The History of Food: The Best of the Best: ICE CREAM!

The earliest known form of ice cream was in the Persian Empire when grape juice concentrate was poured on top of snow for a treat when it was hot outside. People have been doing this for centuries. Sorbet is said … Continue reading

Edy’s Grand vs. Blue Bunny Premium


Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

Ice cream is a beloved treat for many youngsters and adults alike.  I have two favorites that, in my opinion, delight the taste buds like no others.  Those two are Edy’s Rich and Creamy Grand and Blue Bunny Premium, both in vanilla… the original and best ice cream flavor.  Overall, I believe that Blue Bunny is better, but Edy’s comes in a close second.  According to, both ice creams are awful for you, which is as expected since neither are fat-free or low calorie. Edy’s received an F and Blue Bunny received an D+, based on foodfacts’ rating system.  Both of these ratings were mainly due to fat, sugar, and cholesterol content, but these shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t consume too much ice cream.  Also, something that surprised me was that Edy’s included some “controversial ingredients” like carrageenan, which comes from seaweed and is used as a thickening ingredient.  Despite both ice cream’s health issues, they both have many other pros and cons.  Edy’s is often more easy to find and at every grocery, convenience, and superstore whereas, at least here in the NE, Blue Bunny can only be found at Walmart.  With Blue Bunny you can get more ice cream for less money.  Another thing that I noticed when I am having Edy’s is that it seems to get freezer burn much more easily.  Finally, the most important factor, the taste, is slightly in Blue Bunny’s favor.  Both ice creams are very good, but Blue Bunny is better tasting ice cream for a better price and I highly recommend it.