Hillary and Arizona


The Arizona primary was a catastrophe for democracy. Why you may ask and the answer might surprise you, it was rigged by Hillary Clinton. Now hear me out before just closing the tab, there is plenty of proof to support this statement.For example thousands of people who had voted democratic in the past suddenly found out that they were actually registered as Republican or Independent and were turned away. For example Heavy.com states that “One of the more disturbing stories came from a Redditor whose fiancee couldn’t vote. (You can read the story here.) They both registered Democrat on the same day and got their voter identification cards on the same day. They showed up to vote in Maricopa County with all the paperwork they needed. He was able to vote but his fiancee was refused a real ballot and told she was Independent. As she dropped in…

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Tesla’s (More) Affordable Vehicle

Everyday Technology

As many members of the tech community already know, the Tesla Model 3 was finally unveiled yesterday after years of anticipation. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the company, Tesla is a budding electric car company that is famous for their cool, stylistic vehicles.

436834-tesla-logo elon-muskTheir CEO, Elon Musk, is also widely regarded as an entrepreneur that will shape the future. Tesla’s mission is to provide electric vehicles to protect the environment. Up until now, the tech startup has only released two major cars: the Model S and Model X.

Tesla_Model_S_P85D A Tesla Model S

we-drove-teslas-new-model-x-suv--heres-what-its-like A Tesla Model X

The Model S is a large luxury sedan while the newer Model X is a luxury SUV. And both are fully electric, of course. However, because the company has only released expensive luxury vehicles, they have not gotten much money because there is not a very affordable option. Most luxury…

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Is Na’Vi Back?


After Na’Vi’s shocking win against Team Secret in a best of 3 on March 19th, 2016, I couldn’t help but think that Na’Vi might start to make a name for itself again.

After losing their first game to Secret, it didn’t seem too bright for Na’Vi as Secret was considered better, but there was still a chance. Na’Vi put up a good fight throughout the game but after one lost Roshan pit fight, it greatly went into Secret’s favor and in the end, Na’Vi lost. The second match started of relatively even for moth teams, but Secret probably was a little more in control. Slowly, Na’Vi started to gain a lead. The had some great pick offs and managed to get some good farm in too and eventually, Na’Vi pulled of a win. With the score now 1-1, it seemed like Na’Vi had a chance to win it, but Secret…

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How does ISIS get its Recruits?


People wonder why so many people are coerced into believing that ISIS is a symbol of goodness and freedom.  A majority of ISIS recruits practice Islam even before ISIS brainwashes them into believing that ISIS is not evil.   One technique ISIS uses into brainwashing young teens is by using social media to express their messages and recruit videos.  In fact, social media is the one of major factors that convince young and innocent minds to join the infamous terrorist organization.  Some examples of social media that the terrorist organization uses are Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes even Instagram. ISIS’s goal is to attract as many recruits as possible.  They target young Muslim men and women and encourage them to join ISIS because it is the only place where they will be accepted for who they are.  In addition, every time ISIS successfully carries out an attack against Western forces, they show…

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Is Crime or Dishonesty Ever Okay?-Les Misérables


Les Misérables is a book written by Victor Hugo that is set between the years 1815 and 1832. Since the release of the book in 1862, it has been adapted into a broadway musical and a movie. But I’m not here to talk about the history of Les Mis and why you should definitely see/read it (which you should). No, I’m here to talk about one (of the many) elements of crime and dishonesty in the movie adaptation, which just so happens to be in the first few minutes as to not spoil too much of the story.

(If you would like to follow along with the music, the song is called “Look Down”.)

First off, some background. The first scene is of prisoners serving their time under the watchful eye of Inspector Javert, the main antagonist in Jean Valjean’s story. Keep in mind that this whole first scene is…

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New Jersey student causing trouble, what the school should be doing and why

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Columbia Middle School students have been going through a rough time recently. A currently unidentified male student uploaded a video from a school shooting that happened years ago, on the app Vine*. It lead some people to believe it was live footage and some 911 calls were made. The school and police has been “investigating the situation” but it doesn’t seem like the school cares as much as the concerned people. They feel that if it was footage from years ago, that he might have just uploaded it for views and popularity on the app. But that might not totally be the case. Was it a threat? He’s a middle schooler, and just recently made his account. And apparently this boy has been troublesome in the past.

Nobody really knows what the caption was on the post, or what the video was, because either him or Vine took down the…

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Rant Number One


Rant Number One

How many times a day do you say “Man! I could really use super strength right now!” or “If I could run like the flash that would be very convenient! I know that I have(but not very often). But if, we did have superpowers what would happen? Would it really fix our problems, or just make them worse? Here are five reasons why it would be horrible to have superpowers:

  1. If everyone on earth had super powers than they would not  be super anymore, just like Syndrome said from the Incredibles “When everyone’s super, no one will be.” Then that would defeat the purpose of even having super powers and then people would want super duper powers!

2.  If everyone had Super Powers not everyone one would be a superhero. That is just       how it works heroes need villains. But, if there were villains…

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What’s the crime in illegal immigration


Illegal immigration is an extremely controversial issue that mixes law and morals in order to be solved. This is a major question asked in the political presidential debates as well, especially the GOP debates, and each candidate has their own ideas about finding a solution to the problem. In the U.S., there are well over 11 million illegal immigrants, forty percent of which, are overstaying visas. Some candidates believe that all the illegal immigrants must be deported to their home countries, but many are fleeing from oppression or turmoil in their countries. In many Latin American countries, gangs rule the area and there is much crime and danger in their everyday lives. Many Latin American mothers believe it is unsafe to raise children in their country and many endure the travel over trains into Texas. What to be done about this issue has changed over the course of time, but…

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