Dont Butcher the English’s Languge!

Me and my friend Rachel just, like, went to the, like, shopping mall yesterday. First we went to the food court and we saw this super annoying kid in our history class and we went to him cause he was just, like sittin’ there. He had a ugly zit on his big ugly face. And we were, like was so grossed out that we just totally ran away. We were gonna leave but we were, like, hungry so we got some food. My sandwich was soooo bad. It’s lettuce was all brown and, like gross.

Does that sound wrong, probably not, but you should have seen all the green and red lines under that when I typed it. That is just shows the fact that America has no clue how to speak (and write) their own language properly.

For example, “like” is only to be used when you enjoy something or when you are describing something. And the phrase is “Rachel and I”. “Ain’t” ain’t not a word. There is an “n” after “a” when a vowel is the first letter of the next word, ex.: this is a error. Also, you do not need an apostrophe in “its” when telling that the lettuce on the sandwich was brown, “it’s” means “it is”. I could go on and on with all the ways people massacre English grammar.

But what may be even more annoying is spelling. It is far more easy to misspell than to make a grammatical error. A lot of people don’t know how to use a dictionary because of spell check, which most people (including me) heavily rely on to check our e-mail christmas cards that we send out to everyone in the family because we were to lazy to send cards to each one.

Not to sound like I am complaining but please,try not to butcher our language.  Continue reading