Modern Advances Come With Responsibility

In today’s age, technology is a part of everything. Almost everyone is constantly checking texts or social media. New technology like 3D printers could become a normal appliance in the near future. However, some gadgets are becoming all too much. Sure, phones help keep you connected with friends and world news. But what if it starts to replace real interaction? We need to consider how our actions could affect the future of our world. I don’t want to sound corny talking about this, but change is a serious topic. If we have changed so much in the past decade, what will the near future look like? At some point, we need to start being a little more simplistic. Otherwise, there will be no escaping the constant cell phone ring or texting. We are human beings, not cyborgs. We also need to think about what powers these gadgets, and how to be more efficient.

One of the best parts of modern technology is medical advances. We are so much more advanced today than we were ten years ago. This is one of the pros to modern day living. Transportation is improving as well. More environmentally friendly vehicles are being designed. Until we improve, we need to become even MORE efficient. We are so dependent on electrical power today, it is ridiculous. Think about it like this.. what happens when the power goes out during a storm? The lights, oven, refrigerator, outlets, and other appliances cease to work. We need to become more dependent on other resources. The same goes for gasoline. We constantly pump gas into our vehicles just to make them work. Emissions are released into the air until the fuel tank is empty. Gasoline is a LIMITED resource. We can’t depend on these two resources because someday gasoline and oils supplies will be depleted. Also, we cannot solely rely on electric power to charge and work home appliances. Sure, this supply is not limited. But if it fails to work, we are lost.

We need to become more responsible and aware of our technology use. If not, it will become a factor in everything. It is hard to imagine what the future will look like, but I do know one thing. Unless we slow down on technological advances and resource use, we will have a big problem. After all, when you have pros it’s important to also take a look at the cons.

Crazy Inventions: Google Glass

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Crazy Inventions: Smart Fork?

In today’s world, it seems that all technology is becoming “smarter”. But what about non technology items? This is an interesting example of an item, we are all familiar with, becoming smarter.

You know that feeling when you eat a lot of food, but still feel hungry, then all of a sudden you’re stuffed? Here’s a fun fact: your body doesn’t know its full for about twenty minutes. This weird aspect of the brain can make it much harder for people to lose weight. But a new “smart” technology could make that challenge a little easier. It’s called the HAPIfork. That’s right. This fork will measure and record the users eating habits, and let them know when they should stop eating or slow down. Vibrations emitted from the fork ,would give the user an indication of when to stop.

This invention was revealed by HAPIlabs at the 2013 CES convention. It will cost about $100, but for those trying to lose weight it is a great deal. Information collected by this amazing utensil would be recorded into your smart phone with an app.

Can you imagine a world full of smart forks? This invention could be life changing for dieters. I predict that if this genius idea catches on, obesity rates in the US could drop dramatically. But who knows? Pictures of the invention are in the links below. Continue reading