Easter Island’s Unexplained Mystery

photo taken by Nicolas de Camaret

photo taken by Nicolas de Camaret

There is a small island off the country of chile called easter island and it is home to some of the oldest, heaviest, and biggest statues in the world. These statues called moai range from 4 feet to 33 feet tall and weigh up to 80 tons. People for thousands of years have been arguing and discussing about how the statues got there and who made them. Some of the weird choices have been aliens made them or they got up and walked themselves. The logical choice would be the Rapanui a stone age culture made them.

The two major ways people think they moved these huge statues are the walking and rolling method. The rolling method is when you put the statue laying on a wood sled and pull it. The other method is the walking method, when you have 3 ropes tied to the statue and have people on each rope and pull. The method I think the Rapanui used to pull the statues is the rolling method. It makes more sense to pull the huge statues miles than to walk them. Scientists were able to pull it 320 feet with only 70 people, the Rapanui could probably pull it further because they had more people. Also, the Rapanui had decades to move them the scientists did it for a day. If the Rapanui were smart they would’ve used the rolling method to move the moai.

If they used the walking method to move the statues the bottom of them would’ve been worn away. Another reason they didn’t use the walking method is how did they get the rope to pull them. The Rapanui were not smart enough to make rope at their time and even if they did i’m pretty sure that rope can withstand 100,000 pounds.

The fossils found on the island with the rat teeth marks on nuts doesn’t provide much evidence that they used the walking method. The natives said they walked them, but they are clearly not educated because it is physically impossible for a rock to get up and walk. There is no other logical method they could have used except the rolling method.


2 thoughts on “Easter Island’s Unexplained Mystery

  1. It is very interesting how these statues are just there with no clear explanation. What do you think on how they got there?

  2. I knew there was a mystery to how these statues got there, but I didn’t know there were actually methods thought to be the explanation. Do you think there could have been boulders in these locations, sculpted to make the statues? Cool article.

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