Sneakers: Are They Really Worth It

To most people sneakers don’t mean anything but things you put your feet in. But to some people they mean much more. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend $250 on a pair of sneakers, but some people consider that crazy. To me and other sneakerheads out there, it would be worth every penny. The reason why I got into this craze is that it makes you feel elite. To me it is like getting a fancy new car. Everyone notices and immediately thinks that this person has class. Most of the time I judge people just by what kicks they have. Although collecting shoes is expensive, it is a fun hobby. The sneaker that got me into shoes were the Lebron 9 Breds. When I wore them I felt amazing. Even though they don’t do anything, you feel like you have purpose. I knew I needed more. The issue was, and still is, convincing my parents to let me buy them. For some reason, they feel sneakers are a waste of money, and I’ll always be interested in getting the next new pair. Although they are right about the later, to me sneakers are everything. It’s a sign of class, personality, and style. Whenever I buy shoes it comes right of my own pocket, so I don’t see why they would have an issue about it.


Shoes are not worth their price tags, but how much they mean to you. Most sneakerheads have a “Holy Grail” pair of sneakers, that they would give an arm and a leg for. Personally, mine would have to be the Galaxy Foamposites, but those are pretty much unattainable unless you are willing to pay $800. The main issue in the sneaker game is the crazy resale prices. If you aren’t willing to camp for a pair of sneakers, you will only be able to get them for double the price at a third party store. Sneakers mean a lot to me and lots of sneakerheads around the world.

How Steroids Have Impacted Sports


In today’s sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football, athletes need to be in prime condition in order to compete at such a high level. Year after year athletes are elevating their sport. Competing at the level they are at is getting harder and harder each and every year. They are setting the bar so high that it almost feels impossible to make it as a young athlete. Athletes all have their ways of staying strong, fit, and fueled. Some drink sports drinks and eat hefty meals. Some work out and do it the old way. Some athletes choose to disregard the right and legal way and take performance enhancing drugs.

These drugs make you stronger, faster, and can make you go longer. These drugs are very effective  and help a lot, but the fact of the matter is, they are illegal. It’s no question these are unfair. It’s like if Tom Brady had a bionic arm and the rest of the quarterbacks had just a normal arm. It’s unfair and just not right. These drugs can also give you major side effects like chest pains, bleeding, headaches, and in some cases more serious conditions, like heart problems and brain failure.

One big controversy regarding PED’s, ( Performance Enhancing Drugs ) right now, is cyclist Lance Armstrong’s confession to drug use. Lance Armstrong is an American cyclist who won many events such as the tour de france, the longest and most popular race in the world, several times. He is an icon for any cyclist. He has always seemed like a very nice and innocent guy and nobody thought he would do drugs. But recently he was tested positive for PED’s. He has just confessed last week to Oprah on live television that he has used PED’s most of his career.  A lot of people neglect that their is actually a large use of this in cycling. A top – notch professional cyclist can travel 20 miles per hour up a pitch of 40 degrees and can do this for at least 45 minutes without losing energy. Even though Lance is incredibly fit, later towards his career he needed that little boost to enable him to still compete, and that is what led to Lance’s drug use problem.

 It makes a lot of people mad at what sports are coming too these days. Steroids are unfair and a little bit selfish too. A lot of people don’t care much if someone is doing PED’s, but it really is cheating. I feel that about one – quarter of the top athletes are doing drugs. Athletes are doing whatever they can and taking whatever they can, to make the millions they are and to stay on top of their sport.

Barcelona vs. Malaga

Barcelona strolls by Malaga winning 4-2 with two late goals. This game takes Barcelona to the semi finals of the Copa Del Rey.

Malaga gave Barcelona a hard fight for the first 75 min. Barcelona won by two late goals by  Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi. The 6-4 Aggregate means that Barcelona will go on to the finals against their old rivals Real Madrid. That will get the entire soccer world on their feet.

Before we get to talking about that let’s talk about last weeks game. Barcelona came off at a very fast pace because they need to get a few goals on early. In the 8th minute Dani Alves put Barcelona on the board by scoring a header of a beautiful cross. Malaga bounced right back in the 12th min Joaquín took a beautiful touch past one of Barcelona’s defenders and took an amazing shot to the bottom left corner of the goal and tied the game.

Then later in the second half Piqué took a beautiful shot that hit the bottom left corner of the goal to give Barcelona the lead 2-1. Then later in the 68th min Roque Santa Cruz took a bullet that hit the top right corner of the goal which tied the game up. Time went on everyone was thinking about over time even penalty kicks.

No not today in the 75th minute Iniesta score and put Barcelona up by 1. Then Messi furthered the lead by scoring an extravagant header to

Mia Hamm: A Legendary Soccer Player

Mia Hamm was once an amazing soccer player. She retired after playing for the Women’s United States National Soccer Team in 2004.

Mia HammPhoto Credits: join1goal

Mia Hamm
Photo Credits: join1goal

Mia was the youngest girl to join the women’s team at age fifteen. She had scored the most goals ever in history of men and women’s soccer with hundred fifty-eight goals. When Mia’s team had won the FIFA World Cup she again, was the youngest women to be on a team in FIFA World Cup at age nineteen. Mia was even an olympic athlete! Her team had made it to the olympic championships and came out with the gold in 1996 and 2004. Also, that wasn’t the only championships she had, in college she brought her University Of North Carolina women’s soccer team to the NCAA women’s championship four times.

Mia Hamm was a known and acknowledged player. She had billions and billions of fans. Nobody wanted her to retire, so many people loved watching her play. Now eight years later when I am loving soccer and want to be like her I am one of her fans. I love hearing and reading her inspirational quotes. One of my favorites is: “Failure happens all the time. It happens everyday in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.”-Mia Hamm. Besides all her fans and gold medals she has won player awards. Mia was voted USA’s Soccer female athlete five years in a row. Also, MVP of the Women’s Cup in 1995.

Mia Hamm has won so many great things, and is a terrific person. If you think no big deal, well you should think again. It is so hard to become the best known soccer player ever.  Continue reading

Euro 2012

Euro 2012

        The Euro 2012 tournament is to be held in Poland and Ukraine this year. At the following venues: Arena Lviv, Ukraine, Donbass Arena Donetsk, Ukraine, Metalist Stadium Kharkiv, Ukraine, Municipal Stadium Poznan, Poland, Municipal Stadium Wroclaw, Poland, National Stadium Warsaw, Poland, Olympic Stadium Kiev, Ukraine, PGE Arena Gdansk, Poland. All of these stadiums are world class, featuring at least a capacity of forty thousand, and some are even brand new. The tournament will feature some of the top national teams in the world, and the winner is usually expected to continue on and win the Fifa World Cup. Last years winners, of course, being Spain are heavily favored to repeat again this year, but they will also be challenged this year by the likes of Germany, England, and even the Netherlands. These are just a few of the reasons that I believe that the Euro 2012 cup is the tournament to watch this summer.
The Cup promises to be almost as exciting as the Champions league; and many of the same key players will be participating in the cup as well. Reigning Champs, Spain, look to add their third major title to their cabinet case by winning the tournament.  The first games are Poland vs. Greece and Russia vs. Czech Republic they are to be held on June 8th, 2012. These are the first of many games but the matches to come from the other three groups are the ones everyone is waiting for. With match-ups like Spain vs. Italy, and Germany vs. Netherlands the Euro 2012 cup promises to be like no other.

Along with the outstanding facilities and great teams, the Cup also boasts some of the best professionals alive. Like Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, and even Arjen Robben, these players help to make all the drama of the Cup. After the group stages, when they move to the quarterfinals the matches become even more intense because it becomes lose and you’re out. Also the teams compete extremely hard so that they can gain a better seating in the 2014 World Cup, and London Olympics. Because of the fierce competition, extremely skilled players, and outstanding complexes I believe that this year’s Euro 2012 cup will be undoubtedly the best tournament of the year.  

Women Deserve a Chance to Shine

Men in our world get to play sports at a high level of competition while women don’t get a chance to show off their skills.  Women’s sports are just as good as men’s sports, and sometimes even better.  Men aren’t the only talented ones on this planet and women should be able to show that.  Women can really bring it to sports competitions.  People don’t realize that women are very talented and should be treated in a better way.  Many sports played by men are made into professional sports.  The world is full of professional mens sports such as the NBA, National Basketball Association, the NHL, National Hockey League, the MLB, Major League Baseball, MLS, Major League Soccer, and so forth.  Women only have the WNBA, Women’s National Basketball Association, golf, MLS, Major League Soccer, and gymnastics to be a part of.  Women should receive more respect and publicity for their skills.

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Why Camp Dudley is the Best Camp in the World

Up on Lake Champlain, on the New York side, resides a camp that has been running for over 125 years.  It’s name is Camp Dudley.  It is an all boys camp that only does sports but has a great theater program as well.   With 250 acres of land and waterside property, Camp Dudley offers boys opportunities that they would never have at home.  When you arrive at dudley all you get is smiles, nobody judges you if you can’t do something and everybody is encouraging.  All these things show why Camp Dudley is the best camp ever.

With 250 acres of land and over 125 years of experience the Camp Dudley counselors have got the right idea on how to run a camp.  With kids starting when they are nine, it is sometimes their first time being away from home.  The counselors know exactly how these kids feel, most of them having gone to Dudley as a camper before becoming a counselor.  With all those acres of land Dudley also gives kids opportunities to do things they never would have a chance to do, and a safe environment to do them in.  Learning new things is a everyday activity, there are specialists for every activity waiting to help you.  Being right on Lake Champlain you do things like sailing, fishing, swimming and kayaking.  To catch a 5 pound bass was always one of my dreams, at dudley I was able to catch it along with other fish.  You can also participate in rifle and archery.  I had always wanted to fire a real gun and was able to when I went to Dudley.  Being assigned to a sports team in which you spend a lot of time with teaches kids teamwork and how to be competitive but still have fun.   Continue reading

Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich

Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich


Chelsea futbol club is playing against Bayern Munich FC, in the UEFA Champions league finals. The advantage is with Bayern Munich because the final is to be held at their stadium, in Germany, on May 19th. Winning the Champions league is crucial for Chelsea because they have not yet secured their spot in the tournament next year. I believe that Bayern will win the Cup because they outplayed, outclassed and defeated, what I consider to be better opponents.

Torres scoring the goal that put Chelsea ahead.
Credit: ChelseaFC


Both Bayern and Chelsea progressed to the finals unexpectedly, defeating Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Real Madrid and Barcelona were the two heavily favored contenders coming into the semi-finals. Both Spanish super giants lost their first games, Barca to Chelsea and Real to Bayern. Losing to the so called ‘underdogs’, in their first of two games was bad for both clubs, forcing them into a must win situation.  With this in mind Chelsea played a very defensive game, only allowing 2 goals to the former champions. Chelsea managed to win in stoppage time with a goal from striker Fernando Torres, putting the aggregate score to 3-2 in their favor. Bayern on the other hand played aggressively against Real ending their game at 2-1, Real winning, which left them tied in aggregate 3-3. Because of the tie they went into overtime and then to penalties. In Penalties, or pk’s, each team selects five players and the team that scores more after five shots each wins the game.

Making it to the semi-finals and beating Real, who had recently beaten Barcelona, are among Bayern’s achievements in the past month. Bayern has placed themselves in a terrific position to win the Tournament and claim the title of top team in the world. Chelsea will also suffer from the loss of their Center Back and Captain, John Terry, due to a red card received in the 35th minute of the game. Missing the guidance and scoring ability of veteran striker Didier Drogba may also hurt them. Because of these facts and missing key and influential players, I believe that Bayern Munich led by Veterans Frank Ribery, Mario Gomez and Arjen Robben, will win the Champions League against Chelsea.   

Mario Gomez, Right, Argen Robben, Left, and teammates celebrate after beating Real