Tesla’s (More) Affordable Vehicle

Everyday Technology

As many members of the tech community already know, the Tesla Model 3 was finally unveiled yesterday after years of anticipation. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the company, Tesla is a budding electric car company that is famous for their cool, stylistic vehicles.

436834-tesla-logo elon-muskTheir CEO, Elon Musk, is also widely regarded as an entrepreneur that will shape the future. Tesla’s mission is to provide electric vehicles to protect the environment. Up until now, the tech startup has only released two major cars: the Model S and Model X.

Tesla_Model_S_P85D A Tesla Model S

we-drove-teslas-new-model-x-suv--heres-what-its-like A Tesla Model X

The Model S is a large luxury sedan while the newer Model X is a luxury SUV. And both are fully electric, of course. However, because the company has only released expensive luxury vehicles, they have not gotten much money because there is not a very affordable option. Most luxury…

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