Crazy Inventions: The Verge

My previous posts on “Crazy Inventions” have been pretty popular, so I’ve decided to add another article to the series.

Do you like reading cool articles? I do! But finding them can be a task. It’s not easy to find good websites with them! But search no more, here is a website that will save you some precious time. I was referred to this amazing website called The Verge is a fantastic website with lots of new articles on weird gadgets and products every day.

The Verge is great for various reasons. It’s unique layout is eye- catching, and there are several, well- written articles posted daily. There are several writers for The Verge, so there is no shortage of entertainment and information!   When I first looked at the website, I immediately knew I would like it. You will too! In addition to the great gadget articles, there are various product reviews and new stories posted frequently. It’s a good way to stay informed.

Another great aspect of the Verge, is that stories usually come out before you hear about them on the news. Did you hear about the Apple iWatch rumor? I read about it on the Verge about a week before I did on the news. Sound too good to be true? I thought so! Trust me, you need to take a look.

Be sure to check it out:

Know any good websites like the Verge? Comment, and let me know! Thanks!  Continue reading

Sloping path

Sloping path

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Tree Tops

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Frozen River Scene

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Crazy inventions: Fridge Filled with Slime?

Face it, technology is only getting better. 3D televisions, laptops, and fluorescent light bulbs now replace old technology. Who knows what inventions the future will bring? Crazy, futuristic devices may become normal before you know it. Who would have thought that a smart phone was even remotely possible 10 years ago? Step aside old devices, and make way for the future.

Picture this. A refrigerator with no doors or cabinets, that is filled with green gel. You read that correctly. Gel. This bio fridge’s concept was invented by a Russian student named Yuriy Dmitriev, and is currently being developed.

This is how it works. The refrigerator is filled with a non- sticky, environmentally -friendly, green gel. It could keep produce fresh way past the normal time today. All you have to do is reach into the gel and place the produce inside. That’s it. The gel suspends the item inside, and surrounds it. Because the gel is non- sticky, you won’t be grossed out whenever you reach for something inside. Can you imagine this crazy idea as a reality? It would be way more energy efficient than today’s refrigerators. Plus, there are no moving parts inside, therefore not producing that annoying hum sound.

Will this idea become a reality? It is predicted to happen sometime in the future, but we will have to wait and see. For pictures and more information on this wacky invention, be sure to check out the link below. Post your ideas and predictions in the comment section below. Credit to for the information.  Continue reading

F Minus: not just a bad grade

The Boston Globe is a fantastic newspaper, with many great qualities. I especially enjoy the G section, a section of the newspaper devoted to entertainment. Comics from the G section are a way that I love to start my day. I enjoy getting a good laugh before I go to school in the morning. Not every comic does that, but I know that I can always depend on Tony Carrillo to keep me in stitches.

Tony Carrillo is the creator of one of the best comics I have ever read; F Minus. For that, he is truly brilliant. I can always depend on Tony to provide a fresh, new idea that will keep me entertained. I can be picky about what I consider to be funny, but this comic strip is  hands down humorous.  Continue reading