Top 3 Cy young candidates.

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Zack Greinke, Dallas Keuchel, and Jake Arrieta.

Zack Greinke has had his best year ever with a 1.62 ERA (Earned Run Average) and a 16-3 record. Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke have led the Dodgers to a winning season and so far they are 80-59 with one of the best records in the MLB and are first in the NL West. Zack Greinke was a rookie for the Milwaukee Brewers then moved around until he finally found his home (it seems) on the Dodgers. He is most likely to win the NL Cy Young award.

Jake Arrieta is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. He has led the cubs this year with a 19-6 record. The Cubs are 81-61 which is third in their division behind the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals. He has an ERA of 1.96 which is the second lowest ERA in the…

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Ten of Fall Out Boy’s Best Song Lyrics

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Who is Patrick Stump? Let me guess, you don’t know. What’s Fall Out Boy? This one you might know of… vaguely. You’ve probably heard at least two of their songs. If you’ve heard only two, they’re probably Centuries and Uma Thurman, on the radio currently. Maybe you know the song My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark that was released in 2013. Maybe you heard the song Immortals when you watched the Disney movie Big Hero 6. Maybe now you know a few more songs by them than you thought you did at the beginning of the paragraph.

So who is this band? And why is the author of this asking so many rhetorical questions? Well, that second question cannot be answered and will not prevent me from asking more, but I will tell you about Fall Out Boy. Unlike some bands and singers, they…

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Montreal Canadien’s 2015 final stats

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Another great year for the “Canadiens de Montréal.” The Canadiens made the playoffs again but unfortunately could not pull through to the finals, where the Lighting, in the semi-playoffs, defeated them.

Max Pacioretty dominated the score sheet, though, with a total of 39 goals and 30 assists giving him a total of 67 points. Followed by Tomas Plekanec with 60 points and P.K Subban with 60points as well. And only Tomas Plekanec, P.K. Subban, David Desharnais, Brendan Gallagher, and Brandon Prust played a total of 82 games.

Now, on to the goalies: Carey Price played 66 games and had a save percentage of .933 % and a goals against average of 1.96. He won 44 games and lost 16. Now Dustin Tokarski, who played 17 games, had a save percentage of .910% and a goals against average of 2.75. He won 6 games and lost 6.

So, as…

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Chapter Two:Action

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Sorry I didn’t post last Friday. To make up for it I will post the next chapter either tomorrow or at the end of the day.

Chapter 2: Action

As I laid on my bed the only thought was to call someone, anyone, and ask them if they could help. I thought about my best friend, Amelia but she was in Boston for the weekend and she didn’t have a phone and most likely wasn’t using her laptop. But then I remembered, “Well have fun, and DON’T TELL ANYONE!”  

This didn’t make any sense, if my parents were going away they would have had a family member come to watch me, or sent me to my friend’s house. I take it back. I wouldn’t ever accept this and go on my business. Then all of a sudden I heard a knock at the door. My parents told me to…

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Who’s the most dominant pitcher of the 2015 season?

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We’ve all heard the names Clayton Kershaw, David Price, Chris Sale, Madison Bumgarner, Adam Wainwright, Felix Hernandez, and Max Scherzer. But how many of you had heard of Zack Greinke before this season? Greinke, with an ERA or 1.65 and a WHIP of 0.848, is one of the most dominant pitchers of 2015, but one of the most dominant of the sixty years.

With an arsenal of many pitches – all of which are nasty – include a darting cut-fastball, a diving curveball and, as it appears to be, a rising two-seam fastball. Another thing that makes him dominant is his pitching motion. Standing in the box, the ball almost seems to come from just behind his head, keeping the hitter from getting a good look at his release.

Throwing 95+ in the major leagues is something to many dream about. But what if you could consistently hit it, and…

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A Vacation Out Of This World…. Literally

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Spaceship Takeoff

When most people hear the word vacation they think of relaxing tropical beach, or an exciting new place to visit. But who would ever think of visiting outer space? I know this sounds like something out of an old sci-fi movie but this may be a reality in the near future.

Airlines have opened up to this exciting idea. Like Virgin Airlines which has a space line called Virgin Galactic. The spaceships hold 6 passengers and 2 crewmembers. Which they will bring you to outer space but there’s no actual place you can go once you are up there. You basically go up and then come back down 5 minutes later. Only seven people have done this, I’m guessing because of the fact you only get to float for 5 minutes and one ticket costs 200,000 dollars.

Virgin Galactic isn’t the only option on the table. Another company called Space…

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Why Biofuels are more Harmful than You Think

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Biofuels are considered a green choice and in 2012 biofuel production globally reached 23 billion gallons. However biofuels are actually more harmful to the environment then you think and here are the reasons why.

  1.   Biofuels are produced from sugar, corn, wheat, sugar beets, and molasses. Jean Zieglers betting on famine and state that In 2014 the world hunger education service estimated that 11 percent of the world was suffering from hunger. It takes approximately 2.69kg of corn to produce one liter of ethanol.  23 billion gallons is roughly equal to 105 billion litres. That means if the world created corn ethanol only it spent 282450000000 kilograms of corn . However Just 270 kilograms of corn is enough to feed ten people for an entire year.
  1.  Well ethanol produced from sugar can’t be that bad because it isn’t produced by a food crop right? Wrong, states that Brazil is…

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Vail In Skiing

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Vail is one of the largest skiing resort owners across the U.S. In Park City, Utah, Vail owns a resort called Canyons. The people who were leasing Park City didn’t pay the lease on time, so they lost the rights and Vail now owns it. Construction is currently going on connecting the two resorts with a gondola.

Vail has a product called the Epic Pass, which is a ski pass to many resorts that Vail owns across the U.S. The resorts on the epic pass include four in Colorado, one in Utah (Park City and Canyons are now combined), three in Lake Tahoe, one in Minnesota, one in Michigan, and one in New South Wales, Australia. I think this pass will be good for most skiers because the Epic pass cost about $730 for the entire season, for all of the resorts, but the cost of a season pass at…

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Is All-star Cheerleading a Sport?

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     I am not here to explain to you why all-star cheerleading is a sport and why it isn’t but I am here to give you five facts that prove that it is a competitive and energetic athletic activity.

     1.  Just like any other athletic activity it is a team effort, and if one thing goes wrong it affects the whole team.

     2.  It is very dangerous. Over the past couple of years all-star cheerleading has become a lot more popular and a lot more physical and mental ability is required.

     3. There are many competitions in one season and many of them have very good teams from other gyms that are known to produce the best cheerleaders in the United States.

     4. Going on to stage especially if you are a flyer is extremely nerve racking and if all the…

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Are we actually connected? Or are we slowly disconnecting?

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Lets face it, almost every teenager has some sort of smart phone, and on that smart phone, you’re most likely to find some kind of social media on it. Every time there’s a social event, you’ll probably find teenagers standing in front of a camera, or taking a selfie. Later, you watch them spend five minutes posting the pic, and every five minutes, they check their phone to see how many likes or views they got. Teens say they feel connected when they’re on their phones to the world and their life around them, but are they actually? Instead of being connected, they’re slowly disconnecting themselves from the life that matters.

In this generation, millions of teens would rather spend hours on social media, than actually spending time with family and friends. Studies show that the average teenager spends at least 7 1/2 hours a day on social media.

Some teens feel…

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