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The School Dress Code- Yes or No


The dress code at the school should be changed in the Middle School.  The current dress code is unfair not just for the boys, but for the girls too.  I have a few things that I think should be changed in the dress code for the boys and the girls.  The current dress code for the girls is the pants can not be double stitched. We also can not have rivets on our pants. The skirts have to be at your knee or an inch above. Only shirts with a high collar are acceptable.  The current dress code for the boys is a collared dress shirt and it must be tucked in. They also must have a full-length necktie or a bow tie.  They have to wear dress pants or khakis with a belt.  They also have to have a clean and shaven face. If they have sideburns they have to be ending at the bottom of the ear lobe.

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Next Big Thing in Spring fashion

Toms are a new spring trend that are quickly becoming extremely popular. Toms are flats that are primarily made of cotton. Not only do they come in flats but they also come in wedges, and sneakers. Toms are very popular for any age group, and may be seen being worn by both men and women. Running and walking, they will be comfortable no matter what you put them through. Toms are a great shoe that

can be worn no matter what activities you take part in. When buying Toms, you will never expect how comfortable they are.

Not only do Toms come in any solid color you can think of, they also come in many different patterns such as floral or striped. The hardest decision with Toms is to pick which ones you want. Toms also come in many different fabrics. Some of the fabrics include lace, glitters, or leather. To say that you can’t find a pair of Toms you like would most likely be a lie considering you can design a pair yourself if you would like. With so many options picking out your Toms may be challenging, but not impossible.

 Toms are more than just a fashion statement, they are also for a great cause. Which is another great reason to buy them! Every time you buy a pair of Toms another pair is sent to a child in need of shoes in Africa or other countries. At least while buying Toms you know you are helping a child in need. Even though you are technically buying two pairs of shoes, buying Toms is not a large investment and a majority of people should be able to afford them. Buying your Toms will definitely make your feet more comfortable while walking and make any outfit cuter! Toms look great with any outfit whether you’re wearing them with shorts, pants, or a skirt. These are only a few reasons why Toms are the next big thing in spring fashion.