair-care products.

How you take care of your hair makes or breaks you. You don’t want to look like you were just caught in a thunderstorm in July. But if you buy wisely, your hair can look both happy and healthy. Buy a good conditioner and defrizzer.


Love it or hate it, we curly-heads are lucky to be born with our beautiful hair. So embrace it, and make sure to treat it right!

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9 Things to do in Maine during the summer plus 1 thing I want to do

In Maine there are so many things to do, but the most fun can be had in the summer.  Talk about a great vacation spot.  So much to do, see, and eat.  I can go to the beach on sunny days, or the movie theater when its raining, and so much in between.  One place I have never been to in my 13 summers of vacationing in this fine state is a day at the famous Acadia National Park.

Going to the beach  Of course, going to the beach in Maine, there are so many choices of where to go.  And if you don’t like sitting at the beach all day you can certainly take a walk, jog, or even bike ride along the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Going to the beach is a must for sure!  My “home beach” is Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport.  But there are also many other options, like York Beach and Old Orchard.  The best part is that it doesn’t cost that much.  You can walk, depending on where you are staying, or pay a parking fee.  Most people bring their own snacks and lunches to the beach in coolers, or bags.  Do not worry though, at some beaches there are restaurant’s around the area.

Water Parks  If you are tired of the beach and getting sandy,  there are two great water parks.  I highly recommend both Aquabogan and Funtown Splashtown.  Each water park costs about the same price, an estimated 18-35 dollars per person a day.  You can also bring or purchase foods there.  Aquabogan from my experience was just a bunch of big water slides you go down in tubes.  Funtown Splashtown is more of a water park with a variety of slides, and jungle gym like obstacles.

Lighthouses  Since you are in the lighthouse state,  home to 65 still standing historical lighthouses, you might as well try visiting one.  My recommended lighthouse would be Portland Breakwater Light, but there are a variety of them everywhere.  Lighthouses happen to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Maine.  Visiting any lighthouse can be as little as no cost at all!

Monkey Trunks  Need a day away from the water completely?  Head on over to Monkey Trunks, a fun filled adventure day.  Monkey Trunks is like a huge jungle gym for all shapes and sizes.  If you are daring and like jungle gyms and heights this is the place for you.  Monkey Trunks is like a giant jungle gym, obstacle course.  There are different levels, each one a story higher than the last.  With balance beams and hoops to jump through, but your are harnessed the whole time.  There are varying prices from 10-30 bucks a person.

Smitty’s  A rainy day and not to much to do?  Smittys, one of my favorite theaters to go to in Maine.  You can watch a movie and have your average candy and popcorn, but you can also order food from your table in the cinema.  Smitty’s isn’t like your average looking theater, its small and you buy tickets and food at the same register.  It is also a fun time and they have delicious food.  The seats are the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in, just seeping right in to them, like they are marshmallows.  They have an arcade like most theaters, but are known for serving meals during the movie, and big ice cream sundaes.  My favorite things to get are the chicken fingers and fudge brownie sundae.  Depending on what you get to eat this trip could be costly like any theater, but it is a fun way to watch a movie and just a different, fun experience.

Lobster  Everyone in Maine has to have the lobster, even if you are just visiting for a short trip.  Lobster can be expensive, but you have not lived up to the fullest in Maine without trying it.  Usually at my house we serve it with steamed broccoli and carrots.  With boiled mussels and a side of melted butter for dipping.  I also recommend a little lemon drizzled on your lobster.

Moose Safari  Maine is home to the moose.  Moose are the state animal in Maine.  With an estimated 29,000 moose scattered around the state.  You would think, having 29,000 moose in the state of Maine they would be easy to spot, but they aren’t so easy to spot so there are numerous moose safaris available throughout the state.  We have tried to see moose at my house for years, and we live in the woods.  Moose are so hard to find, we are only lucky enough to have ever seen four.  On a moose safari they take you to the perfect spot to see many moose just in a short while, located in their natural habitats.

Kayaking  Kayaking is a beautiful way to experience Maine.  On the water with beautiful views.  So many places to kayak in Maine, rivers, lakes, streams, and coastlines.  Don’t worry about not owning a kayak, you can definitely rent one and even go on scenic guided tours, or kayak trips that are usually a day or overnight.

Shopping  Shopping, Maine has great little shops in its towns and has really nice outlet malls.  Usually the little towns, like Kennebunk, one of my favorites, have little shops scattered around.  If you are looking for an outlet mall with American Eagles and Nikes chain stores my suggested outlet would be the Kittery Outlets.  The cost of shopping depends on how much you buy of course.

Somewhere I want to go:  Acadia national park is a magnificent sight.  So much to do there from visiting sand beach, to a hike or bike ride around park trails.  They have beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.

Now you can plan your vacation to Maine.  Knowing all the hot spots, and places to be.  Planning your trip around these activities.  Maybe you go to the beach and eat lobster staying for a week or so, or maybe you just take a day trip up to Maine.  Whatever you do – get yourself up to Maine this summer.  If you happen to be at Acadia National Park, would you mind letting me know how it is? Continue reading

10 ways to Bargain Shop!

Have you ever wondered how the extreme couponer’s save thousands of dollars each year? Have you ever wanted to be like them? If your answer is yes, I can help. Here are some of my tips and tricks to help you save money and time each year.


Photo Credit: Carol Pyles

First, I have some ways to help save money. It is really hard to save money these days because everything is so expensive, but don’t fear there is a solution.

1. Get the Sunday paper every Sunday to get the stores flyers and coupons for that week. This will help you save more than you spent on the paper. Each Sunday paper is normally full of 3 coupons inserts and also contains store flyers that have even more coupons. Every week you’re saving over $100. Isn’t that Insane? In this week’s paper there is a $2 off of Maybelline Cosmetics coupons, which is $0.15 more than the paper. Your saving more than you spent on the paper! Wow!

2. Take advantage of some of the stores “free money” policies. A “free money” policy is when you spend a certain amount at a store and get money back. Stores like Kohls and Walgreens have the “free money” policy or something similar to it. Kohls cash back is given to you when you spend a certain amount of money and then you get a certain amount of cash back. The Kohls cash are just like coupons because they expire. For example, if I went to Kohls and spent $50.00 or over I would get around $10.00 Kohls cash back, but I can only use it from April 1-15th.

3. Do separate transactions in order to use more coupons and get better bargains. Some stores have a policy where you can only use a certain amount of coupons per transaction so you must read the stores policy and see if you have to do separate transactions. For example, sometimes in stores there is a limit on how many coupons you can use in each transaction so by separating them you can use more coupons. If I went to Target and I wanted to get Cereal because I had coupons to save $1.00 off 2 boxes and I grabbed 4 boxes because I had 2 of those coupons I could only use one per transaction. I had to separate the transactions in order to get 4 boxes.

4. Sign up for the email/reward program of the store to get notifications when there are sales or coupons available. By doing this you will receive even more coupons and deals and you will know when there are big sales going on. For example, the J-crew website has this window popup asking if you want to sign up for the email program. The email program is great because then you get to know when there are big sales or great deals going on. I am signed up with many email programs from different stores. My favorite email program is Bath and Body works because each week they have amazing sales. For example, this week the soaps are 5 for $18 or 7 for $24 and they are normally $6.50 each. So you are saving up to $21.50.

5. Go online and look on different coupon sites to find more coupons. There are some coupons online that you can’t get in the papers there are many websites like:

For example, this week on you can save $1.00 on the crest toothpaste and also you can save $2.00 on Pantene hair products.

6. Go to the clearance section first to see what they have on sale. This is the best section in the store and the least expensive section. You can find great things for amazing prices. For example, I went to the clearance section and found a nail polish that was originally $8.00 and was on sale for $3.00! You have to search hard in order to find the best deals.

7. Compare prices of an item to different stores. Go to the store with the least expensive price. Then you can find the store with the best price or you can have another store compare the price or maybe even beat it. For example, if I went to Wal-Mart and found a hair product that is $5.00 and then later I went to Target and saw the same one for $3.00, I obviously got the least expensive one.  If you find something you really want but you know that you could get it somewhere else cheaper then just wait to get it instead of spending more money. It may be annoying to wait, but I promise it’s worth it in the end.

Now in order to save money you have to save time. It takes a lot of time to find coupons, cut them and then go to the store and get the items you need. So I came up with some ways for you to save time and be more organized about it.

8. Do the math out before you go shopping so your plan is ready and you don’t take too long in the line. This will help save time in the long run. The math really helps so when you have to pay at the register you know how much you should bring. It also helps so you don’t have to do it after and then you have a plan before you go in the store. When I do this I like to look up the price of each product I am going to buy and add the prices all together and don’t forget to add the tax! After that I subtract the amount of each coupon that I am going to use so that I know how much I am going to pay when I go to the store and how much money I should bring.

9. Plan out your shopping day so you know which stores you are going to, when you are going to them and what you are going to get there. This will help you be organized and then you won’t be driving all over the place. Also you will not have the urge to buy unnecessary items that you were not intending to buy. For example, write down a list of things you need and the stores you want to go to so that you can get what is on your list, and only what is on your list.

10. And lastly, make sure you have all your coupons. Be organized! The best way to be organized is to find a place to store your coupons. Many people use binders, but I like to use bins or file cabinets.

That’s it! Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you save money at your next shopping trip.


“How to Bargain Shop Like a Pro.” MORE Magazine. N.p., 09 Feb. 2014. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.

“How to Bargain Shop.” WikiHow. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Apr. 2014

7 annoying things at the ski mountain

6.9 percent of people in America ski and almost all of them have experienced at least one of these seven things that annoy people. See where you fit in.


1. People cutting you off

Imagine you are going down your favorite trail on a perfect January day. You are enjoying the view as you are carving through the snow, you almost feel like you are flying, and bam out of no where in comes the same guy you saw messing around with his friends at the lodge. There is nothing more annoying than someone bombing down the mountain and cutting you off. This usually ends with the person who was cut off on the ground trying to get the snow out of his goggles. By far this is one of those things that just ruins a run.


2.Not paying attention

The gondola door opens, you put your skis in and step in. You are picturing a peaceful run down a perfectly groomed mountain, not a worry at all. In walks “that guy”, the guy with long hair that uses bro at least three times in every sentence. As the gondola starts moving, he puts in his headphones and starts blasting screamo music and ruining everyone’s ride. So much for a nice gondola ride.


3. People who ski in jeans

Nothing else needs to be said.


4. slowsky

Everyone who has skied has been behind someone who is going incomprehensibly slow and you can’t pass them because of their huge unpredictable S turns. That person that seems like they are just mocking you with their lack of speed. Every time you try to pass them it almost seems as if they are purposefully trying to get in your way.  I find this one of the most. if not the most, annoying experiences that can happen while skiing. Overall, not a fun experience.


5. Forgetter

We all have that one friend who is about to go on the chair lift and realizes that they some how left their pass in the lodge. If it’s not their pass, it’s their gloves. If it’s not their gloves, it’s their poles.This is the same guy that always asks you to buy his lunch because he forgot his money. You get the picture. This is especially frustrating if you are friends with the person and have to wait for them while they walk all the way back to the lodge. So much for catching the first chair of the day.


6. Stairs in ski boots

I personally snowboard, but from what I’ve heard it is near impossible the first time you do it and doesn’t really get much better with time. You see them hobbling down the stairs like an elephant on ice skates. They look hilarious and I can’t help but watch to see if they fall. I can’t tell you how many people i have seen either trip or fall down the stairs leading to the bathrooms at lodges like Sunday River and Mount Snow.


7.How is that possible

You are on the chair lift and you see a flash of light below you and you see a three year old with perfect form take on the mountain.You can’t believe your eyes. How could they be that good? How old are they? All you can think is, can he even walk yet? It’s always a confidence booster to see a toddler fly down the mountain with perfect form. I can’t tell you how many little kids I have seen that are better than anyone I know with a couple exceptions. It’s even better when one of them cuts you off.

Performance Phenomenons

Performance Phenomenons

10. Adizero Crazy Light 3.


Price – $145

A shoe thats true to its name. The crazy light 3 is sibling of the first two crazy lights, and overall is a great performer and a likable shoe. If you want a breathable shoe, you’ve found it. The Crazy Light 3 offers ventilation all through the midsole. The price at $145 is reasonable ( as crazy as it sounds to say over 100 bucks is reasonable for sneakers) and is a pretty good pick up.


9.  Ektio Breakaway


A  shoe Brandon Knight probably should’ve been wearing. The Breakaway’s provide top notch ankle support and are comfortable and really provide a lockdown that is superior to other shoes. If you’re one of those players that wants a little more support around your ankles, whether  because of ankle injury or personal preference, then this shoe is for you. It also provides great traction. Honestly the shoe is an underrated shoe with a brand that really has no real name in the sneaker world. But because of its lock down ankle support its starting to make a name for itself.


8. Jordan SuperFly 2 Continue reading

Top Ten Big Bang Theory’s You Should Watch

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The Big BangTheory is a hilarious comedy starring Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik, and Melissa Rauch.  The show takes place in Pasadena California where Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard, who are four nerdy scientists, interact with their neighbor Penny. Here are the top ten episodes of the Big BangTheory from season one to season seven. These episodes will be ranked by their overall creativity and the mix of characters that are placed together. To be clear these rankings are 100% correct, just as the great Sheldon once said “Don’t you think if I were wrong I’d know it?

Number Ten- The Cornhusker Vortex.

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In this episode Leonard has to learn about football to fit in with Penny’s friends. To learn this, Sheldon unexpectedly comes to the rescue and shows his uncanny knowledge of football. After he understands the rules of…

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Is your love life non existent? Are you constantly repulsing girls? When is the last time you went on a date? Wait, don’t answer that. Obviously you are having problems and I am here to help you. Follow my advice and you won’t ever be rejected again.


1. Prep yourself up.


Practice makes perfect. Same goes with hitting on girls. Talk to the mirror or maybe a teddy bear I don’t care, you just don’t want to say anything embarrassing. Make sure you know how to start small talk and not say super corny jokes or pick up lines that never work. When you go out make sure not to wear your cheap cologne or the clothes you got on the sale rack. You want to be charming and not smell gross.

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2. Evaluate your chances and lower your standards.

You are probably asking…

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