Call of Duty Parents Guide

Photo credit: peteer01

Photo credit: peteer01

As you might of heard of, the new Call of Duty video game just came out, so I decided to make a little guide to help you decide if you want to play it.

I researched the Black Ops and Black Ops 2 plot, and there seems to be a lot of very dark things going on, such as people committing suicide by burning themselves and blowing themselves up. There are MANY instances of very brutal torture including someone getting his head bashed in for refusing to partake in a game of Russian Roulette. And people constantly get shot in a very realistic looking way. I can see that if adults play these types of games, it would be fine, but five year olds are playing them! When I was five years old, I would have nightmares for months if I even saw a segment of any COD game! I was a little unnerved just reading about it! Also, isn’t that teaching young kids, whose minds are still developing, that violence is OK?

BUT! You can turn the blood and swearing off in the options.

The language in this game is pretty bad also. I am not talking about the campaign mode. As I said before, you can turn swearing in that off. I am talking about online multiplayer. Online multiplayer is a mode in which you go on a server and play against actual people. Let’s just say that some individuals get too worked up over a game. Trust me, I have seen online servers, and you hear some pretty nasty stuff.  Continue reading