Pandora Charm Bracelets

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What’s the perfect accessory to go with any outfit? A Pandora charm bracelet! Pandora is a jewelry brand with over 600 charms to put on sterling silver bracelet bands. The choices are endless, and you can get anything from a pure gold carriage to a yellow duck. The best part is that you can personalize your bracelets that represent you. The only downside is that Pandora is really expensive. Do you really want to pay $295 for a 1 in. flower charm? I know I don’t. That’s why most of my charms are from either Kay or Littman Jewelers. There you can get an equally as pretty charm for about $40. And if that’s too much, you can also get charms like these at Kohl’s for about $25. Or do what I have and mix and match with a few from each store. Pandoras are fun because they are more than just pretty bracelets. They are also a quirky and fun way to express everyone’s unique personality.

The Rave Over Mid Calf Socks

For a while now, some boys have been obsessing over this one type of sock:  The Nike Elite, Jordan, and the Adidas climalite mid-calf socks. Many may say they are just a normal pair of socks. Many say they are not even close to being worth the price at 15 dollars for one pair,  while someone could buy a pack of six socks for the same price or even less than that. I am one of the people that rave over the socks and wear them all day everyday. They are not just for the looks as many people may.

The socks of the three brands Nike, Adidas, and Jordan come in many different colors from pink, lime green, orange and any color you could think of. At almost every sporting goods store you will see them and most of the time they have a limited supply. They are so popular that when a new color comes out some will be sold out within a couple of hours online. The socks are also the most comfortable pair of socks that I have ever worn or owned. All of the socks have extra cushioning in the heel and around the toe. I started buying the socks in sixth grade when they had only two colors. I have been getting them ever since then and now I am up to 45 pairs and counting. Every time I go on the internet I look to see what socks I want to get next because there is always a new and different color sock out there. I had too many pairs that they did not even fit in my sock drawer so I was forced to move them all. The socks are mainly worn by basketball players. If you are at a basketball tournament mostly every kid in the gym will have some type of Jordan, Nike, or Adidas mid-calf on. The reason is they are comfortable and there is a pair to match almost every team color.

I would recommend these socks to any one girls, boys, men, and women because, they have colors to suit every personality and all the favorite colors. If you decide to purchase these socks I can assure you that you will be more than happy with your decision. Although, they are a little pricy every dollar spent on them is worth it. I love every pair of them and rarely I will not wear a pair of them. So next time you’re out shopping at the mall take a look in the shoe stores and consider buying yourself a pair.

T.J.Maxx…The Place to Shop!

T.J.Maxx is a great store to shop at, instead of going to designer label stores. First, because of their great variety a number of different consumers can shop there. There fashion is up to date with the latest season, giving their customers reason to shop. Lastly, The prices are extremely low, so the customer can buy more clothes for their money. Shop at T.J.Maxx for the best clothes at a great price.

T.J.Maxx has a department for men, women, juniors, children, babies and others. Available for these departments are anything from accessories to shoes to clothes. For men, their most popular seller is shirts and ties. They get new shipments in very often, so men can look professional and up to date in the work office. Flying off the shelves for women are handbags. The variety of colors and styles, makes it applicable for everyone. The junior section always has a variety of everything for boys and girls. Critics rave it is like “Treasure hunting, and there is something for everyone!” The variety of new clothes stocked up on shelves keeps the customers coming in. he prices at T.J.Maxx do not get any lower. T.J. Maxx buyers only look for merchandise that can sell for up to sixty percent less than what the department stores sell it for. Thats a very good deal, since designer brands are so expensive. For example, Abercrombie and Fitch is a large chain store geared towards juniors. At Abercrombie and Fitch the price of a button down shirt is $58, at T.J.Maxx it was $25. It is an incredible steal for anyone.  Lastly, the fashion is new, modern and fresh. T.J. Maxx gets three to four shipments of 10,000 new items each week; the new shipments are darting off the shelves within days. They are constantly checking the latest designers and celebrities to see what’s cutting edge these days. There clothes are so timely that you can sign up for “What’s In” alerts, for you can get the heads up on when other shoppers spot certain designers at your local T.J.Maxx, such as Dooney & Bourke and Roberta Gandolfi. Within some T.J.Maxx stores there is something call Runway Maxx so you can buy the latest and greatest fashions for over seas. They get shipments from European designers weekly, and they are working on setting more Runway Maxx’s up across the U.S. T.J.Maxx promises that at least 85 percent of it is in season.  Because buyers for T.J. Maxx negotiate with more than 10,000 vendors in more than sixty countries for merchandise, they have many modern trends.

T.J.Maxx is a hot, current store with everything new and exciting. This store is raved by so many designers and customers. Its amazing prices and great variety, can not keep anyone from shopping there. This is a must store to shop at.

Uniforms or Dress Code?

The girls dress code at Worcester Academy has many difficulties. I think that all the girls should have a uniform. Although the dress is very strict, people still break it. I feel that we should have a uniform. It would be a lot easier and people could not break it. The boys dress code is simple shirt and tie. The girls have to follow a lot of rules. We used to have to wear belts. I personally think that the teachers think that the girls do not want a uniform but almost all of the girls in the 8th grade do.

The girls have to wear polos in the spring. In the winter time girls have to wear button up shirts, and sweaters. The boys have to wear polos, and a shirt and tie. Although the boys complain about their dress code, they complain about ours more. The boys complain about our dress code more than we do. We complain that it is not strict enough and they complain about how we get away with not wearing dress code. I have noticed that the 8th and 6th grade class are mostly all in dress code everyday. They 7th grade class is not as much.

I feel strongly about giving Worcester Academy students a dress code. Although some might be against it, it would make us look more proper. If we all matched we would look more like Worcester Academy students. I hope in the future that we will have a uniform.

The School Dress Code- Yes or No


The dress code at the school should be changed in the Middle School.  The current dress code is unfair not just for the boys, but for the girls too.  I have a few things that I think should be changed in the dress code for the boys and the girls.  The current dress code for the girls is the pants can not be double stitched. We also can not have rivets on our pants. The skirts have to be at your knee or an inch above. Only shirts with a high collar are acceptable.  The current dress code for the boys is a collared dress shirt and it must be tucked in. They also must have a full-length necktie or a bow tie.  They have to wear dress pants or khakis with a belt.  They also have to have a clean and shaven face. If they have sideburns they have to be ending at the bottom of the ear lobe.

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Worcester Academy needs to change dress code and backpack rule

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Worcester Academy is top prep school and takes its academics very seriously, however the boys shouldn’t have to wear ties. To look professional, you don’t need to wear ties. Also, as middle schoolers, we should still be able to wear our backpacks from class to class.

First of all, I feel that ties are not a necessity at Worcester Academy. Wearing ties is very uncomfortable. All they do is get in the way and limit our movement. Having these obstacles to get around, make everything harder to do. For instance, getting a drink of water, you have to make sure your tie doesn’t get in the fountain and get soaked. Also, while dressing up in the morning, you have to worry about time because a tie take 5 extra minutes out of it. Although Worcester Academy wants to be professional, a lot of prep schools don’t require dress code. For example, to look good, you could simply wear khaki’s and a polo shirt. Dressing with ties is unbearable and irritating. The other topic I wanted to mention was the rule that middle schoolers can’t wear backpacks around. It would be much easier to get from class to class in a timely manner if we could just keep most of our books in our backpack. Not being able to do this takes up more time. Wearing our backpacks around, we all move faster and get to class on time.

I don’t expect any of these rules to change, however it would make all of our lives easier. To be preppy and smart does not require a tie.  Because of all these reasons and more, Worcester Academy middle school needs to make some changes.