Facebook, the Most Annoying Thing Since Justin Bieber

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 5.39.24 PMOMG! Timothy’s status just went down to single! That means that he broke up with Jennifer! OMG OMG OMG!! I am SOOOO tweeting this! OH NO! My friend count just went down to 1000! Sob, sob, sob…

Does that seem a bit over exaggerated? Unfortunately, this is just another average day on Facebook. In case you were living in a cave, on mars, in another galaxy, in another dimension, with your ears plugged, Facebook is a website where random people make “friends” with each other and tell their friends (who don’t really care when you go on a date or when your baby had an accident) EVERYTHING that happens in their day. Which can get very annoying!

Also, people can say who they are not. For example, you could think someone is a teenage girl, when they are really a 40-year-old guy. You can also tell the whole world where you live, even if you are just casually talking to someone, people can find that chat. Even if you do not have a Facebook, people can post a photo with you in it, so that really embarrassing picture that someone took of you last new year’s eve can be posted onto Facebook for everyone to see, and the worse part is that your actual name can be linked to it! And what is even more creepy is that, within Facebook’s endless terms and agreements contract, it says that Facebook owns all of the pictures posted there. And what that means is that really embarrassing picture could go be sold to a company to be put on a BILLBOARD… So in less than 48 hours, you just became the laughing-stock of the whole world.  Continue reading