9 Things to do in Maine during the summer plus 1 thing I want to do

In Maine there are so many things to do, but the most fun can be had in the summer.  Talk about a great vacation spot.  So much to do, see, and eat.  I can go to the beach on sunny days, or the movie theater when its raining, and so much in between.  One place I have never been to in my 13 summers of vacationing in this fine state is a day at the famous Acadia National Park.

Going to the beach

https://www.flickr.com/photos/terrapin_flyer/212856502/in/photolist-4j3ns-jNWPG-4zgXn3-59Hv5L-8uTZrX-S2QyC-8zN96t-4ws6w7-hPTVp-6uzouD-72H7dh-iszY3-72D79a-72D8CT-isGoj-2TwP3r-2TBmvW-isGok-ib2Cp-8iJqbf1)  Of course, going to the beach in Maine, there are so many choices of where to go.  And if you don’t like sitting at the beach all day you can certainly take a walk, jog, or even bike ride along the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Going to the beach is a must for sure!  My “home beach” is Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport.  But there are also many other options, like York Beach and Old Orchard.  The best part is that it doesn’t cost that much.  You can walk, depending on where you are staying, or pay a parking fee.  Most people bring their own snacks and lunches to the beach in coolers, or bags.  Do not worry though, at some beaches there are restaurant’s around the area.

Water Parks

https://www.flickr.com/photos/collingwood3419/6091342959/in/photolist-ahgJ3t-bZzJS5-bo6zkp-4hgh43-7Pnvg3-8truc5-dWDR9s-9V1Q3S-ak4cde-ajJVw6-9EthYH-9K9CXM-8xvWX1-8Znwmm-cpFexu-hF12J-ekkkEm-b8MxUr-uqCWn-hJCr7-fk4TMZ-dapRem-dXzBey-ddYg3a-dapMhU-fctcFX-9z9rFf-uqDbV-a8tUYC-KCJoq-4drsLL-hnfCwt-hCaG3-e9mXFR-uqDQF-uqDv8-brxRiK-4ifb9P-2gefVh-6ghehP-4PhG4a-6K32hc-bBVAXv-6ghe74-e4fSG5-6ghbmX-6gmnh9-5sEut6-6ghchc-6ghavF2)  If you are tired of the beach and getting sandy,  there are two great water parks.  I highly recommend both Aquabogan and Funtown Splashtown.  Each water park costs about the same price, an estimated 18-35 dollars per person a day.  You can also bring or purchase foods there.  Aquabogan from my experience was just a bunch of big water slides you go down in tubes.  Funtown Splashtown is more of a water park with a variety of slides, and jungle gym like obstacles.


https://www.flickr.com/search?text=maine%20lighthouses&sort=relevance3)  Since you are in the lighthouse state,  home to 65 still standing historical lighthouses, you might as well try visiting one.  My recommended lighthouse would be Portland Breakwater Light, but there are a variety of them everywhere.  Lighthouses happen to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Maine.  Visiting any lighthouse can be as little as no cost at all!

Monkey Trunks

https://www.flickr.com/photos/tangledupinart/7748268612/in/photolist-cNFUj9-cNG2Ch-cNFTvf-cNFRhf-cNFMJm-cNFJy5-cNFFZs-cNFRMN-cNFF89-cNFNSQ-cNFFwL-cNG29d-cNFSRm-cNFCoU-cNFKSm-cNFLj7-cNFKoN-cNFBPS-cNFShU-cNG2Zw-cNFXf1-cNFYkE-cNG1yu-cNFZmY-cNFNeJ-cNFXTu-cNFWgo-cNFLHQ-cNFUU9-cNFZ19-cNFTS3-cNFWM1-cNFQD9-cNFMaQ-cNFEfu-cNFPph-cNFDJA-cNFEEo-cNFPYQ-cNFCNQ-6v9wZY4)  Need a day away from the water completely?  Head on over to Monkey Trunks, a fun filled adventure day.  Monkey Trunks is like a huge jungle gym for all shapes and sizes.  If you are daring and like jungle gyms and heights this is the place for you.  Monkey Trunks is like a giant jungle gym, obstacle course.  There are different levels, each one a story higher than the last.  With balance beams and hoops to jump through, but your are harnessed the whole time.  There are varying prices from 10-30 bucks a person.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/alohakarina/7140881881/in/photolist-bT1Tp8-5CmJqN5)  A rainy day and not to much to do?  Smittys, one of my favorite theaters to go to in Maine.  You can watch a movie and have your average candy and popcorn, but you can also order food from your table in the cinema.  Smitty’s isn’t like your average looking theater, its small and you buy tickets and food at the same register.  It is also a fun time and they have delicious food.  The seats are the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in, just seeping right in to them, like they are marshmallows.  They have an arcade like most theaters, but are known for serving meals during the movie, and big ice cream sundaes.  My favorite things to get are the chicken fingers and fudge brownie sundae.  Depending on what you get to eat this trip could be costly like any theater, but it is a fun way to watch a movie and just a different, fun experience.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/57365494@N06/5282550839/in/photolist-93NsjK-mcpy1p-eXcyKp-8rbtTW-8kM2xZ-6xhyiV-fzAjoc-ePcgm-kdeRt-d9Se9W-9vvfUX-kwKq9r-kMLEuv-jKGdS-boKbWd-boKe9J-boKefh-6Gb6Q2-h12X6Y-8TNq98-aqXKEM-acC9H2-2rfDsY-a2HMqX-8ywcBj-kzSLon-8KzGoc-8XAjYf-jtAxu2-6W77yC-jtBbm9-yyXog-jtAyXT-fMEJbY-8uaPNX-6NELkw-7BcYNU-6BWz4J-9hqhkB-9MVn4d-eWJWTu-85Ween-boKezN-bBE5zX-bBE5UR-bBE7ET-bBE81t-bBE8Dg-bBE726-bBE7be6)  Everyone in Maine has to have the lobster, even if you are just visiting for a short trip.  Lobster can be expensive, but you have not lived up to the fullest in Maine without trying it.  Usually at my house we serve it with steamed broccoli and carrots.  With boiled mussels and a side of melted butter for dipping.  I also recommend a little lemon drizzled on your lobster.

Moose Safari

https://www.flickr.com/photos/dagma/4764277397/in/photolist-8g1aFK-57rq4o-57nee2-57rrsu-57rs43-57ndYX-57rqKN-57ndw6-57nffe-57ndC8-57rqGu-57rqWu-57rqn9-57rr8d-57rqru-57ndJp-57neB8-57rse9-57rrKf-57rqxq-57rqv9-57ndnt-57nfj4-57rqt9-57nepD-57rs9S-57rrBS-57ndtB-57rqfN-57rrFG-57rreu-57neTe-57nevz-57nfsp-57rqyQ-57rqPA-57rqdj-57rrmA-57neQ2-57nf8v-57rr1f-57ndDZ-57ndrr-57nfbP-ayMgDp-8nwRTW-4989XU-5a6XjV-5abbAQ-amzkdg7)  Maine is home to the moose.  Moose are the state animal in Maine.  With an estimated 29,000 moose scattered around the state.  You would think, having 29,000 moose in the state of Maine they would be easy to spot, but they aren’t so easy to spot so there are numerous moose safaris available throughout the state.  We have tried to see moose at my house for years, and we live in the woods.  Moose are so hard to find, we are only lucky enough to have ever seen four.  On a moose safari they take you to the perfect spot to see many moose just in a short while, located in their natural habitats.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/glymur/200464785/in/photolist-wjsD9-eSRApY-dNwmkk-4odouz-5SiNXn-5m7ywS-afxP84-HBqH6-nhMY-DMWnQ-iHrcp-6yiFVu-7ar5J1-k6gWZm-fj4Zrr-6NGa1s-9MmRPz-csMpNC-5pDmWB-9BAznc-2hHwtF-79D5p-4f2J2q-9Awe1G-86VziN-4JDA5p-buGoLe-f8TQh9-cxmE2s-ze99M-atEwfS-8xg1wm-iHrcm-6YZSKE-f9C1YM-bNTVSH-HkWiP-6PznkL-6c4oc-3sgin1-kLRdnz-CdHvS-3dTZp-99e4Na-aahsB5-eBMTys-cyLwTL-3JLW1Q-efGBSi-7ihjs68)  Kayaking is a beautiful way to experience Maine.  On the water with beautiful views.  So many places to kayak in Maine, rivers, lakes, streams, and coastlines.  Don’t worry about not owning a kayak, you can definitely rent one and even go on scenic guided tours, or kayak trips that are usually a day or overnight.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacques_trempe/7774556298/in/photolist-cR1CJ7-cPHx69-cPHwQL-7HYk9R-eT18s5-m2UQv-de9oDr-cPHyqW-5udzEz-3USdH7-8vrHB7-M5CzT-5MpWFu-2hUumV-63A3ky-63A3aN-63vMuT-63A3so-63vMx8-63vMGv-63A3yh-63A3EL-2hYV7d-2hUutv-esBh3q-39v5J-2hUu3P-2hYUHN-2hUtS2-2hYVaQ-2hYU7S-2hYUR5-2hUtMT-2hYUDN-2hUtZe-fci2S2-fQkm2b-5QdPQR-8rdQsX-cR1eeC-9248ZK-c9XfgY-mMNvV-cQk3JQ-8drCc4-cQk47o-927gcf-czmK1J-8ogMjY-6TQ6Df9)  Shopping, Maine has great little shops in its towns and has really nice outlet malls.  Usually the little towns, like Kennebunk, one of my favorites, have little shops scattered around.  If you are looking for an outlet mall with American Eagles and Nikes chain stores my suggested outlet would be the Kittery Outlets.  The cost of shopping depends on how much you buy of course.

Somewhere I want to go:

https://www.flickr.com/search?sort=relevance&text=acadia%20national%20park10)  Acadia national park is a magnificent sight.  So much to do there from visiting sand beach, to a hike or bike ride around park trails.  They have beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.

Now you can plan your vacation to Maine.  Knowing all the hot spots, and places to be.  Planning your trip around these activities.  Maybe you go to the beach and eat lobster staying for a week or so, or maybe you just take a day trip up to Maine.  Whatever you do – get yourself up to Maine this summer.  If you happen to be at Acadia National Park, would you mind letting me know how it is? Continue reading