Papi Trampoline

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Photo Credit: Sunflat Games

Have you seen dozens of students glued to their computers lately? Well, they are probably playing Papi Trampoline. This addicting game has captured the minds of innocent teenagers for hours at a time. So what makes this game so amusing? Vegetables.

You are Mr. Papi, the red ball guy. Your objective is to jump on the monsters, which are vegetables. It starts out easy with onions and progresses to pumpkins, carrots, and tomatoes. You use the arrows on your keyboard to jump up, to move to the right, and to move to the left. Onions are the easiest to jump on and are worth the least points. Tomatoes are the hardest to jump on and are worth the most points. To gain more points you hop on several vegetables without touching the ground. These are called chains. The higher the chain, the more points you receive. The number of chains you get depends on how many veggies you jump on before touching the ground.  If you crash into the monsters from a side or the bottom, the game is over. It’s like jumping on a trampoline, hence the name.

Online you can submit your scores and see how you compare to the rest of the Papi jumpers. It tells you your grade, like an A+ or a C, and has your highest score listed. There are two worldwide ranking lists, a ranking of the last 100 people and top 100 of the month. There is a button on the game after you have died that says, “submit score.” To submit your score you click on it, and it brings you to the rankings online. You can enter your own username and can change it at anytime.

Papi Trampoline is a free game that can be downloaded on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, almost all Apple computers, Windows 8, the Windows phone, and Androids. To download the app you either go to the App Store or the Google Play Store. Papi Trampoline was created by Sunflat GAMES. Sunflat GAMES has dozens of other fun games. So now you know that most teenagers glued to their computers are probably jumping on some vegetables.


BRAAAAP! Racing along the lakes edge, wind howling in my face as I continue to fly down the trail at a constant speed of sixty mph. Although in some places snowmobiling is used as transportation, it is also used at a recreational sport. Theres lots of things to see and do in the backwoods where snowmobiling takes place. One of which is to just do intense riding from one place to another. Some can roar through trails at ninety mph, while throwing themselves into every turn to ensure the sled does not fall sideways onto them. Another type of snowmobiling is the scenic roots. Those who will stop in the middle of the trail just to notice snowshoe hare tracks, or they will sit for half an hour mesmerized by the moose thats one hundred yards away from them. Finally, the daredevils, evil knievel’s, ones who are not scared to die. Looking for the especially steep hills, the bumps to get air off of, or just going over a massive logging pile that was left from the summer. Whatever the style is, whenever there is snow on the ground, always be ensured that snowmobiling will bring a great time.