City of Dreams

Photo Credit: Grufnik

The sun peeks out of the horizon, saying “Good Morning”.

But the city is already awake.

The Subway trains slow into the station,

birds in Central Park chirp tunes

and Broadway signs flicker with life.

Blue dotted curtains on apartment windows open,

letting the light flood into their homes.

Cars already fill the streets,

scattered sounds filling the New England air.

The paper stands are open,

today’s news broadcasted across the busy sidewalks.

Doors open and close,

people come and go.

Young and old,

men and women.

Nothing divides them.

Trains pull out of the station,

streaking across the city with no time to lose.

Passing through the city,

slicing the cold early-­spring air,

the train speeds across the tracks.

It’s old engine groans with protest, but keeps going.

Faster, faster.

The engineer urges,

trying to push the train.

It presses on.

And finally the train slows,

the station in sight. As the train squeals to a stop,

passengers walk off the train, the intercom welcoming them.

“Welcome to The City of Dreams.”


A force is a pull or a push

Pushing on an object causes motion

Motion when you push an object is working

Working on development

Developing Machinery

Machines are invented

Invented by geniuses

Geniuses like Newton

Newton is the SI Unit for motion

Motion laws were discovered by Newton

Newton and others were geniuses

Geniuses that invent

Invent usable machines

Machines develop

Developing work

Work is when pushing an object causing motion

Motion caused by a push

Pushing or pulling is force




Wild Thing



Pouncing, it leaps down the stairs

Clawing at its prey

As it does everyday



Crash, against the wall

Dizzy once again

But manages not to fall



Spring, on top the table

Walking around in a circular path

Still healthy and able



Shhhh, on my lap

Curled in bliss

My creature is taking a well-deserved catnap 



Black people, grey walls, white eyes

eyes of sorrow

eyes that have seen the bellicose of the country

the country of dreams


dreams prepared

dreams despaired

dreams disappeared

the rest forgetting and leaving

not helping, scared

scared of our own people

not helping, scared

scared to see what we have put them in

wishing they don’t live the way they do  

wishing what we want

while they wish for what they need

wishing brings us up

wishing brings them down

bringing them to street sides

bringing them behind bars

bringing the reputation stronger

asking ourselves why do they do what they do

why can’t they survive

why do we ask the questions

why is there no help

is the world scared to enter

like the basement of a haunted house

where the house is the country

the country where dreams are made…


The Bandit

As a winding road progresses
A Bandit must continue
Trotting down the old worn path
In hope for redemption
And the very last time I saw him
He said he must push forward
And that he learned his lesson

It started a few days ago,
Late in the evening
He was strolling out of a saloon
When he was confronted
By a group of brawny goons

So he readied both revolvers
And the others, they did too
The Bandit staring eye to eye
To what seemed to be the end
But the Bandit didn’t quit,
The Bandit put up a fight
And one by one the others
Proceeded to fall
And after the last one fell
He stared at their dead bodies
And realized that
The smallest one
Was his oldest son
He kneeled and cried
At the thought of his son gone

He stayed there for a while
To say a few prayers
Then the Bandit left the scene
Only to be discovered
By the sheriff of the county
The sheriff had put out a search for the Bandit
The Bandit knew he must go
So he mounted his horse’s back
And he readied to leave
And the very last words he said to me were
“I hope for redemption,
And I must push forward
You see, my little boy,
I have learned my lesson.”
The lesson that he taught me
Was that never to do things without thinking
Always resolve problems peacefully
To be kind to others
And you won’t end up like me.

Square Boy

Photo Credits: Dory Giselle Brooks

Photo Credits: Dory Giselle Brooks

Jerry is a unicorn,

Square boy, it means something

Jerry is as lost as can be,

without any sense of security,

a daring boy he is,
No, no means no,

only to disturb his universe.


Jerry will put up a wall,

an unbreakable wall,

to feel security, make a home,

a fool Jerry is,

a square boy who wants not

to be square, unlike everyone else,

all Jerry is asking for is someone,

someone to care,

not like a unicorn. Continue reading