It Was A Nail Biter

I am pretty sure all my nails are gone, but all you are probably wondering is what happened? Let me say it was one of the strongest girls basketball high school games ever. Worcester Academy took on Milton Academy, who is also a strong team. They give the best support to each other, and I wish one day I will be on a team like that.

The girls had never played against Milton Academy, and they had no idea what to expect. All they knew was Milton was the fifth seed, and Worcester Academy was the third seed. Worcester Academy knew it was going to be a close game, and it sure was.

In the beginning of the first half, it seemed they were not playing their best. It seemed to me they were a little anxious. I would be to because it was a playoff game! The playoffs were one game elimination which means, you lose one game you are out. The strong Worcester Academy team was not playing to their best ability because they were making messy passes, throwing it out of bounds, and fouling a lot. I feel like they were not focused. Once it came close to the end of the first half they were getting back on their feet and making the score come back to normal again. They were trailing behind a lot before. As the buzzer buzzed for the end of the first half, I was hoping they were going to come out with a strong win. Sure was everyone else.

When they came out for the second half, they looked stronger and more pumped. They were ready to come out and sweep Milton. It was crazy, they lost it again but only by a few points. They finally caught back up to only a few points behind, and the clock was running and there were only three minutes left. We were behind 37-41. We needed to come back so badly. One of the girls Lexi on the team came in, and she turned the game around. She stole the ball and made them turn it over. The clock was counting down with thirty seconds to go, and they had tied it up. Then buzz, the time clock made the sound, and we had got ourselves into overtime.

Overtime was a thrill ride. In the first minute we got ahead with two points, and then they did too. It just kept going back and forth like ping-pong until, Lydia on the Worcester Academy team hit a three pointer! We had a lead and then, boom they scored a lead of only one point and there were only thirty seconds left. Everyone was standing a cringing wishing for a win. We lost the ball and one of the girls on the other team held the ball for the last five seconds and it was over. We lost. No it could not be,and no one could believe it. They had only lost by one point! I felt so bad for them because I know how it feels, and my game was not even a playoff game. All night, my sister and I could still not believe they had lost.

Hopefully, they think of how they had a great season and are great sports. I will love seeing the game against Milton next year.