Crazy Inventions: Google Glass

Google. Anyone could associate that funny word with the popular search engine. But could you ever identify Google with the most futuristic technology? Most likely, you will this year. Have you heard about Google Glass? It is the most futuristic … Continue reading

Technology Teaching!

One of the most controversial topics in the educational world is the use of technology in schools.  Some are for it and some are against it.  What do you think? These are the pros of this style of learning.

SmartBoard interaction

One way technology can benefit learning is better simulation and better models.  Simulations and models on the computer can help teachers demonstrate, and teach students about a process that may be too large, fast, slow, or small to do in one class period.  The only downside is that it’s not quite the hands on experience that teachers want.  Although it is just on a flat computer screen that students can’t feel, smell or touch,  it is a lot better than nothing.

Another benefit of using technology in schools is global interaction and global learning.  This point really thrives in geography classes or history classes.  A major aspect is learning about current events.  Using a site like is a great way to learn about stuff happening in a place across the world or even in space.  It is faster, and you don’t have to travel across the world to witness the events yourself.  You can also use video chats, or chat rooms to talk to people in different places.  In our school we got to skype with famous authors and ask them questions durning as assembly. Not only did this allow us to learn more about the books we read but about the author and the background information of the story.  You can learn about another place in the world with a click of a button with access to technology. Continue reading

Texting and Driving, Is It Worth It

The argument that I bring up today is should texting and driving be legal. First of all, in my opinion texting and driving is a stupid idea and should not be attempted in any way shape or form. But since it is supposed to be easier to argue the other side of an argument I am going to try it out. This is my argument for why texting and driving should be legal in all states and for any age group.

So let’s say you’re driving down route 9 (Massachusetts) and you happen to get a text from your best friend that you haven’t talked to in a while asking if you would like to go out for coffee. But because of the fact that there is a law saying you will get a fine for texting and driving you don’t pick up the phone and they end up asking another friend to join them. You end up losing your opportunity to catch up. Because you were driving, you missed a great opportunity for a coffee with a friend, how dumb. I understand it is dangerous but its not like it takes more than five seconds to send a text. Besides isn’t it your option to put yourself in a dangerous situation and not the police. I bet if you asked someone who has texted and drove about their experience they would probably said that nothing bad happened. To not text and drive, could end up hurting you more than if you just ignored your phone. For instance, your son or daughter had been hit by a car because you never responded to their text asking if they could walk somewhere. How bad would you feel about not responding in the first place when you first received that text. I don’t think I could live with myself, knowing that I could have prevented such a catastrophe. I know these events are highly unlikely but still events like these probably happen everyday.

To follow the rules, sometimes might get you in even more trouble. Like your son or daughter being hit or missing out on a cup of coffee with an old childhood friend. Texting and driving is dangerous but if it is only for a short amount of time it won’t cause anyone harm. So in a way I am trying to tell people to learn how to text fast and efficient so they can keep the roads safer and their personal life even safer.