City of Dreams

Photo Credit: Grufnik

The sun peeks out of the horizon, saying “Good Morning”.

But the city is already awake.

The Subway trains slow into the station,

birds in Central Park chirp tunes

and Broadway signs flicker with life.

Blue dotted curtains on apartment windows open,

letting the light flood into their homes.

Cars already fill the streets,

scattered sounds filling the New England air.

The paper stands are open,

today’s news broadcasted across the busy sidewalks.

Doors open and close,

people come and go.

Young and old,

men and women.

Nothing divides them.

Trains pull out of the station,

streaking across the city with no time to lose.

Passing through the city,

slicing the cold early-­spring air,

the train speeds across the tracks.

It’s old engine groans with protest, but keeps going.

Faster, faster.

The engineer urges,

trying to push the train.

It presses on.

And finally the train slows,

the station in sight. As the train squeals to a stop,

passengers walk off the train, the intercom welcoming them.

“Welcome to The City of Dreams.”

Around the World from A to Z: Honduras

Lying surrounded by Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador in Central America, Honduras is a beautiful, culturally rich country, especially well known for it’s huge coral reef, the third largest in the world.

Honduras is located in Central America. The capital city is Tegucigalpa, and the population it 7,754,687 people. The country is northwest of South America. There are many ethnic groups in the country, such as mestizos, Lenca, Tolupán, Chorti, Garifuna, Tawahka, and Miskito. There are also ten languages ​​in Honduras: Spanish, English, Ch’orti’, Garifuna, Lenca, Miskito, Pech, Sumo Tawahka, Tol, and Honduras sign language, which counts as an official language of its own. Ninety percent of people in Honduras are Roman Catholic. Three percent are Protestant, and the remaining seven percent consists of the rest of the religious minorities in the country.

Photo Credit: USFWS Pacific

Honduras’s national flower is the orchid, a beautiful species that has “beauty, vigor, and distinction”, according to the decree that dictated it. The national animal of Honduras is the white-tailed deer, which was appointed as an effort to stop excessive depredation. The unit of currency in Honduras is the lempira. A lempira is equivalent to five cents in American money. The main exports are coffee, fruit, and nuts.

The flag of Honduras has a lot of symbolical value for the country, as does the coat of arms. The flag has three stripes, blue, white, and blue, from top to bottom. In the center of the flag are five blue stars. The stars represent the first members of the Federal Republic of Central America. Blue symbolizes the sea, the sky, truth, justice, and loyalty. White means peace.

The coat of arms of Honduras has an eye, a cornucopia, and trees and cliffs.

The triangle means equality and freedom. Trees and cliffs represent the natural beauty of the country.

The coral reefs in particular make the natural beauty of Honduras stand out. The reefs in Honduras are actually part of a larger chain, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, that stretches along the coasts of four Central American countries. This spectacular reef is home to more than 65 types of coral, 350 types of mollusks, and several hundred different species of tropical fish. Many of these species are endangered, so multiple protections have been placed on the reef. The coral is also home to one of the world’s largest populations of manatees, another endangered species.

The coral is only one of the many attractions in Honduras. With it’s rich culture and astonishing natural beauty, Honduras is a great place to visit, and one that is certain to offer an experience that will never be forgotten.

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Around the World from A to Z: Greece

Greece is a popular tourist destination in Europe. Exquisite beaches line the peninsula’s border, Mount Olympus houses the ancient Greek gods, and the first signs of philosophy are traced back to the early Greeks. White sand beaches and beautiful harbors attract countless tourists to Greece every year. The Greek gods are known and taught worldwide. The Greeks were also the first to write down philosophies, so now we know the ideas of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and many others. Overall, Greece is the best place to go for a relaxing but educational vacation.
With over eight thousand miles of coastline, Greece is great place to go for exotic beaches. Beaches extend countless miles. Blonde stretches of sand with dunes, pebble beaches, caves with steep rocks and dark sand typical of volcanic soil line Greece’s coasts. Greek beaches are not only known for their beauty, but also for their cleanliness, easily seen in the crystal-clear waters. Greece also offers many idyllic resorts for fun and relaxation. It’s no surprise that Greek beaches are some of the most popular in the world.
Greece is a developed country with fish being one of Greece’s main economic exports. Greece’s prime minister is Karolos Papoulias and he has been in office for almost eight years. Although many perceive Greece’s economy to be poor, there are a few pros about the country’s economical stature. Greece is a part of the European Union, allowing the country to trade easily and have more access to allies. Also, tourism is a huge part of the economy, and the tourism most comes from Greece’s history.

Photo Credit: massonth

Poseidon, one of many Greek gods, is the god of the ocean. According to Greek mythology, Athena and Poseidon agreed that whoever gave Athens the best gift would become guardian over the city. Though Poseidon gave the gift of water, Athena’s gift of an olive tree was thought by the other gods to be more valuable because Poseidon’s salt water was of no use to the Greeks.
Ancient Greek philosophy is dominated by three very famous men: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. All three of them lived in Athens for most of their lives, and they knew each other. Socrates came first, and around 400 BC, Plato became his apprentice. Socrates was killed in 399 BC, and Plato began his work by writing down what Socrates had taught him, and then continued by writing down his own ideas and opening a school. Aristotle, who was younger, came to study at Plato’s school, and ended up starting his own school as well.
Greece is a fascinating and enjoyable place to go for vacation. Many people want to go to Greece and see the things that they’ve seen in history and geography books. Greece is the perfect vacation destination: beaches for relaxing and the intriguing monuments for sightseeing. All in all, it is a highly recommended country to visit, at any time in the year.

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Around the World from A to Z: Denmark

Although Denmark may be small, that doesn’t stop it from having one of the oldest zoos in Europe, the second most-popular seasonal amusement park in the world, and the original Lego factory.  Don’t underestimate small countries!  They can have a huge impact on the world.  For example, Copenhagen is the most visited city in Scandinavia.

Denmark’s capital city is Copenhagen, widely known as a center of culture and the arts. Denmark is also part of the European Union. The official language of the country is Danish. Denmark’s government is a constitutional monarchy, the Prime Minister being Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Located north of Germany, Denmark borders the Baltic and North Seas. The country has a relative area of slightly less than twice the area of the state of Massachusetts, in the United States. Denmark borders approximately 1419 islands. The terrain consists of low to gently rolling plains and floods in some parts. The climate is mostly temperate, humid and overcast, with mild winters and cool summers.

Credit: josef.stuefer

LEGOLAND Denmark is located in Billund, Denmark.  It was built next to the original factory in Denmark, and is very popular among children. Inside the park is Miniland, made up of thousands of Lego bricks. It is one of the most visited sections of the park.  In Miniland, children can make boats out of foam Legos and can sail them in a small waterway.  Another attraction in LEGOLAND is the Lego studio, a 600-seat 4-D theater filled with special effects and a giant screen.  If you are ever visiting Denmark, be sure to visit LEGOLAND!

The Tivoli Gardens are the second most popular seasonal amusement park in the world. It is also the second oldest amusement park in the world. One famous roller coaster in the park is the wooden roller coaster Bjergbanen, the ‘Mountain Coaster’. The park even has two hotels on site for tourists.

Finally, the Copenhagen Zoo is a popular attraction in Denmark, being one of the oldest zoos in Europe. It is, in fact, the most visited zoo in Denmark and the fourth most visited attraction. One of the many fascinating parts of the zoo is the Copenhagen Zoo Tower, which is one of the tallest wooden observation decks in the world.  Continue reading

Snowy Plants

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I took this photograph with my Canon EOS Rebel T3 and 75-300mm lens.  After the snow stopped falling, I found this beautiful plant sticking up out of the frozen ground. If you have suggestions for pictures I should take, please … Continue reading