Crazy Inventions: The Verge

My previous posts on “Crazy Inventions” have been pretty popular, so I’ve decided to add another article to the series.

Do you like reading cool articles? I do! But finding them can be a task. It’s not easy to find good websites with them! But search no more, here is a website that will save you some precious time. I was referred to this amazing website called The Verge is a fantastic website with lots of new articles on weird gadgets and products every day.

The Verge is great for various reasons. It’s unique layout is eye- catching, and there are several, well- written articles posted daily. There are several writers for The Verge, so there is no shortage of entertainment and information!   When I first looked at the website, I immediately knew I would like it. You will too! In addition to the great gadget articles, there are various product reviews and new stories posted frequently. It’s a good way to stay informed.

Another great aspect of the Verge, is that stories usually come out before you hear about them on the news. Did you hear about the Apple iWatch rumor? I read about it on the Verge about a week before I did on the news. Sound too good to be true? I thought so! Trust me, you need to take a look.

Be sure to check it out:

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Outsourcing: The Death of a Strong Economy

Outsourcing: The Death of a Strong Economy

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One of the main issues in the spotlight of the United States presidential election is the poor economy. People can place blame on many different factors that they believe contribute to this problem. However, I think that the obvious culprit to our financial situation is outsourcing. Outsourcing is a cheap way to make items by finding a manufacturer out of the country with low labor costs. They in turn sell you the items at a lower cost than what you would find in the US, but usually at a lower quality level.

Therefore, the job unemployment rate rapidly rises in the US because businesses have less of a need to hire people. It is an outrage that we still do it and the solution to turning around our economy is quite apparent. We need to realize that companies trying to save a few bucks are bringing the downfall of the American Dream.

Many people argue that outsourcing is good because it saves money and makes businesses more profitable. Honestly, it may save a wealthy business owner a pretty penny up front, but in the long run it ends up hurting them, too. This is because taxes continue to rise in an effort to support unemployment benefits. The money that they are supposedly saving is being spent in taxes in the end. I wonder why we have not stopped this, but hopefully, we will all see that the way to an industrial and economic boost is by stopping outsourcing.