Good Tips for Great Pictures


Canon D-SLR courtesy of

Today, every body can take a nice picture if you really try. Sometimes you can just imagine a picture and other times it just happens that you get a good one at the right time. Photography is amazing and if you try really hard you can make it happen. In this article I will try to give you some good tips for great photos.

To start off always make sure you have a camera with you that you know you can use. When you know your camera you can take some really great photos with all the settings. A camera phone is always good for pictures that you are not prepared for but just pop up. If you are planning a photo it is better to have a real camera. If you have a camera that is not a phone, I would recommend that you use it for all the pictures you take. Digital compact cameras are nice for taking pictures but if you want to get serious you should get a DSLR camera. When you are looking for a camera try to get one with a built in flash, if it does not have a flash, buy a external flash to hook up. Light is extremely important for taking photos. Of you are in a dark setting always use flash. If you are in dim light try taking a photo with and without flash. In direct sunlight there is really no need for light but you can always try it!

If you have a DSLR camera shutter speed is very important. In slow moving or still environments your shutter speed does not have to be that fast. In a fast moving environment like sports a higher shutter speed is highly recommended. When you set your shutter always make sure it is exactly what you want for that special moment for a picture.

For people who like taking photos on you phone, you can make a nice picture or a bad picture very easily. When you take a picture on your phone make sure it does not blur or come out grainy. Remember that phone cameras are not like DLSR so they don’t have auto focus or self sensors. The last thing for photographers who like to take photos on their phone, is always try hard and you will come out with picture.

Happy Picture taking! NicksPics!