Boston, Massachusetts

1368975122338I had taken this photo last year and edited it. To me this photo is like the before and after of the 9/11 building in New York. Even though major building didn’t collapse or are physically gone, it feels a bit like it is though. It’s already been about a month since this tragedy has happened, it feels like it happened yesterday. In some ways it brought the community together. Everyone was nice to another, I even saw a guy on a street corner waving a flag proudly.

I took this photo with my Droid Bionic.

State Champs

I play for a soccer team called New England Futbol Club or NEFC as most people call it. Last year my team was very good. Each year all of the club soccer teams compete to be named as the Massachusetts State Champs. There are two different pools that teams have to qualify for and depending on how you do in the pools is what ranking you will have in the actual state cup. Last year my team won our pool so we got the second seed. We ended up making it to the championship game against one of our competitive rivals the MPS Bulldogs.

Throughout the whole game it was a well fought game and towards the end the fans did not know what way the game would go. My team had scored so it was one to nothing and soon after the other team the Bulldogs tied it up, closer to the end of the game my team had an amazing goal to go ahead two to one. Our team was in defensive mode. Our only task was to keep the ball out of our half and give them no opportunities to even get close to scoring.

I knew the game had to be ending soon. I was running around like crazy pressuring the ball. I heard the referee blow the whistle once and knew the game was over because the ball was still in. I did not even notice or hear the other blows of the whistle because I knew that my soccer team was now state champs. We all stormed the field jumping on each other in joy. We sprinted to our goalie knowing that if it was not for him that we would not have won. We were all so happy not knowing what it felt like to finally be state champs. This was the best time of my soccer career so far.


Dogs to the Rescue!

Many people believe that dogs are just fluffy, cute animals that are used for cuddling and keeping people company, but dogs are more than friendly companions. These animals aren’t just nice companions to have around, they can save people’s lives. Even though they are great cuddlers, dogs can keep people safe. It may take a little while to get a dog trained, but it will pay off. Continue reading