Should Lebron Return to Cleveland?

On July 8, 2010 Lebron James’ notorious Espn television special “The Decision” had shocked the sports world as he left his hometown Cleveland and joined the Miami Heat. Lebron’s desire to win a championship was strong and that is why … Continue reading

Carmelo Anthony: A Legend

Photo Credits: TheHoodgirl

I am a huge basketball fan, and as a result, I follow the National Basketball Association (NBA). On a long term basis, Lebron James is my favorite all-around player in the NBA. However, as of this year and seeing from his performances and leadership, I have taken a big liking to Carmelo Anthony, number seven on the New York Knicks. Anthony currently averages 29.3 points per game, second in the NBA, behind Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers. Anthony averages 2.7 three-point field goals per game, eighth in NBA. I believe Anthony could and probably will lead his team to the Eastern Conference Finals and maybe even the NBA Finals. As of now, his team is ranked fifth all around in the NBA and second in the Eastern Conference.

Carmelo Anthony brings a spark to the court. He makes his teammates better and effectively creates open shots for not only them but himself too. It is so fun to watch him play because I, as a basketball player myself, can learn from his moves, such as creating my shot or exploding to the basket, and I can also learn from his mistakes (turnovers) and how to prevent them from happening to me.  Continue reading