Fall Out Boys Five Most Popular Songs 2005-2009


Many of you have probably heard of Fall Out Boy, and if you haven’t then you may have never listened to a radio. “Centries” and “Uma Thurman” are probably the most played Fall Out Boy songs on the air right now and if you’ve watched Big Hero 6, then you have heard the song “Immortals” that plays when Hiro is helping design everyone’s suits and helping them learn to use/helping design their weapons. Now, why am I telling you all this? That’s because Fall Out Boy has become more popular throughout their time as a band, but (in my observations), the only albums that really get noticed are Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho (the two albums released after Fall Out Boy’s hiatus). If I were to go up to someone, randomly, and ask “Do you like the song “The (Shipped) Gold Standard” by Fall Out Boy?”…

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The Difference Between All-Star and AYF/Pop Warner Cheerleading


Most people believe that cheerleading is not a sport however, in my opinion it is. There are many different versions of cheerleading but the main two are the ones I will be talking about.

All-Star Cheer: This is mainly out of a gym and is the highest level of cheerleading offered. There are normally different levels ranging from one to five and are normally offered as Junior and Senior levels. In All-Star cheerleading you will have competitions and you have to be committed to your team. Most likely you will have a competition every weekend. You will spend most of your time at the gym and most of your social life will go to cheer. All-Star cheerleading is the hardest sport that I have ever done. The physical part in normal cheerleading triples when you enter the All-Star world. This doesn’t mean that you have to be “fit” it means…

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The Real MVP

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The Real MVP Yesterday, a beloved player to many United States soccer fans around the world, said farewell to her team and her professional soccer career . Lauren Holiday, or formerly known as Lauren Cheney, made…

The Blaze at Roger Williams Zoo


image1So recently I attended the Blaze at the Roger Williams Zoo In Providence. A blaze is a extreme jack-o-lantern spectacular.  It was amazing. I urge anyone who enjoys halloween to attend. The blaze is not just for young children but also is great for adults.

At the blaze there are many different themes of pumpkin carvings , ranging from Man’s Best Friend to Fun House. You can also see some giant pumpkins, this year the largest pumpkin i saw was about a ton.

My tip is if you can afford it is to get harvest buffet tickets. The harvest buffet allows you to go eat at five o’clock, the food isn’t excellent but good. The best part of the harvest buffet is you get VIP treatment. After you have your meal you get to cut to the front of the regular line which is extremely long. At the meal you…

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2016 World Series Victor Prediction


I’m assuming you’d expect me to say the many dominant teams such as the Saint Louis Cardinals, Royals and Blue Jays, but the team I suspect will win the world series is the Texas Rangers. I know, they’re not a home run hitting team, or a lineup of strikeout pitchers, but they can play small-ball better than any team in the major leagues, averaging 1.72 successful bunts per game, the most in the MLB.

Even though I’ve said all this, you may not be impressed, and I understand that. The Rangers first half best ERA is over 3, WHIP is over 1.2, and batting average against a whopping 0.277. But, right as the second half of the season began, everything changed. The Rangers came back from a 7 games below 0.500 record, and almost made their way to the American League Championship. Many other teams played better in the second…

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Traveling to Mars, and Where From There?


Ever since the dawn of man we have explored the unknown, and colonized it. We have traveled the oceans, scaled the mountains and most recently, traveled to the moon. But, the next frontier is the best and most endeavours of all. The red planet, Mars has been roughly explored by robots and and satellites, however, no man has ever stepped foot on mars. Some very influential characters are trying to change that.

Companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Boeing have spent ridiculous amounts of money in the research and development of traveling to Mars. The likelyness of the fact is that we will be sending a manned mission to mars to colonize the surface in the next couple of years, however, there are certain steps we have to take preemptively to accomplish that like assembly, escaping earths atmosphere, and terraforming.

The first is making a base on the moon or…

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The Top 5 Strongholds in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy


This is my top 5 Strongholds of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Hobbit list. The choices on this list are based on their defensibility, looks, and fame. This is my opinion only and you may have your own, but nonetheless ,enjoy.

  1. Moria – Starting this list is the Dwarven Mines of Moria. Moria was built in a mountain and has few entrances and exits which makes it defensible. Although it is pretty easy to defend, it fell to a balrog, but only because the balrog was discovered within the mountain itself. After Moria fell, it became goblin infested. At one point in time the dwarves tried to retake Moria but fell short. Moria, although amazing on the inside, lacks outside looks.
  1. Erebor – The next stronghold on this list is another Dwarven one, Erebor. Erebor is built into the lonely mountain and is where the prized Dwarven…

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Top 15 Best Life Hacks


Fifteen Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

15.) Pizza warmer

No one likes cold pizza. When you’re driving back home from getting pizza, use your seat warmer to keep it hot.

14) No Drip Popsicles

When you are eating a popsicle it can start to melt and get all sticky on your hands. Take a cupcake liner and insert below the popsicle.

13.) Hide Your Money

Need to hide your money or phone at the beach? You can roll up your money and put it inside an empty chapstick. If you need to hide something bigger like your phone, use an old sun lotion bottle. No one will think to steal that.

12.) Earring Back

Lost the back of your earring? Cut a small piece of an eraser and use it like a normal earring back.

11.) Gum

If you pull out a piece of gum, it’s mostly likely people…

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The Power of Focus


Focus may not be the first thing you think about when capturing a photograph. However, changing the point of focus will have a major effect on the image. This piece exists to explore that idea. What happens when you change your focus?

Based on your equipment, you may never consider the power of focus. Lift the camera, aim it in the general direction of your subject and rely on autofocus to take a good picture. Simple, right? Perhaps, but there is a better way to go about this. Relying on a camera’s autofocusing system is fine when you want to capture a landscape, or other wide shot. But in doing this, you forgo a unique human touch that can go a long way towards making your image stand out among others.

Personality is almost as important to a photograph as composition. One way to give an image character is by…

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