How 5 Hour Energy Is Going To Save The World

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Everyone has heard of the energy shot called “5 Hour Energy”. But the name is pretty much all people know about the product. Something incredible is happening behind this product, and it’s all because of a man named Manoj Bhargava. Although Manoj is a billionaire he is very modest with his money. He doesn’t feel the need to treat himself to luxuries in life, and feels like he needs to help the less fortunate. But Manoj doesn’t want to focus on one small area to help, he wants to change humanity. That’s why he started the movement called Billions In Change, and 99% of the money Manoj makes goes to this movement.

With Billions In Change he is able to change billions of people’s lives by lifting them out of poverty. All of this starts in the invention shop called Stage 2. One of the engineers who works there says…

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Shriners Hospital for Children Open

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Hello readers, this week we were in Las Vegas for the Shriners Hospital for Children Open.  Going into this week we saw a brand new winner Emiliano Grillo in his very first PGA tournament. This week we saw a bunch of not so famous players, but surprisingly a bunch of big names like Rickie Fowler and Jimmy Walker.

Going into Sunday a not so known man was leading the pack. His name was Brett Stagmaier. As Sunday begun Smylie Kaufman played a solid -3 under par first nine. On the second Nine the Smylie “lit up the course” with an amazing -7 under par 29. Since he was off the lead by a bit he had to wait to see if his amazing -10 under par would hold up. While waiting he kept himself amused with some trick shots After waiting for quite a bit in a hospitality tent it…

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Top Tight Ends In The NFL

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5) Antonio Gates Chargers- In 2014 Antonio Gates played 16 games in the regular season, he had 69 receptions in those 16 games. Antonio Gates had 821 receiving yards and averaged 11.9 yards a pass. His longest pass reception was 34 yards, Gates had 12 touchdowns last year and 44 first downs. He fumbled once but the chargers recovered the fumble. Antonio Gates is coming off of a suspension so he is yet to play in 2015.  

4) Jason Witten Cowboys- Last year Jason Witten played 16 games in the regular season, he had 64 receptions last year. With those 64 receptions he had 703 yards, he averaged 11 yards per catch and his longest reception was for 34 yards. He had 5 touchdowns and 48 first downs. He did not fumble at all last year. Jason Witten is a good Tight End but he is not the best…

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Be a Leader Today

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Today I want to talk about a more serious topic. It is something I mentioned in an earlier blog post, everyday leadership. A few weeks ago, in my English class, we watched a video from TED Talks, an organization that produces short videos talking about Technology, Entertainment, and Design,called Everyday Leadership by Drew Dudley . The video was so empowering that I want to share the message in my own way.

What Everyday Leadership expresses is that you don’t need to do something big to be considered a leader. Leadership is not what society today has created it to be. It is not some high pedestal that only the people who have made big impacts on the entire world can climb to the top of. It’s making someone’s bad day a little bit better, letting the sun shine a little bit on someone’s rainy day, or even just making someone…

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2 DIY Costume Ideas For Halloween

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Running out of ideas on what to be for halloween or do you want to be more creative this year? Here are a 2 simple ideas of what you can do for halloween.

Fall Out Boy fan (FOB fan)

What you will need:

  • A black t-shirt (and/or a black sweatshirt)
  • Jeans
  • Shoes (preferably Converses)
  • Black Face Paint
  • Newspaper
  • White Paint
  • Tape
  • Paint Brush


  1. The first thing you are going to start with is the t-shirt (or sweatshirt). Place your t-shirt on a table. Make sure the table is covered in newspaper so you don’t damage the surface of the table.
  2. Search up a picture of the logo of Fall Out Boy. Once you have the logo print it out.
  3. Using an exacto knife take the printed logo and cut the outline of the logo. This should form a template.
  4. Take your template and place it on top of your…

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The scope on 4 U.S. holidays/observances

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In the United States, we celebrate many different occasions, from memorials, to birthdays, to days just spent shopping. Here’s the scope on four U.S. holidays and observances that you may have, or not heard of before.

Groundhog Day        February 2, 2015

Early spring? Or six more weeks? Millions of spectators each year watch Phil the groundhog emerge from his burrow and gaze eagerly to se whether Phil sees his shadow or not. This all started back in the 18th century as a Pensylvania-German custom. The custom took after an old European Weather lore who observed a badger or bear, instead of a groundhog.

Doughnut Day          June 5, 2015

Yes, there’s an observance called doughnut day, rather, National Doughnut day. National doughnut day started back in 1938, as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. The goal was to honor the “lassies” of World War…

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The Truth About New York City

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New York City

On June 1st, 2009, my family of five, and our many pets, all made the big journey to New York. I don’t mean the rural countryside few actually think of when one says New York, but yes, the big city with towering skylines and rushing crowds. After moving around at least every 1-2 years, we had decided to make the big apple our new home.

brooklyn bridge  photo by: me brooklyn bridge
photo by: me

Everyone seems to imagine New York to be this magical place, with glowing billboards lighting up the glistening cobblestones in Times Square at night, and where aspiring artists come and find the love of their lives sitting in Central Park during sunny afternoons. Where packed snow softly lines the sidewalks during the winter, and young children playfully splash around in small fountains while their parents sunbathe in the summer heat. Even I did on some level, but…

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NHL Update 10/23- Canadiens Hot, Ducks Not

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The Canadiens

The Canadiens have been unbelievable so far this year. Carey Price has kept up what he did last year but it’s not just the Carey Price show anymore. Their offense is doing great so far scoring over three goals a game. If their offense does that consistently and Carey Price lets in two or less goals a game I don’t think they’ll lose a game. Well, they’ll have to lose at sometime, the question is when.

Their next five games are against Buffalo, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Three of those teams are in the bottom five of the league (Buffalo, Toronto, and Calgary). Also Edmonton and Vancouver only have three wins apiece this year. Lets just say I think Montreal will stay undefeated a little longer.

The Ducks

I don’t know what is happening to this Ducks Team. They are in the bottom ten in goals allowed…

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