How to Survive in the Wild

Photo credit:  Al_HikesAZ

Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ

Have you ever gotten lost in the woods with no one with you with no tools? Probably not, and I commend you if you have. But if you answered no, you might want to read on.

The first thing you want to do if you get lost in the woods is to call for help. Hey, you never know if someone will hear you.

Next you will want to take care of three essential things that a human needs to survive: food, water, and shelter.

The first of those three things is shelter. Try to make at least a small covering out of sticks (if you have rope, that would greatly help) to protect you from the elements.

Second is water. Water is the number 1 thing you want to have if you are lost in the wild. To find water in the wilderness, you would want to head downhill, rain water will run downhill. If you can not find water, don’t give up, if you see any animal, they have to drink also. You could dig down deep to find water too. You will want to make a fire to purify your water, but more on that later. Heres a small tip, try not to drink from a still pond to avoid parasites.

The third essential thing that a human needs to survive is food. In order to know if a wild berry is poisonous, first, smell it. If it smells like peaches or almonds, it is probably poisonous. Next, test it on your skin, if it tingles or get’s a rash don’t eat it. After that, place it on your lips, if it starts to burn, it is most likely poisonous.

After you take care of those, you have to make a fire. Gather small sticks to get the fire started, then get bigger sticks, then get big logs to keep the fire going. Put the small sticks in a little pile. To light that pile faster, you can add highly flammable substances such as birch bark and orange peels. To light it, if you have an orange, peel it, then put a rock in the center of the peel and take a stick and rub it against the stick, the peel will catch on fire for a while. If you don’t have an orange, bend a stick and tie a shoelace around each end to make sort of a bow looking thing. Then twirl a stick in it and rub it, it will make friction, which will eventually make a spark.  Continue reading

Considering a Dog?


photo credit to: huntingschool

In my opinion, dogs are the best kind of pet you could own. However, there are so many pros and cons of dog ownership that you have to consider before taking one home.

Before you think about getting a dog, you have to consider what breed would be right for you. Do you have a large house and big yard? If so, a larger dog might be right for you. However, if you live in a smaller house or apartment in the city, a small dog might be the best choice. The beauty of dog ownership is that there is such a wide variety that could match anyone’s personality or lifestyle. For example, I own a medium sized, golden retriever named Bailey. I have a large yard, fairly big house, and a family. This makes a golden retriever the best fit for my family.

How much work is a dog? Again, this depends on the breed you own. A dog is basically an addition to your family, and will require some work. You will have to feed, and provide water to your dog constantly in order to keep the animal happy and healthy. Exercise is another very important aspect of owning a dog. You will NEED to give your dog some form of exercise every day. This may include hikes, jogs, walks, or just playing outside. Think of a dog as a human. They need some basic aspects a human needs to be happy and healthy. Shelter,lots of compassion and encouragement , food, water, and exercise are the most basic needs. The amount of food and exercise a dog needs will vary with size, but every dog will need lots of compassion. Regular trips to the vet are also important.

If you do all this, a dog will love you no matter what. They are by far, the most loyal animal you can ever own. If you are serious about adopting a dog, please consider an animal shelter. There are so many dogs waiting to be adopted at shelters, and if they are not they will be put down. Thank you for reading this article, and consider a dog today! It will be a choice you won’t regret.  Continue reading


Photo Credit: www.dooziedog.comSiberian Huskies, originating from Siberia, come in a variety of colors. They are adorable especially when they are young. They can get plenty of exercise when outside in the yard. They give plenty of affection to everyone. Siberian Huskies are the best breed of dog to keep as a pet.

Huskies have an extremely cute looking face, and when they are babies they are even more adorable. When they are babies their face looks like they are always serious. When they are fully grown they also look cute because of their perky ears and their eyes. The eyes of a Siberian Husky are also very cute, complementing the rest of their body.

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Dogs to the Rescue!

Many people believe that dogs are just fluffy, cute animals that are used for cuddling and keeping people company, but dogs are more than friendly companions. These animals aren’t just nice companions to have around, they can save people’s lives. Even though they are great cuddlers, dogs can keep people safe. It may take a little while to get a dog trained, but it will pay off. Continue reading

Because of Winn-Dixie: Character Counts

Kate DiCamillo, a well-known author in the world of literature, has written several sensational novels. From The Magician’s Elephant to the classic Tiger Rising, Kate DiCamillo has stunned readers with her rising adolescent books. Converted into movies, some of DiCamillo’s books have been nationwide hits. Surrounded by an abundance of positive hype, the movies and books became increasingly celebrated. One of her more popular works, Because of Winn-Dixie, is an easy read, yet the book provides a powerful read for a wide range of ages. This is mainly due to the fact that the protagonist is a headstrong girl with a compelling and passionate personality.

The story focuses on a young girl named India Opal Buloni, the daughter of a preacher. She goes by Opal, and she is new to Naomi, Florida. Continue reading

The Perfect Dog

These days many people believe that beagles are disobedient, bad with kids, and high maintenance dogs. That is not true. Having loved beagles from an early age, I know that they are very good dogs to have, especially if you have kids. Because beagles are obedient, great with kids, and low maintenance, they are a great dog to have.

First off, beagles are quite obedient dogs. They will listen to you. You simply need to know how to train them. Having two beagles myself, I know the procedure and it is very simple. According to, “they respond well to food rewards and to… training.” For example, when I first brought home my dogs, I immediately went online and to bookstores for books on dog training. When I began training them, my first command was “sit”. To make them understand what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong, I feed them dog treats every time they sat on command. They soon caught on. They still remember it till this day. Training a beagle is obviously very simple and honestly quite fun.

Secondly, beagles are great with kids. It is simply a misconception to think that beagles are too rough to have around your children. rates beagles with a 10/10 when it comes to good with children. They know how much affection to give without overwhelming the child. Beagles are not prone to biting and are very gentle. My beagles are always cautious when meeting little kids. They do not want to scare the child. So, the belief of beagles being bad with kids can go out the window.

Lastly, beagles are quite low maintenance dogs. Being a beagle owner, I know they do not shed too much and they, as I’ve said before, are easy to train. Beagles typically weigh about 18-35 pounds. So moving around with them is not a hassle. Personally, my dogs do not really shed and were housetrained by the first 6 months. Beagles are clearly easy to handle dogs.

It is obvious to see that beagles are indeed spectacular dogs. They love running and spending time with you. All in all, with a beagle, you can’t go wrong.