Friendly’s Review

The Friendly’s in Holden is a great place to bring your family. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they are famous for their ice cream. I have to say, their food and ice cream are the most delicious particles I have ever inhaled. The restaurant was nothing extravagant just a little place where families could relax together.

I walked into Friendly’s and I noticed it had very nice set up. With the red seats, bright yellow walls, soft green carpets, it gave me good vibes. It was sanitary, it could be cleaner, but it was bearable. I saw some left over food on the ground from the previous customers. But, I saw the staff trying to clean it all up which was greatly appreciated. It was crowded but there were no disturbances. Everyone minded their own business, deep in conversation. The waitress led us to our tables. While I was walking I could hear sizzling of the cooking foods from the kitchen. I could smell the different aromas of foods like the french fries in the air making me even more hungry.

I looked over the menu and they had a great selection. I saw foods for meat lovers like big juicy burgers and foods for vegetarians like salads and fish. They had all types of appetizers from mozerella sticks to calamari. The desert menu was to die for. They had all type of ice cream, frozen yogurt, cakes, brownies. They had so many toppings too, sprinkles, sauces, and candy. There drink selection was also very big. They have sodas, juice, milkshakes, anything to satisfy your thirsty needs. First,  I ordered a sprite and chicken tenders. My friend ordered a grilled cheese and a coke. The service was very fast. It only took around 10 minutes for our food to come out.  I took one bite into the delicious chicken and instantly fell in love. The chicken had a crispy golden brown outer coating and nice tender chicken in the middle. The french fries were amazing as well. They had a crunchy skin and a nice potato like substance in the middle. And the food was perfect because it was not too hot or cold. It had the perfect temperature.

The staff was some of the nicest people I have ever met. During the wait for our food the waitress and I had nice conversations. I learned all about her daughter and how she does gymnastics and I told her about the sports I do too. I have to say The waitress and I even had a conversation at one point. The manager also came to check in on us during our meal asking if we needed anything and how our food was.

After we finished our meals we stacked our plates and cups to the side of the table so the waitress could get the message that we were done with our food. She came quickly and gave us a minute to look over the dessert menu. I ended up getting cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream. It only took her about a minute to make. She set it up nicely in an ice cream dish putting just the right amount of whipped cream and sprinkles in it.

Finally we were all finished eating, and she gave us the check. It was only about 25 dollars. I found this to be very cheap for all they had done for us. My chicken was only about $6, my drink was about $1, and my ice cream was $4. The rest of the amount came from my friends meal.

Friendlys went through a rough year last year. They went bankrupt and several closed. They are too good of a restaurant to be closed down. I really enjoyed myself when I went and I believe everyone else would too. They have a great business. It is not the type of restaurant that is only good for a particular age group. It is good for children, adults, and elders. So overall, I would give Friendlys a solid A+. Honestly, I cannot complain about it. Everything was great from the service to the food. They made me feel really comfortable there. It is my favorite place to eat and I think I will always love it, even when I am really old and saggy. If there is a Friendly’s near you, you should stop by and pay them a visit because it could be a great memory for you and your family.


History of Food: Pasta

The first form of food similar to pasta was in the writings of Horace where thin strips of dough were fried and served with spices in the 1st century B.C.E. A few centuries later, we see an ancient ancestor of modern day lasagna come out in the form of lagana. It was described to be consisted of sheets of dough with meat filling in between. In the second century, the dough started to be made with flour and water instead of juice from lettuce. Later, Arabs adopted a similar form of noodle in the 5th century and lead to the Italians making thin strip noodle pasta.


If we jump to the 15th century, dried pasta was very valued because it could be stored for very long periods of time.That’s why many exploring ships brought dried pasta to the New World. Believe it or not, tomato sauce was only invented in the 18th century! Before this, people would just eat pasta with their hands. Now, people eat it with forks because the tomato would get too messy without it.


Today, the average Italian eats about sixty pounds of pasta per year, while the average American eats about twenty pounds of pasta per year. Writings suggest it originated in Italy, but why is it popular in North America? It’s because Italian immigration to the Americas that we love pasta so much. Italians have also had a mass immigration to South Africa, making spaghetti and meatballs a major part of Italian cuisine.


Do you like pasta? How do you eat yours? Comment, if you want, I guess.



Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley

Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley

Last week I went to see the musical Godspell at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts. Godspell is a contemporary show based on the gospel according to St. Matthew. Jesus and his disciples reenact parables from Jesus’s life. Stephen Schwartz, who wrote the music and new lyrics, won a grammy for his fantastic score. The musical was formerly a movie, then made into a hit broadway show, and now is performed at schools and theaters around the country. I would highly recommend seeing Godspell.

I had never seen the show before, but I quickly fell in love. The performance was very theatrical. People were acting as tables, animals, and even jail cells. The actors were outstanding. They each made their character their own and took it to the next level. The performers were very enthusiastic, electric, and alive. At the end of the show the audience was crying and so were the cast members because of the intense and well performed ending. The show was a great mix of drama and comedy. Some scenes dug deep into the meaning of life, while others had you laughing so hard that you were crying. The director adapted the show and made it more modern and contemporary. With that being said, the show became funnier because the material was relevant to the time. The actors were outstanding and the show was outstanding.

The songs were the best part of the show. As I already said, the show won a grammy because of the phenomenal songs. The best songs are Day by Day, Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord, We Beseech Thee, and Light of the World. The songs made you want to just start dancing. Along with the script, the songs were both serious and funny. Some made you think deep and some made you laugh. Every actor had a spectacular voice. The featured actors really showcased their impressive talents. The cast as a whole also sounded flawless. Words cannot describe how impressed I was with the voices and the songs.

As I have already said about a thousand times, the show was spectacular. The acting, singing, and songs were amazing. I can’t believe the performers were only in college, I was very impressed. Dean College put on a great performance of Godspell.

Angkor Wat: The World’s Largest Religious Monument

Angkor Wat, located in Siem Reap Province in Cambodia, is the world’s largest religious monument. “Angkor” comes from Sanskrit and means “city” while Wat is Khmer for “temple.” Cambodians are usually referred to as Khmer people and Thai are referred to as Siem. So, the name Siem Reap means “Thai Defeat,” but that’s another story. Angkor Wat also appears on the national flag of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat was originally built in the 12th century by king Suryavarman II as a Hindu temple. It was a dedication to Vishnu. Later, in the 16th century, Buddhism took over and Angkor Wat was converted to a Buddhist temple. The Buddhists tried to paint the giant wall mural depicting several scenes from Hinduism and in some parts, you can actually touch the carved stone on the mural.

Angkor Wat lies on an island 1km x 1.5km with a 1 km wide moat on all sides. There are two entrances: the front in the west and the back in the east. Angkor Wat, unlike most temples, faces to the west instead of the east to signify that Suryavarman was intending to be buried there. Inside the temple, there is a central point where you can see in all four directions, many intricate and sometimes unfinished carvings, and a big central tower which was the king’s tomb. The central has really steep stairs that you could be afraid of going up and down.

Overall, Angkor Wat is a great place and has a lot of extra history and details to it, and it is also a great tourist destination.

Hehe, It’s a Lizard!

I took this picture of a really cool lizard in Cambodia.

Gods Versus Demons

This picture was taken by the wall mural in Angkor Wat. If you look closely, the ones facing to the right are different from the ones facing to the left. The gods are facing to the right and the demons … Continue reading

Khmer BBQ

I took this picture in Cambodia of a Khmer hot pot barbecue. They give you all the raw ingredients and you cook them yourself.

Solid Palm Sugar

I took this picture in The Siem Reap Province in Cambodia. They take the liquid palm sugar from the palm fruit and cook it until it is solid like a sugar cube except all natural.

“Zero Dark Thirty” is Epic

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The Croods Movie Review

This past weekend I went and saw the newest family movie, The Croods. The Croods was produced by Dreamworks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Cloris Leachman, as well as some other well known actors and actresses.

The plot:

The Croods are a family of cavemen, surviving as the last humans in their area. Eep, Thunk, and Sandy are three siblings, told by their father, Grug (Nicolas Cage), and their mother, Ugga (Catherine Keener), to always stay in the family cave. They are taught that the outside world is a dangerous and evil place, until Eep (Emma Stone), the rebellious teenage daughter, sneaks out during the night and unexpectedly meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Guy is a homeless “caveteen” who finds fun in everything, and believes that the world is there to explore. He and Eep get talking, and become good friends. Later that night, an earthquake destroys the Crood’s cave and the family, as well as Guy, has an adventure to find a new cave.

So how was it as a whole?

It was entertaining for a while, but then I questioned where the story was going. There was no real big conclusion. The script in no way was at all “Crude” as suggested in the title, and is appropriate and enjoyable for anyone. I guess you could say it was funny for young kids, but honestly, I never heard anyone laugh genuinely, except for the occasional cackle of a woman behind me that found everything hilarious and the group of 6 year olds up front. Although, the comic relief grandmother, Gran (Cloris Leachman) was good, and had some funny lines. The animation was okay, but Dreamworks has really done better.

Conclusion and should you see it:

I believe that The Croods is unfortunately just a “filler” movie until Dreamworks next big movie premier. Nothing about this movie really screamed “classic Dreamworks” or “number one family movie of 2013”. I give this movie 7 stars out of 10 for a promising but unfinished storyline. Should you see it? Not in theatres. Wait until it makes it to a good price at walmart. Kids will love this movie, but I was a little disappointed. Hopefully Dreamworks will soon get back on their feet and make a new classic like they did with Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon.


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