Hehe, It’s a Lizard!

I took this picture of a really cool lizard in Cambodia.


BRAAAAP! Racing along the lakes edge, wind howling in my face as I continue to fly down the trail at a constant speed of sixty mph. Although in some places snowmobiling is used as transportation, it is also used at a recreational sport. Theres lots of things to see and do in the backwoods where snowmobiling takes place. One of which is to just do intense riding from one place to another. Some can roar through trails at ninety mph, while throwing themselves into every turn to ensure the sled does not fall sideways onto them. Another type of snowmobiling is the scenic roots. Those who will stop in the middle of the trail just to notice snowshoe hare tracks, or they will sit for half an hour mesmerized by the moose thats one hundred yards away from them. Finally, the daredevils, evil knievel’s, ones who are not scared to die. Looking for the especially steep hills, the bumps to get air off of, or just going over a massive logging pile that was left from the summer. Whatever the style is, whenever there is snow on the ground, always be ensured that snowmobiling will bring a great time.

The History of Food: The Best of the Best: ICE CREAM!

The earliest known form of ice cream was in the Persian Empire when grape juice concentrate was poured on top of snow for a treat when it was hot outside. People have been doing this for centuries. Sorbet is said … Continue reading

Crazy Inventions: The Verge

My previous posts on “Crazy Inventions” have been pretty popular, so I’ve decided to add another article to the series.

Do you like reading cool articles? I do! But finding them can be a task. It’s not easy to find good websites with them! But search no more, here is a website that will save you some precious time. I was referred to this amazing website called theverge.com. The Verge is a fantastic website with lots of new articles on weird gadgets and products every day.

The Verge is great for various reasons. It’s unique layout is eye- catching, and there are several, well- written articles posted daily. There are several writers for The Verge, so there is no shortage of entertainment and information!   When I first looked at the website, I immediately knew I would like it. You will too! In addition to the great gadget articles, there are various product reviews and new stories posted frequently. It’s a good way to stay informed.

Another great aspect of the Verge, is that stories usually come out before you hear about them on the news. Did you hear about the Apple iWatch rumor? I read about it on the Verge about a week before I did on the news. Sound too good to be true? I thought so! Trust me, you need to take a look.

Be sure to check it out: http://www.theverge.com/

Know any good websites like the Verge? Comment, and let me know! Thanks!  Continue reading

Frozen River Scene

This picture was taken with my dad’s Blackberry Bold camera. I took this picture at the start of the blizzard in the woods behind my house. This is a frozen river covered in snow. I was standing on it when … Continue reading

Why Diving is a Great Sport

What does your coach tell you? Make a perfect spiral, keep the ball in bounds, pass, or go for the free throw? How about try and keep a minimal splash, and keep your form straight? Chances are, you answered “no” … Continue reading

The Top Five Dumbest Inventions

Photo credit:  Ryan9499http://www.flickr.com/photos/59011444@N05/6828432874/sizes/m/in/photostream/

Photo credit: Ryan9499

Throughout history, there has been many groundbreaking inventions that would change the course of human history itself. But there has been far more dumb inventions that have never hit the market. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 dumbest inventions.

The fifth most dumb invention in the world is the baby mop. To lazy to mop the floor? No problem, just have the baby do it! With the baby mop, your baby will mop the floor while he crawls!

The fourth most dumb invention is the toilet paper hat. Have you ever needed to blow your nose, but didn’t have any tissues? Well, if you never want to get into that embarrassing situation again, you might want to get the toilet paper hat! The toilet paper hat is a hat with a roll of toilet paper attached to it, so you will never run out of toilet paper to blow your nose with!

Coming in at number three is the first of these inventions is the subway chinrest. The basic gist of this invention is that you lay your chin on a pillow attached to a stick. Hmmm, I guess this would be useful if you want to take a nap on the jolty subway?

The second dumbest invention is quite literally called “The Apparatus for Simulating a High Five”. This invention is a robotic upper arm that gives you a high five. With this invention, you will always feel like a winner!

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the dumbest invention is: eye drop funnels! The eye drop funnel is basically a small funnel that you put eyedrops in so you will never miss your eye with those pesky eye drops.  Continue reading

F Minus: not just a bad grade

The Boston Globe is a fantastic newspaper, with many great qualities. I especially enjoy the G section, a section of the newspaper devoted to entertainment. Comics from the G section are a way that I love to start my day. I enjoy getting a good laugh before I go to school in the morning. Not every comic does that, but I know that I can always depend on Tony Carrillo to keep me in stitches.

Tony Carrillo is the creator of one of the best comics I have ever read; F Minus. For that, he is truly brilliant. I can always depend on Tony to provide a fresh, new idea that will keep me entertained. I can be picky about what I consider to be funny, but this comic strip is  hands down humorous.  Continue reading