Friendly’s Review

The Friendly’s in Holden is a great place to bring your family. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they are famous for their ice cream. I have to say, their food and ice cream are the most delicious particles I have ever inhaled. The restaurant was nothing extravagant just a little place where families could relax together.

I walked into Friendly’s and I noticed it had very nice set up. With the red seats, bright yellow walls, soft green carpets, it gave me good vibes. It was sanitary, it could be cleaner, but it was bearable. I saw some left over food on the ground from the previous customers. But, I saw the staff trying to clean it all up which was greatly appreciated. It was crowded but there were no disturbances. Everyone minded their own business, deep in conversation. The waitress led us to our tables. While I was walking I could hear sizzling of the cooking foods from the kitchen. I could smell the different aromas of foods like the french fries in the air making me even more hungry.

I looked over the menu and they had a great selection. I saw foods for meat lovers like big juicy burgers and foods for vegetarians like salads and fish. They had all types of appetizers from mozerella sticks to calamari. The desert menu was to die for. They had all type of ice cream, frozen yogurt, cakes, brownies. They had so many toppings too, sprinkles, sauces, and candy. There drink selection was also very big. They have sodas, juice, milkshakes, anything to satisfy your thirsty needs. First,  I ordered a sprite and chicken tenders. My friend ordered a grilled cheese and a coke. The service was very fast. It only took around 10 minutes for our food to come out.  I took one bite into the delicious chicken and instantly fell in love. The chicken had a crispy golden brown outer coating and nice tender chicken in the middle. The french fries were amazing as well. They had a crunchy skin and a nice potato like substance in the middle. And the food was perfect because it was not too hot or cold. It had the perfect temperature.

The staff was some of the nicest people I have ever met. During the wait for our food the waitress and I had nice conversations. I learned all about her daughter and how she does gymnastics and I told her about the sports I do too. I have to say The waitress and I even had a conversation at one point. The manager also came to check in on us during our meal asking if we needed anything and how our food was.

After we finished our meals we stacked our plates and cups to the side of the table so the waitress could get the message that we were done with our food. She came quickly and gave us a minute to look over the dessert menu. I ended up getting cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream. It only took her about a minute to make. She set it up nicely in an ice cream dish putting just the right amount of whipped cream and sprinkles in it.

Finally we were all finished eating, and she gave us the check. It was only about 25 dollars. I found this to be very cheap for all they had done for us. My chicken was only about $6, my drink was about $1, and my ice cream was $4. The rest of the amount came from my friends meal.

Friendlys went through a rough year last year. They went bankrupt and several closed. They are too good of a restaurant to be closed down. I really enjoyed myself when I went and I believe everyone else would too. They have a great business. It is not the type of restaurant that is only good for a particular age group. It is good for children, adults, and elders. So overall, I would give Friendlys a solid A+. Honestly, I cannot complain about it. Everything was great from the service to the food. They made me feel really comfortable there. It is my favorite place to eat and I think I will always love it, even when I am really old and saggy. If there is a Friendly’s near you, you should stop by and pay them a visit because it could be a great memory for you and your family.


Jaw Dropping Restaurant


Wanting to be casual but, you want superior food? I would suggest 2 Ovens and, it is located in White City Plaza, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Their food is just mouth watering. You can order pizza, salad, sandwiches, burgers, and you can get some snacks to nibble on before dinner. The atmosphere is fascinating, the food is so fresh, and the waiters are welcoming.

The atmosphere can grab your attention in a good way, but some things not in a great way. Right as you enter the restaurant, somebody is there to help seat you or let you know the wait times. Be careful, the waits can be long because it is a very popular and amazing restaurant, so you might want to call ahead of time. Temperature wise it is comfortably warm because of their hot brick oven where the cook the pizza in. When it is busy, it can be a little loud. That is the only reason I do not like it, but it is not always loud. You can see the kitchen and how they make all your meals right in front of your eyes. I thought that was really interesting.

from: http://www.2ovens.comthe restaurant website

the restaurant website

The food is freshly made and delicious. The dough of the pizza is homemade and cooked in a wood-fired brick oven. Homemade is always so much more tastier in my aspect. Adding to that,  it makes it so much more appetizing that they do not just cook it in an electric oven, but they take the time to make it perfect in a brick oven. Two of my friends and I got a chopped salad and a large margherita pizza. The salad was fantastic! The lettuce was so green and crunchy, the tomatoes chopped up small and super fresh, the avocado was all chopped up nice and to perfection and was just so tasty, the cucumber just delicious like everything else, and the blue cheese was just right. We had passed on the wasabi dressing because we do not like wasabi but we had got Italian and it was delightful. Now, to the fresh crunchy, crisp, jaw dropping margherita pizza. It was a perfect amount for the three of us. The crust was thin and cooked to perfection, the tomato was juicy and fresh, and the mozzarella cheese was just scrumptious with nice warm and tasty taste.

Before you can get your food, you have to order, and by ordering you have to tell the waiters what you want. The waiters are very welcoming. They are polite and helpful. They do not rush you on your order and they can help you make tasty decisions. When you get your food, they do not just throw it down and say enjoy like they have a recording in them, they kindly place your food down and ask if you need anything. Also, they make sure the food is to the supreme and you are cared for.

Overall, 2 Ovens is an amazing restaurant to go to. The food is great and the people are lovely. You can just buzz down and not have to get all dressed up. Now, go and enjoy some delicious food.


the restaurant website

Looking For A Great Place To Eat? Try Flour.

In Boston and you do not know where to go for lunch? Go to Flour located five minutes out of Boston and into Cambridge. It is just around the corner from MIT college.

Flour is a nice little bakery and cafe. As you walk in, you can feel the warmth of the ovens and the friendliness of people. You do not have to worry about having your order on the tip of your tongue or what to get. They have chalkboard walls filled with types of sandwiches, soups, breads, muffins, cookies, brownies, etc. Also you do not have to feel rushed about ordering, they give you time, and there are always huge lines around breakfast and lunch time. The atmosphere is always bright and cheery.

Photo Credits to: food_in_mouth

Photo Credits to: food_in_mouth

The food is amazing, and it just melts in your mouth with delight. I have actually never been for breakfast, but when I go for lunch the pastries are almost all gone! I have always gotten the tomato and mozzarella sandwich on a baguette. They panini press it to make it crisp and warm. The sandwich fills you all the way to the brim that I sometimes have to share it with my sister. My mom always gets their tomato soup. She says it is creamy and delightful. Once you take one bite, it fills your body up with coziness, and it just hits the spot every time. She is too afraid to try something else because she can not get away from how good it tastes and thinks nothing else will be like it. We all have our favorites that are to die for.

The hours are the only downer on the place because they vary so much. The hours on Monday through Friday are good because they open at seven in the morning and close at seven at night. On Saturdays, you have to wait an hour, so you could sleep in or work out, and then it closes an hour earlier at six P.M. Then, on Sunday mornings, you have to hold your hunger until nine, and it closes at three in the afternoon, so you could not go for dinner. Also, another inconvenience is the lines! Sometimes they are out the door and down the street. If you come here on time for lunch or breakfast, you can not be in a rush. The waits can be sometimes torturous, but it is worth it. You can hit perfect times where there are no waits, but you have to be lucky!

A Closer Look at Mi Pueblo

I had heard many great things about Mi Pueblo in Concord, North Carolina, so I just had to see for myself. The restaurant is in a busy mall, a perfect location. The outside of the building was a little plain, but still looked like it had some potential to be a professionally-run restaurant. However, when I walked in, all hope for that was lost. Aside from the tacky decor, the host spoke with such a strong Spanish accent I could barely understand every-other word. Unfortunately, the situation did not improve once I got to the table.

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The tables had a sticky residue as if they had not been wiped down. I noticed that every one of the staff members wore cheap Mexican costumes, even though the clear intention of the eatery was quality. From the wall color, to the table, to all of the lights and decorations, the whole place was lifeless shades of beige and yellow. Greeted by an energetic waiter, I found myself trying to decode his heavy accent as well. Our waiter would disappear from time to time for fifteen minutes before checking in or taking our orders, which is not what I was hoping for. The place definitely did not meet my expectations visually or in terms of service, but I still held out hope for the food.

The menu was confusing no matter how you approached it. There were pages and pages of items, yet it lacked the most commonly loved Mexican items, such as basic burritos or quesadillas. It had sections based on the main component in each dish like beef, chicken, or pork. If that wasn’t bad enough, it was in Spanish with some English translations. This layout made it hard to find a certain item that you were looking for. If you had any questions, your server was of no help, unless of course you spoke fluent Spanish. After about a half an hour of browsing, I finally chose the queso dip as an appetizer and a pork dish with beans and rice.

One thing that I expect from a restaurant is a proper ratio of chips to dip with an appetizer, but with the queso, this was not the case. Even though the queso itself was quite flavorful, there was not nearly enough chips to actually have much. I might order this appetizer specifically asking for more chips, although I do not expect to be going back to Mi Pueblo anytime soon.   Continue reading

Why not Give Olive Garden a Try?


Photo Credits: rodasabrao

As I walk into Olive Garden into Olive Garden on Tobias Boland Way, I can smell the delicious Italian food, when I get the men there are so many choices to choose from I finally decide to have the salad and four cheese ravioli. Waiting for my food, I got a chance to look around at the whole restaurant, it was packed with people and they all looked very excited to get their food. Also the atmosphere seemed extremely friendly the employees were always happy to get you something as soon as they could and constantly ready to do there job. It didn’t take long at all before my food got there, I could smell the amazing sauce on the ravioli and the mouth watering Italian dressing for my salad. When I bit into the raviolis it was just an incredible taste bouncing around on my tongue, and also the salad was very good as well it had all the vegetables as you can think of and the dressing was delightful. Overall I found my trip to Olive Garden amazing and I am planning on going back soon.

Brothers and Friendly’s: Not My Favorite

Friendly’sAll I could think as we waited for 45 minutes was gosh, I hate my brother and I hate Friendly’s. Sure, it was my brother’s birthday, but my whole family, besides him, agrees that the dinner at Friendly’s was horrible. … Continue reading

Boloco vs. Chipotle

Boloco is a popular Mexican restaurant chain that has taken some obvious cues from Chipotle, an even more popular chain.  It’s too bad but Boloco doesn’t even come close to Chipotle’s personality, food or service.  When you walk into Boloco, it feels almost too similar to Chipotle.  The soft alternative music, the cafeteria style ordering and the art all contribute to the idea that Boloco is trying to capitalize on Chipotle’s success.  You can also see the similarities in Boloco’s actual menu.  Their “Goloco” is basically the exact same thing as getting a bowl or burrito at Chipotle.  You just go down the lunch room-esque line and tell the employee what you want on your burrito or bowl.  I think that this wouldn’t be such a problem if the taste of the very similar options even compared to the Chipotle meals.  Also, the portion sizes at Boloco are minuscule compared to Chipotle.  Boloco has multiple sizes for the bowls and burritos and the largest size (“Original”) is nowhere near as big as Chipotle.  This is especially irritating because it is more expensive than Chipotle.  After you finish ordering your meal, you can choose a table anywhere in the restaurant (they aren’t all always clean like at Chipotle) and eat your sub-par Mexican meal.  A lot of the toppings taste exactly the same as Chipotle, but when they don’t, they fall short.

For example, one of the few places where Boloco decided to branch out, their rice, the spices and seasonings that they use are nowhere near as tasty as Chipotle’s.  One of the few things that Boloco does right is their various smoothie options.  I didn’t get one myself when I made a visit, but they certainly looked better than the rest of the meal.  Finally, the service is something that is very different from Chipotle.  Instead of being upbeat and excited to feed you, the Boloco staff seems bored and like they just want to be done with your order .  Also, when I ate there, there was a problem with the soda machine where the button would get stuck and your drink wouldn’t come out.  The Boloco staff had no idea how to fix this which left a lot of their customers without drinks or with less than a full cup. No one apologized for the mess up or offered a refund  Overall, while Boloco made a valiant attempt at emulating Chipotle’s feel and taste, it falls short in almost every category.