Jaw Dropping Restaurant


Wanting to be casual but, you want superior food? I would suggest 2 Ovens and, it is located in White City Plaza, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Their food is just mouth watering. You can order pizza, salad, sandwiches, burgers, and you can get some snacks to nibble on before dinner. The atmosphere is fascinating, the food is so fresh, and the waiters are welcoming.

The atmosphere can grab your attention in a good way, but some things not in a great way. Right as you enter the restaurant, somebody is there to help seat you or let you know the wait times. Be careful, the waits can be long because it is a very popular and amazing restaurant, so you might want to call ahead of time. Temperature wise it is comfortably warm because of their hot brick oven where the cook the pizza in. When it is busy, it can be a little loud. That is the only reason I do not like it, but it is not always loud. You can see the kitchen and how they make all your meals right in front of your eyes. I thought that was really interesting.

from: http://www.2ovens.comthe restaurant website

from: http://www.2ovens.com
the restaurant website

The food is freshly made and delicious. The dough of the pizza is homemade and cooked in a wood-fired brick oven. Homemade is always so much more tastier in my aspect. Adding to that,  it makes it so much more appetizing that they do not just cook it in an electric oven, but they take the time to make it perfect in a brick oven. Two of my friends and I got a chopped salad and a large margherita pizza. The salad was fantastic! The lettuce was so green and crunchy, the tomatoes chopped up small and super fresh, the avocado was all chopped up nice and to perfection and was just so tasty, the cucumber just delicious like everything else, and the blue cheese was just right. We had passed on the wasabi dressing because we do not like wasabi but we had got Italian and it was delightful. Now, to the fresh crunchy, crisp, jaw dropping margherita pizza. It was a perfect amount for the three of us. The crust was thin and cooked to perfection, the tomato was juicy and fresh, and the mozzarella cheese was just scrumptious with nice warm and tasty taste.

Before you can get your food, you have to order, and by ordering you have to tell the waiters what you want. The waiters are very welcoming. They are polite and helpful. They do not rush you on your order and they can help you make tasty decisions. When you get your food, they do not just throw it down and say enjoy like they have a recording in them, they kindly place your food down and ask if you need anything. Also, they make sure the food is to the supreme and you are cared for.

Overall, 2 Ovens is an amazing restaurant to go to. The food is great and the people are lovely. You can just buzz down and not have to get all dressed up. Now, go and enjoy some delicious food.


from: http://www.2ovens.com
the restaurant website

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Five Guys


Photo Credits: angela n.

Walking into Five Guys you can smell the hamburgers cooking and the french fries frying. There are boxes of peanuts that you can just have for an appetizer while you are waiting for your food to be ready. The down side is if you had a peanut allergy this probably not be the best place for you. The Five Guys restaurants include one o Worcester Road and on the Boston Turnpike in Shrewsbury there are also many more.
It is a really good place for kids and adults for many reasons.

The Five Guys fries are very well known for their juicy and delicious taste that makes you mouth water while just thinking about them. While you are in the restaurant you can hear the delicious fries sizzling. They are moist and very juicy I have never had a fry there that was dry. When you walk in you see bags of potatoes from different states that they make the french fries with.

They have amazing burgers, but sometimes they get a little too greasy. The bacon cheeseburgers are shot with extreme flavor  of saltiness that dances around on my tongue.Some of the toppings for your meals include Mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce, Tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and some others as well,

You can get a good deal for the price you pay for, a little hamburger costs about $3.40 the most expensive is the bacon cheeseburger which is $5.90.
Fries will cost an additional $2.69 or $3.59 depending on which size you choose, the fries come in a container and it is overflowing with fries. Considering what you have at a place like McDonalds,Five Guys in most opinions is the winner of that competition.

While I was at Five Guys, I gobbled down a juicy bacon cheeseburger, which had extremely good flavor, also a great big side of fries.
It was served very fast and it was delicious. There is a huge variety of sodas and other drinks including iced tea, hot tea and even some Gatorades.

In the restaurant the walls are as red as the ketchup that goes with my fries. Also you hear the hamburgers cooking on the grill and the fresh potatoes being cut to make the famous Five Guys french fries. There is always music playing old music from the 60s and new music too.

The service of the employees is great. They all work hard to get your food out in a timely manner and will help you with any questions or problems you may have with the restaurant or the food.

I will definitely zoom back to Five Guys soon, because I think it is a great restaurant for all ages and would be enjoyed by everyone. It is expanding to different states all around the United States, so everyone can get a try of the famous Five Guys best fries.

KFC: A Loaded Calorie Delight

Photo Credit: Arjan Richter

Photo Credit: Arjan Richter

When you gobble down on the fantastic food at Kentucky Fried Chicken, you are taken to heaven. Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders over seventy years ago. An irresistible, amazing meal at KFC comes with its costs. This successful, well-known, fast-food chain has great food but is very unhealthy.

KFC offers many items on their menu and they all taste amazing. The food is prepared everyday by a cook, it is fresh, affordable, family friendly, and not to mention that they have the best food known to mankind. KFC’s food includes a lot of compelling chicken choices, superb sides, and much more. For chicken lovers who don’t like bones, they have a plentiful variety of boneless chicken too. Eating at KFC is as joyous as winning millions in the lottery.

KFC has a lot of good food, but the good food also has a lot of calories. Each piece of chicken is over one-hundred calories and the sides range from 100-280 calories. So all together, each meal has hundreds of calories and is very unhealthy. The fatty-goodness of the meals are what make them so good. Does the amazing food overweigh the hundreds of calories in it?

There are over 15,000 KFC restaurants in 105 countries and territories around the world. People just can’t get enough of the food even with the load of calories. KFC is the most popular chicken restaurant chain, and if you visit you’ll see why. Thank you so much Colonel Sanders for creating the amazing food at Kentucky Fried Chicken!

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