The History of Food: The Best of the Best: ICE CREAM!

The earliest known form of ice cream was in the Persian Empire when grape juice concentrate was poured on top of snow for a treat when it was hot outside. People have been doing this for centuries. Sorbet is said … Continue reading

The History of Food: Sushi!

Some love it, some hate it. Either way, you probably wouldn’t find yourself eating the traditional form of sushi: the narezushi. The term “sushi” translates to “sour-tasting.” The narezushi was first invented somewhere in Southeast Asia, traveled to China, then was introduced … Continue reading

The History of Food: Escargot

Ewwwww… escargot. These creatures are a treat for the French, but we think of it as being disgusting. These are snails that have gone through heliculture and have been stuffed back into their shells with garnishes. Years ago, in ancient … Continue reading

Why to Watch the Movie About the Life Story of Michael Oher

The Blind Side DVD cover. Taken by: Alar Kivilo

  There are many movies that are made in the world, but a great movie, that starred Sandra Bullock, is The Blind Side.  This movie tells about the life of a boy named Michael Oher.  Growing up in the slums, especially when his mother was taken away from him when he was just a little boy, was hard for Michael.  To his luck, a woman, driving in a car with her family wanted to bring him home, after seeing him walking around in the freezing nighttime air wearing only shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers.  Not knowing any information about Michael didn’t stop them from helping him.  The Tuohy family paid for Michael’s education to Wingate High School where they got him interested in football.   He learned how to play the sport very quickly with the help of S.J., the youngest Tuohy family member.  Michael excelled very much in the sport, receiving many offers of scholarships to colleges around the country.  To be able to attend a Division 1 college, he had to get his grades up.  With the help of his tutor, Ms. Sue, his teachers at school, and the push from his family, Michael was able to qualify for a Division 1 school, and he chose Ole Miss.

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