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The Wii U is Doomed for Failure

                          Why The Wii U is Doomed for Failure


While the Wii U had a successful first month selling lots copies, sales have stagnated. In January, the Wii U only 60,000 units sold which is significantly worse than other consoles on the market. Here are the reasons why I personally believe the Wii U is a failure. Lets start off with the most glaring issue by far, its name. When I first heard of it and saw what Nintendo was offering I thought it was a new controller not a new gaming console. I thought it was just an add on, and I am a gaming enthusiast. I thought if I didn’t know right away what they were promoting there was no way a novice consumer would ever know. Also what about grandparents and parents who don’t know much about gaming and how new hardware benefits and allows for the advancement of gaming. They will not understand why the Wii U is any better than a Wii and most likely will not purchase it for their kids.

Another reason why, it is not doing well is because Nintendo really disappointed a lot of their fans with how few third party titles came to the Wii. Nintendo thought by debuting of their new system, the Wii U, it would seem like they were trying to mend their mistakes. However, once a company makes a mistake, or consumers feel like they have been abandoned or taken advantage by the company, they do not come back easily. Many gamers have not bought the Wii U, except for a few of Nintendo’s hard core fans who love classics like Mario, Metroid, and Zelda which they anticipated playing on the new system.

This brings me to my next point, the lack of quality exclusive releases for this system. The only two new exclusives to launch with the system were Zombie U and Super Mario Bros U. While Super Mario was good but it was more or less the exact same game that we have seen for the past few years, a 2d platformer about saving the princess and beating Bowser the villain. It’s certainly a good game but it’s not going to sell your system like games suchas Wind Walker and Animal crossing did.  Zombie U is a game that was not developed by Nintendo. It was instead developed by Ubisoft another very large game developer which demonstrated some 3rd party interest in the system. The game itself though was all over the rating boards. Some reviewers praised the game for its difficulty among other things and gave it a 9/10 rating. Other reviewers thought it was terrible and the difficulty rating unfair. Because of this the game did not become a system seller. Which brings me to my final point the lack of good games available for the system.

The system launched with stellar titles like Batman, Mass Effect 3, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 but the games themselves had been available on other systems: PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 for a long time. Many fans are also wondering where the Zelda and 3d Mario games are and when they will be released. Though games like Pikmin and Bayoneta 2, which are spectacle fighters will be coming out sometime in the future they are not loved by gamers as a whole.Instead they have their own small cult following which will not significantly drive sales of the new Wii U.

This brings me to my conclusion and makes me wonder what was Nintendo thinking launching the system when they did. The system is only slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems which have already been out for 6-7 years. These systems are planning to announce the availability date of their new consoles sometime this year which means like the Wii, the Wii U will not get ports since the console will not have enough  power to run the games the PS4, and Xbox 720 will be able to. Not only did they launch it at an awkward time, they also did not launch it with a strong selection of games, because of this the Wii U seems to be another massive failure for Nintendo.


How Could Wrestling Be Dropped From the 2020 Olympic Games?


Photo Credit: @alliseeisgold on Twitter

Recently, Wrestling was dropped from the 2020 Olympics by the IOC, or International Olympic Committee.  Although it has an opportunity to be voted back in, the fact that it was dropped in the first place is astounding.  Wrestling was one of the original 26 “core sports” in the Olympics and has been a part of the Olympics since the first event in 776 BC.  I was very surprised when I heard about this because wrestling is a staple of the Olympics and the amount of work that olympic wrestlers, like American Jordan Burroughs, put in to the sport is incredible.  When Jordan Burroughs won a gold medal last summer, everyone knew that he had deserved it.  He practiced and worked out for hours upon hours almost everyday.  His opponent in the gold medal match, Sadegh Goudarzi of Iran, was very respectful of Burroughs and as a result of this, the two spawned one of the greatest pictures from the London Olympics.  Burroughs, wearing a United States of America jacket, had his arm around Goudarzi with an Islamic Republic of Iran jacket in the picture.  This showed that wrestling has united countries in the Olympics and that it shouldn’t be replaced by something like roller blading or baseball.  Overall, wrestling is a great sport that belongs in the Olympics and hopefully the IOC will come to their senses and put wrestling back in its rightful place.

Borderlands 2 Review

The hook of Borderlands 2, the same one Borderlands 1 had is the loot. Guns, ammo, character skins, grenade mods, class mods there’s always something just a bit better, something you so desperately want in Borderlands 2. Just like Diablo or a number of other action RPGs, the hunt for loot is arguably one of the best parts of the game. Every firefight and boss battle becomes even more rewarding, because, though you might die a few times, you know the loot is just around the corner.

Of course that’s just the beginning of what makes Borderlands 2 the amazing game it is. The Gunplay feels fluid and polished, and the guns feel a lot less likes peashooters, and more like how they should feel. There are also four brand new classes that all feel fresh well still relatable. The Commando, Siren, Gunzerker and the Assassin. Each of these classes offer their own special ability. The commando can deploy a turret, which allows you to flank your opponents or just add some firepower to your already deadly arsenal.  The Siren can Phaselock enemies which makes them sitting ducks which you can finish off at your leisure until your phaselock runs out that is. Gunzerkers can wield two guns at the same time giving you even extra firepower, and Assassins can go invisible for a short period of time.

The New Campaign, which features both Single player and Co-Op once again, takes place on Pandora. I can tell you right away the campaign this time around is fantastic. With a much higher production than the first borderlands. The campaign now has a fully fleshed out story with some great writing and some of the best jokes and lines I have seen in a game in a long time. Unlike the first game, Borderlands 2 does have a satisfying ending. Well the single player is fun the Co-Op part of the game is where the games really comes into its own, nothing beats a group of four friends overcoming a boss or just finding some awesome loot.

Overall I have very little negative things to say about Borderlands 2 besides for the occasional difficulty spikes and some clunky driving mechanics “Mouse controlled rather than W, A, S, D” I would rate the game as 9 out of 10 and I whole heartily recommend this to fans of the series and newcomers alike.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Bethesda Game Studios fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series and their sequel hit a boom. The last game that came out was The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; this game was a very good one and came out in 2006 for Xbox 360. Waiting 5 years until Skyrim was released, Bethesda really blew everybody away. It was a huge jump from the 4th game in the series with everything getting better from gameplay to graphics.

The Elder Scrolls series dates all the way back to 1994 with the release of The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Looking back at that game, you really realize how much these games have changed over the past decade and it is truly amazing. There is no better place to start when talking about Skyrim, but the visuals. Skyrim is a beautiful game from snowy tundras, to wide open valleys, murky swamps, and even thick forests. Because of the massive amount of quests, Skyrim has about a  9 hour main quest and over 100 hours of additional side quests and gameplay to do. This is massive for any game and really the possibilities are endless when it comes to gameplay. There are hundreds of different weapons from daggers, to bows, to magic staffs. There is also spells and shouts, since you are a “Dragonborn” you have the ability to use your different shouts which have many different effects from transporting, to blowing away anything in front of you. It is no wonder that Bethesda sold over 7 million copies less than one week after release.

Bethesda Games really blew everybody away with this game. They improved every aspect of the game, and even more. There are only minor glitches to this game, but nothing to kill the experience what so ever. I would recommend this game to anybody who have a lot of spare time especially, but also to anybody who just loves to go on adventures and kill dragons. The only reason why I would not rate it a 10/10, is because I want even more than the more, even though the game is its own fictional world with hundreds of hours of gameplay. 9.5/10

Mockingjay Book Review

Mockingjay is the third novel in the Hunger Games trilogy by the American author Suzanne Collins. The story is not as immaculate as the Hunger Games or Catching Fire, the first two books in the trilogy, but it still keeps you glued to the book to find out what will happen in the end.  Essentially, with the two first books being outstanding, I had high expectations for the last book in the series. But unexpectedly, I was very disappointed and unsatisfied with the story, the characters, the ending, and the intense violence that was rarely left out of the description.

Photo Credit: WeeLittlePiggy

Firstly, the book felt too repetitive and some characters’ personality changed greatly. As I read, I felt that Katniss, the main character, repeatedly expressed her sadness and unwillingness to go on and keep fighting simply too often. She would want to fight, and then feel sad for all the deaths occurring, and again want to get revenge. She also kept going back and forth between loving Peeta and Gale. I understand that Katniss went through indescribable things with both people, from almost killing each other, winning the hunger games, and hunting together before the rebellion, but the repetition and Katniss’s undecided feelings frustrated me at many times while reading. Also, some characters like Finnick, Gale, and even Katniss changed the way they acted a bit too extremely. I can imagine that living through a war, and how you are going to change greatly because of all the things you experience, but these changes seemed a bit unreal. For example, Finnick was fine at the end of Catching Fire, but in Mockingjay, he had some mental problems. But when Annie returned, all his problems suddenly vanished. Disappointed by the frequent repetition and the additional character problems, I distinguished this book from the rest. And I was hoping for better.

Secondly, the ending felt brief, rushed, and vague. I do not fully understand what happened to the districts, the government, the hunger games, and how life went on after the war. Even though the first two books had realistic happy endings, I expected a sad but meaningful end to the trilogy instead of it ending quite abruptly. I knew Collin had to kill off at least one or two of the liked characters because the book is about war and fighting for peace, but she killed them all and didn’t provide the suitable ending for the situation. To me, it seems like she did not have time to wrap up and decide the fate of the characters, and so she simply had them killed in the story. Also, I anticipated that Katniss would develop more as a character. I thought she would reach her end, and reflect upon all the bad things that happened throughout the book, and realize something important about war and her experiences. Unfortunately, this never really happened. I would have liked it if Katniss, saddened and exhausted by everything that happened, finally understood that sometimes life does not always bring happy endings. But that it is still worth fighting for that happiness you believe you can attain. This is the kind of ending I wished for.

Photo Credit: Kendra Miller

Furthermore, the book was extremely violent and emotional. Incorporated with lots of blood and gore, it was probably more gruesome than all the hunger games put together. No matter what was going on, Collins added some emotionally depressing and horrifying aspect to it. Still, these violent events were essential in the book, as they gave the reader a realistic insight to what war is really like. And how sometimes you don’t know which side is doing the right thing, or if both sides are completely wrong. And each blow Katniss received, seemed to reflect upon you, perhaps to help truly understand what Katniss was going through. But in essence, the war and fierceness Collins incorporated felt a little bit too much for me. I would not recommend this book to children under 13.

Despite the problems I had with Mockingjay, I still loved to read it, and couldn’t stop reading till I reached the end. It was beautifully written, and I look forward to reading more books by Suzanne Collins in the future.

Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3


Photo Credit: PlayStation Blog


Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are two of the most modernized games in the world. Comparing these two games is hard. However, Battlefield 3 is the better game because of its graphics, weaponry, and online play.

The graphics in Battlefield 3 are outstanding, which helps to make it successful. Through utilizing Frostbite 2 technology, this is possible. What Frostbite 2 does is it creates an ultra realistic picture that resembles true to life battle so much that in seeing an advertisement for the game many believed it was to promote the military. In fact, in the first month of its release, it sold more than 10,000,000 copies. Renowned gaming magazine such as IGN have said words like “The only way it could be more realistic is if you could feel it. 9 out of 10”. For all these reasons, the graphics in Battlefield 3 make another reason why the game is better. Another reason why Battlefield 3 is better is due to its weaponry. The weapons and action are the premise of a war game, making the gamer feel cool by holding a weapon. In Battlefield 3 the weaponry is far more extensive than that of Modern Warfare 3. With this the gamer can customize his or her gun to their liking. Battlefield 3 offer more than double the amount of weapons than Modern Warfare 3 and more weapon attachments. For all these reasons this forms another reason why Battlefield 3 is better. A final reason why Battlefield 3 is better is due to its online play. The online play of Battlefield promotes strong teamwork to succeed. Fighting alone is very hard to do. To use this skill is difficult, but when used correctly, very rewarding. By working together, the team rises up to the challenge and beats the other team. For this reason, I believe that this makes the game better.

All in all, both are excellent games but, if one was to break it down, they would find that Battlefield 3 is the better game for the same price.