The History of Food: Nathan’s Famous

The story of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs begins when Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker starts a hot dog stand with his wife, Ida, in Coney Island, New York in 1916. His stand became very popular in its early days. Al Capone, … Continue reading

Super Bowl Sunday: Commercials Await

Photo Credit: Au Kirk

Photo Credit: Au Kirk

It’s that advertising time of the year again, when Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. Over 111 million people tuned into the 2012 Super Bowl, the most-watched program in television history. The commercials are not only about making you laugh, but also about the companies trying to sell you something.

Recall some of the funniest Super Bowl commercials from last year. Two of the most popular videos were “Sling Baby” by Doritos and “Just My Shell” by M&Ms. They were both very popular because of their funny story that made you laugh the whole way through. These two ads scored highest and tied for first place with 671 points recorded by Ace Metrix Ad Testing Firm. Are these commercials worth all the money it costs for just 30 seconds of commercial time during the Super Bowl?

30 second ad spots cost an average of $3.5 million. Companies have spent a total of over $2.5 billion on Super Bowl advertising between 2002 and 2011. The commercial slots are expensive, but it advertises your product to over 111 million people. Whether its a good or bad choice to spend this much on commercials really depends on the company. Several well-known and well-advertised companies can make millions on just one commercial. For other companies, $3.5 million was just flushed down the toilet. What companies airing commercials will make it or break it at the Super Bowl this year?

But who really cares about whether companies will fail or succeed, based on 30 seconds of the companies’ life. Viewers only care that the commercials are hilarious. Get ready to laugh your head off when watching the Super Bowl. Also, don’t forget to bring the wings!

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