Red Sox or New Sox?

At one time in our lives, we all loved the Boston Red Sox. The last few years the lackluster team  could not scrape out a winning season. Do the Red Sox really even try anymore? Has their time come to start over with a entirely new crew of players and coaches and owners?   They did get a lot of new players and a new coach.

The regular season begins after pre season.  This is a time for the veteran players on the  teams to lounge around.  The only players that work hard are the new rookies, for they have to do their bests to prove that they are worth it. Beginning a season after not trying hard for a few months must be hard and could also be included to why they aren’t doing so well.

As of last season it seemed that the Red Sox really did not care about the season. This was clear when Jon Lester one of the best pitchers for the Red Sox admitted to drinking beer and eating chicken in the clubhouse. Not only was it in the clubhouse it was during a game! Take that for not caring about the team. Other players most likely drank and ate in the clubhouse also, but they probably were scared to admit what they did.

I believe that the Boston Red Sox should get a entirely new fresh start with the team. I think that because the old Sox proved that they could not be mature enough to try hard every game for a couple million dollars a year. So if they won’t do it get players that will. Maybe the new manager will be more strict and get them back in place.

Can the Sox turn around their season?

The Red Sox ended the season off terribly last year; they made history by losing 20 of their last 25 games and missing the playoffs. With that happening, they got their manager Terry Francona fired, their owner traded away, and tons of unhappy Boston fans. With very few acquisitions in the off seasons, it confused lots of people. Why wouldn’t they trade the distractions from last season and add good solid players? We still haven’t figured out the answer.

In the off season, the Sox decided to pick up Bobby Valentine as their new manager, who has been hated on for making the players too sensitive with his remarks in the media. It seems like things can’t get any worse for the organization. They have started off slow once again with a 12-20 record through the first 32 games. Injuries to key players like Kevin Youkilis, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Dice-K have been hard to overcome. The most recent problem that they have is the situation at 3rd base. Will Middlebrooks was called up from the minors to play for the injured Kevin Youkilis who is currently on the 15 day DL. He has been off to a hot start, hitting over .350 and racking up over 10 RBI’S through his first 6 games. When Youkilis comes back, who will win the job? Do you trade Youkilis and keep Middlebrooks? Or is Middlebrooks great play lately just a fluke.  You would think the better player would get it, but the owner has other plans by stating that Youkilis will get the job back when he returns. These issues have affected the Sox season, and I hope they will solve them soon.

As bad as they have played so far, there’s still a lot of baseball to be played. With over 130 games left, they have plenty of time to overcome these issues. I expect the Sox to make the best decisions for the team, and turnaround this season. This team has a lot of talent, and I think they haven’t played to the capability that they can. I expect them to make the playoffs and maybe make a run at the championship.

Carl Beane Dies in Car Accident

Carl Beane, the Fenway Park public address announcer died Wednesday in a one car accident in Sturbridge. He was driving home on Holland road when he suffered a heart attack and went off the road, hitting a tree and wall. Beane spent nine years as the announcer, and was a unforgettable voice heard at Fenway Park. Carl made the “Fenway experience” even more unforgettable.

The Red Sox are planning on opening up Thursday nights games with a ceremony for the annoncer. He had a dream as a kid to play in the majors, but he never got the chance to play. He then settled for an announcer. He has announced games for the Boston Red Sox since 2003; and has announced two world series for the Red Sox. Although he was announced for the majors, he also went to local high school and little league games to support the area. He also had a dream to be in the Baseball hall of Fame, and that dream came true too. He was a tour guide that worked there.

Carl Beane will never be forgotten in Red Sox history, nor will he ever be replaced. He was one of the best announcers in the majors and always gave back to the community. He made the experience of visiting Fenway Park even more of a blast and made the most beloved ballpark even better.

Red (Hot) Sox

Photo Credits: Keith Allison

The Boston Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball right now. Rained out the day before, the Red Sox hoped to turn things around on a road trip last week. First off, they faced the Minnesota Twins for a 3 game series. Felix Doubront looked to continue his golden year on the first game of the series. Cody Ross, continuing his great season, homered twice and propelled the Red Sox to a well needed 6-5 win. The next game, the Red Sox scored 11 runs off of home runs to red hot hitters, David Ortiz and Mike Aviles. Now it seems that the Red Sox score 11 runs a lot. In the series finale, Bucholz gave up 5 earned runs in the close 7-6 win. This gave the Red Sox their first sweep of the year. They then traveled to Chicago, to take on the White Sox.

The Red Sox demolished the White Sox 10-3 with Kevin Youkilis hitting an opposite field grand slam. The score repeated the next game as the Sox took the game 10-3. The next game the bullpen shined and held a 1-0 lead in the win against the White Sox. Dressed in their new red uniforms, the White Sox beat the Red Sox 4-1 in a gem pitched by John Danks. On their first game back at Fenway, the Sox beat up the Oakland Athletics 11-6. Clay Buckholz became the first Red Sox pitcher to give up 5 earned runs in 5 starts in a row.

The Red Sox are on fire. Their players are on fire. Mike Aviles, the leadoff hitter has 5 home runs. David Ortiz is hitting .405 with 6 hrs and 20 RBI. Ruined against the Yankees, the bullpen had an ERA of 1.06 in the last week. A combination of their 127 runs (most in the MLB), their .281 batting average (2nd), their .474 slugging percentage (2nd), and their improved bullpen, makes them unstoppable for now, at least. As they keep looking to stay over .500 for the rest of the year, this combo will hopefully propel them to the top of baseball.

End of an Era?

We have all heard of the famed Red Sox and the championship town they call home. Lately, for a person to admit they are a fan of the seven time World Champions has been not only a difficult task, but an embarrassing one too. With last season’s fallout between the firing of whom some consider the best manager in the team’s history and the scandal regarding clubhouse etiquette, management decided to pull up some new players in a gamble that made sense at the time. But after seeing the team play as they are, I have made some observations of how the players are playing and who’s playing this way.

First off, I want to ask one question; why does a baseball player play baseball? Is it because he likes the game, because he’s good at it, because he can get paid good money, to become famous, or just to be the best of the best? I think that for most of the seasoned players out there it’s for the money, while on the other hand, I think the rookies are trying to work their way up the sports ladder; to one day become a Pedroia or an Ellsbury. Once they make the team and they assert why they have decided to play the game, a player must ask himself how far he wants to take the game, for how long he wants to play, and what his goal is while he’s in the Majors. I believe that the average player only wants to take the game as far as need be, and to play as long as they feel like playing. However, I think the main goal for a player is to win the World Series, or to be on a team that wins the World Series. When you look at the Sox’s team, you realize that the majority of the team has been with the team for at least one, if not two World Championships. Put yourself into those players’ shoes, playing for one of the League’s best teams, with a Championship ring already in your possession. Would you, making millions of dollars a year, try your absolute hardest if you knew that you could retire comfortably, with lots of publicity, and still look good to the city that loved you for all your glory years? I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t. This is the way the veterans are thinking and playing, like soldiers, with no desperation to continue the war. The rookies are really being played in this monopoly because they have no certain future, no multi-million dollar mansion waiting for them when they go home each night, no assurance that next year they’ll even be on a team.

But, as they say, all Rome’s have their fall. The once great empire that was lead by none other than Terry (Tito) Francona has fallen to the very same warriors who constructed it from the ground up. Even though great teams like the Yankees have had championship winning streaks, the Red Sox were lucky merely to break the curse of the Bambino. For all the old timers out there, they’re happy with the Sox’s performance, since they never expected to see them win a World Series. Us younger ones want to see the Sox win every game, every playoff series, and to us, losing just isn’t in our vocabulary. If the Sox want to have any chance to reach the playoffs this year, management needs to realize their mistake, and replace the whole team.

Wake Up Call to the Bullpen

The Red Sox need to change their bullpen. The Red Sox non starters, blowing a 9 run lead, gave the Yankees the biggest overcome deficit in their history. But that’s not where the story starts. The story starts in Detroit. To get their first wins, the Red Sox traveled to Motown to take on the Tigers. In the third game of the series, the Sox scored twelve runs. They lost. How? The bullpen. The bullpen completely blew it. Mark Melancon, getting picked up from the Astros, was closing because Andrew Bailey was injured. Picture this. Two outs. Bottom 11th. 2-2 count with two outs and the Sox are up by two. Runners on 1st and second. Yeah, you can guess what happens. Walk off home run. Getting swept by the Tigers isn’t bad, it’s just the way that they lost is completely disappointing to all Sox fans. Then, going to Toronto they lost again because of their bullpen. Daniel Bard’s starting debut was not terrible. Then the bullpen came in. Justin Thomas loaded the bases and manager Bobby Valentine still didn’t take him out, leading to a huge inning. This raises the question, “what are we going to do”?
Coming back home, the bullpen pitched decent against the Rays in the first series at legendary Fenway Park. Then came the Texas Rangers. They came in, pounding 18 runs in the first game, most of which were given up by the bullpen. Swallowing this loss was hard for any fan. To try and make up for the miserable night before, in the 2nd game of the series, Beckett gave up 3 runs the next game, until he was pulled. But then, the bullpen blew it in the 8th, giving up 3 runs in the 6-3 loss. After an off day, it was finally time for the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. The New York Highlanders (Yankees) came to town with both teams wearing their alternate uniforms. The Sox lost 6-2 on a game that was lacking offense. The next game was Felix Doubront’s day to shine. He threw 99 pitches and was pulled by Bobby V for no reason. The Red Sox were winning 9-1. The bullpen blew it again, giving up 14 runs and losing the game for the Red Sox.
Pulling Doubront was a stupid thing to do. He was only at 99 pitches and he was doing fine and Bobby Valentine blew it. To make up for this loss, the Red Sox need to pitch well from now on. This means that they have to use people where they are supposed to be pitched.

Photo Credits: Keith Allison

Daniel Bard and Alfredo Aceves are perfect examples. Bard is a stereotypical closer. He’s tall, strong, and has a 97 mph fastball. Aceves is a clear starter. He can pitch 7 innings and give up minimal runs. And guess who’s pitching where. Right. Daniel Bard is the #5 starter and Alfredo Aceves is the closer. This is what irritates me. The Red Sox need to do something about this. Switch them up. They have a perfect starter, who is pretty good, and they have a perfect closer. This to me, raises so many questions about the management. The Red Sox need to change something FAST.