Should Lebron Return to Cleveland?

On July 8, 2010 Lebron James’ notorious Espn television special “The Decision” had shocked the sports world as he left his hometown Cleveland and joined the Miami Heat. Lebron’s desire to win a championship was strong and that is why … Continue reading

To Be or Not to Be

The NBA team of the Boston Celtics has yet again made the playoffs and, as always, are a favorite to win. Although all their games have been close, mostly won by a single point, I believe that they indeed deserve to win The Championship. With Kevin Garnett a proven leader of the team as one who both can shoot and play defense effectively, the team has kept up the fight even when it seems all has been lost. Rajon Rondo, undoubtedly the team’s best regular season player, has also proven his worth lately making many game winning shots against the Atlanta Hawks in last week’s matchups. Together these individuals are great at this game, but when playing together as a team, everything seems to just click and the court becomes theirs.This team has completed difficult task and accomplished the near impossible, but people are still split on the idea of whether or not they should win the playoffs this year. Continue reading

Celtics Still Have Gas Left in the Tank

After defeating the Atlanta Hawks in the first round, the Boston Celtics are up 2-1 against the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the NBA playoffs. They won Game 1 by one point,  but lost Game 2 in a tough one point game. Then they went to Philadelphia and blew out the 76ers 107-91. Game 4 is tomorrow night in Philadelphia. If the Celtics make it to the next round, they will play either the Indiana Pacers or the Miami Heat. The Heat are the better team, but they are losing the series 2-1.  To beat either team would be a tough but possible task. Even though the Heat are the better team, the Celtics had more trouble with the Pacers. They were able to handle the Heat, going 2-1 against them in the regular season. To win the championship, a team needs 16 playoff victories. The Celtics have six. How many will they get before they finish their season?

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