Build a PC: Graphics Card

Everyday Technology

The graphics card, or GPU, is one of the most important components of a computer. It provides your computer with graphics. It takes information from the processor and turns it into the stuff you see on your monitor. Without a GPU, a computer is still a computer, but just not really a PC since you can’t interact with it.

Again, two main brands make graphics cards: AMD and NVIDIA. The difference in their products is almost identical to the differences between AMD’s CPUs and Intel’s. AMD’s (Radeon) graphics cards are hotter, less power efficient, and less powerful, but they are less expensive. NVIDIA’s cards are more expensive but are far more powerful and quiet, as well as better drivers. NVIDIA graphics cards are definitely more popular because of this. Plus, a lot of NVIDIA cards are even better than AMD’s in terms of value. Therefore, I recommend NVIDIA without a…

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