The Internet

The internet was created in 1958, when the USSR’s launched the Sputnik satellite. Imagine what it would be like for just one week without internet nowaday. Let us just say people would go berserk.

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We the people rely way too much on the internet. Many job’s, businesses, and kids all need this everyday. If it goes down for just a minute in my house there is a total freak out. No homework can be done or just plain old surfing on the web can’t be done. This of course would be in the perspective that you need the internet for something. Some people don’t even have internet so they would not be bothered at all.

Lets look at the facts, before 1958 people were living fine and did not even know about this invisible technology bubble we created. 1958 a great year in history was not very long ago. So people that are complaining if you lived back then you would not have any of it. Then again you would not even know about it and care of it at all. You also couldn’t read this because it is on the internet and that doesn’t exist yet so the word internet would not exist also, you would have no idea what I would be talking about. Yet again this wouldn’t exist because I am writing this one the internet that doesn’t exist yet. So in conclusion I am back in time writing in the future.


Bruins: Game 7 Against Toronto



You may think I am crazy but… the Bruins have been playing very lackluster for the last few games against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Overall the outcome of the series was as expected, the better team came out with a “W”.

The first four games you thought the season would be over for the Toronto Maple Leafs, down three to one going into the nest of the B’s. Think again, Toronto won the next two games to tie the series one to one in Boston. Those two games were ones that were tough to watch, with almost everything going wrong for the B’s. You could just say that they did not care, and they wanted to try to get to a new stage of a new series.

Heading into game seven of the first round series, the Bruins were lucky with their house to back them up against the thirsty Maple Leafs. The Bruins started off good with the first goal of the game, but then that was quickly shut down by the Maple Leafs with a quick goal back. One-one  heading into the second period, the Bruins give up another. Heading into the third period, we lost it, they scored another two. Now they were down three goals in the third period of a playoff game, it seems impossible for the Bruins to come back. The fans might as well go home, some in fact, did. But the truth is, they missed a great comeback, and now are sorry for leaving. The Bruins score one back, and with minutes left they pull out the goalie Tuukka Rask and score a goal! Closing the gap to just one. No way this can happen in hockey, and no fan  though they could come back and win the game in the third. With all of the luck in the world Bergeron scored the tying goal with just fifty two seconds left on the clock. A few minutes into overtime Bergeron scores the go ahead goal to win. People say it was all Bergeron, but reality is that the whole team contributed. Even Tuukka Rask who had a O.K. night made a great save to keep the B’s alive in OT.

Although the Bruins pulled together for game seven in the last period, it is clear that they are not good enough to win another Stanley Cup. I have nothing against them, but they have seen better years.


You didn’t really think that the Celtics could actually pull off a 04’ Red Sox against the New York Yankees, when the Sox became the first professional team to come back from a three games to zero in a playoff? Did you? Overall I believe that it is time for the old Celtics to come to an end. Paul Pierce needs to cut down on his minutes each game, and Kevin Garnett will retire after an outstanding career in the NBA.

Photo Credit: wyckeddreamz

Photo Credit: wyckeddreamz

After going down three games early to the New York Knicks we should have known it was over for the Celtics. In the history of over 100 NBA teams in the same situation of being down three games to zero all have lost the series and none ever have come back to win. The Celtics’s hope soon came back to life when the next two games where Celtic victories. The Celtics giving their last push to go through to the next round. Game 6 of the playoffs was a nail biter. The Celtics were down by over 20 points, but scored 20 unanswered points to close the gap. They had to be perfect to take the lead, but had a couple of missed shots and turnovers.  Pierce and Garnet gave their all, but they are just too old and could not come back to win.  It may be sad, but they will always be remembered.

The Celtics still have a bright future though. They will still have Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green one of the best players on the team right now. Next year will come with many different possibilities. Maybe they will shock us with a whole new team or even the same exact team. I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

Sunday River


No, Sunday River is not a river, it is a ski mountain. Sunday River is a large mountain with eight peaks. It ranges from very difficult to fairly easy trails on one of its 132 trails and glades. This mountain is a great place to ski with friends and families. Sunday River is located in Maine and it takes a good three hours to get to it from Massachusetts.

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The whole mountain consists of White Cap, Locke Mountain, Barker Mountain, Spruce Peak, North Peak, Auropa Peak, Oz, and Jordan Bowl these are the eight peaks that make up Sunday River. The mountain is covered with black and double black diamonds, but my favorite parts are the Jordan Bowl and Oz peaks. This area is mostly the more difficult trails such as Wizard’s Gulch and Flying Monkey which are my two favorite trails at Sunday River. On the opposite side of Sunday River is White Cap peak. White Cap is the home of the famous White Heat trail. White Heat is a trail that goes in one direction down it has no turns on it just down. White Cap also has Chutzpah, this trail is an alpine trail and you must be careful. A little ways down on Chutzpah is a cliff drop about six feet high it is all ice and rock so be careful not to wreck your skis or board.


The trail infrastructure was designed for easy access to Lodges and resort services. The great accessibility at Sunday River makes it a very enjoyable stay.


The Difference a Year Makes

Many things remain the same each year.  We always have birthdays at the same time, school starts and ends similar to every year, and holidays also come and go at the same time every year, but what always will change is the weather. Last year was nice and warm around spring time, but this year we will say it’s different a lot different.

                                Old Spring                                                                                                          New Spring


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According to the National Weather Service the average mid March temperatures are around 35º to 37ºF. Last year this average was a lot higher than the average overall. The mid March average temperature was 73º to 78ºF. This year the average temperature dropped to 25º to 34ºF in the mid March time period.

Many things stay the same in a year, but we can always count on the weather to change.


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