Michael Jordan: The Greatest Player Ever

The most grueling debate in sports. Who is better, MJ or Lebron? This should be a no-brainer, but our society today has the dignity to question if Lebron James is better than the greatest player to ever play the game: Michael Jordan. Most people that try to debate that Lebron is the best ever never really saw Michael play, including myself. Although, from seeing highlights and watching NBA classic games on NBA TV, I discovered how amazing the guy on my sneakers truly was.


photo credit: cliff1066™

Michael Jordan won six championships, five finals MVP awards (Most Valuable Player), five regular season MVP awards, and fourteen all-star game appearances. No one else has ever surpassed Jordan with this quantity or variety of awards and championships, including Lebron. Lebron James currently has one championship, one finals MVP award, three regular season MVP awards, and eight all-star game appearances. Although, Lebron is still a young player and has years left in his career, MJ’s records may be unreachable for Mr. James. Michael’s statistics are outstanding. Throughout his entire fifteen year career he averaged 30.1 points per game, which is the most in NBA history. MJ had 32,292 points in his career, which ranks third in all time points scored. I don’t believe it is fair to Lebron to compare him to Jordan who has some of the best statistics ever.

Some people believe whoever has the most championships is the best player. In some cases that may be true, but Bill Russell has eleven championships and he is not considered the best ever. The fine line of how to measure who is the best player ever is nearly impossible. The debate seems clear between MJ, Lebron, and occasionally Kobe Bryant. If we were to rank the players by championships Michael would still be on top, then Kobe, and lastly Lebron. Therefore, deciding how great a player is cannot be ranked by championships because it does not define the player themselves. Michael Jordan has a will to win greater than anyone to ever play the game and in my opinion, he still does. Although, Lebron does have a will to win and is the best player of our generation, he only has had a taste of the winning MJ accomplished.

Michael Jordan is still the best player to have set foot on the basketball court. Even though Lebron james has proven to be one of the best players ever, he hasn’t reached Jordan’s level. Michael Jordan’s numbers compared to Lebron just don’t match up yet. The numbers never lie.