Why emo/alternative music rocks!

Thoughts From An 8th Grade Writer

I have a few theories as to why people are so judgemental of emo/alternative music. My first theory is that people automatically affiliate this type of music with goth people, and, because of the media, goth people are viewed as “bad” or “weird” (which is NOT true). Another reason is that people assume all emo music, is “screamo” (hard rock emo music with a lot of scream singing). My final reason is that many people won’t even give the music a chance.

If you really listen to the lyrics, there are some creepier lyrics and some sweet lyrics, but they all have meaning. Like the song “Blood” by My Chemical Romance; “ I gave you blood, blood, blood// I’m the kind of human wreckage that you love!” it may sound creepy at first, but these lyrics are about how the artists put so much of themselves into their work…

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