Donald Trump for president? Is Donald Trump a good presidential candidate?

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People might start thinking about good presidents to vote for. I am not here writing this to tell you who to vote for, but instead I am here to tell you who not to vote for. Personally I think that Donald Trump would not make the best president. The reasons are as follows. (These are only a couple of the main reasons.)

Bad Businessman:

Number 1 is that he is a bad businessman. He runs major corporations which have all gone bankrupt several times. He can’t run a business properly and now you want to make him the president of our country. Think of all the things he would have to do. He would just fail us. He doesn’t know what he is doing and he is just going to make our country worse than it already is. This is why him being a bad businessman could affect him being…

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Steroids in Baseball


In professional baseball, some people will do anything to become better even if it is wrong. One of the most common ways for the players to improve at the game is to use steroids. With steroids, the player gives himself an unfair advantage of becoming a better player where most people actually train harder to improve. When looking at the use of steroids, the question is whether the baseball player would have played as well without the use of steroids. Does using steroids make the player a cheater?

In the past, steroids were allowed but now they aren’t. In 1991, steroids were officially forbidden to use in baseball. Currently if you are caught using steroids, there are different punishments. One is suspension but is that enough to prevent other players from using steroids? This crime needs to be stopped by making the punishments harsher so the players can bring dignity…

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PEDs In Major Sports


As you know many athletes in sport use performance enhancing drugs and throughout this blog I will tell you the facts, my opinions and those of others.

In 2013 an ESPN reported stated that ten to fifteen players on each NFL team take performance enhancing drugs.. This is about six point one percent of the players in the NFL; although this seems like a small group it actually is  about three hundred players. This alone is just the NFL not including other sports. In the MLB there is about nine point 4 percent of the players that use PEDs. This is a large total. If this many players in professional sports are already using steroids the idea comes up. Why not just level the playing field and make PEDs legal? Since hundreds of players use PEDs then this would level the playing field and make the game semi equal. This…

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Crime and its Relation to Race and Economic Class


Why do we only talk about the crimes committed by lower income individuals and minority races?

This is a topic that I’m not to familiar with and I am very excited to explore a topic like this. Some people may disagree with my opinions but, I’m hopping that everyone can find some relation to their own thoughts somewhere in my writing.

We hear all the time on the TV and in news articles about the crimes committed by impoverished people and minority races but, we don’t even think about the crimes committed by the wealthy or white collar people which economically affects us more.

Crime Follows Poverty Because

The Jackson Free Press website states: “Low-income, African American communities have a higher percentage of adult males behind bars or in sort of detention (and many for drug or lesser crimes than whites). That means fewer fathers, grandfathers and mentors for young…

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Why is Gun Control Necessary?


Numerous amounts of people die at the hands of guns every single day because of easy accessibility to guns within the United States.  In the recent gun statistics, approximately 30,000 people are murdered by firearms every year. In order to reduce the death rate, it is necessary to have gun control.  Some people argue that they use their assault rifles at gun shows in order to show them off.  But what is the purpose of owning assault rifles for the sole reason of showing them off?  Also, there are no background checks in gun shows, so mentally unstable people and newly released criminals are able to access these dangerous weapons.  Many conservatives claim that gun shows are a sport and should not be banned, but if people are dying shouldn’t we at least make an effort to restrict these dangerous guns?


Many conservative lawmakers tend to support gun laws…

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Best Shows & Movies on Netflix


Best Shows to Watch on Netflix

For $7.99 a month you can have the best thing ever. Netflix can make any day better.These are all the best Netflix shows and movies to spend your weekend watching.

  1. White Chicks

White Chicks is by far my favorite comedy movie. It’s about two FBI agents dressing up and posing as stereotypical rich teenagers. They learn what it’s like to be like a girl and what they face daily.

2. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a mystery show. The plot of PLL is, 5 girls are best friends but on memorial day one of them goes missing. A year after she is considered dead and the 4 best friends get tortured and blackmailed by an anonymous person who goes by “-A”.

3. Mean Girls (And Means Girls 2)

Mean Girls is about a stereotypical, average high school. A girl from Africa named…

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What The Red Sox Have to do to Get Back in the game.


In my previous blog I analyzed the Red Sox and pointed out what I thought was wrong with them. In this blog I will talk about what they need to do to get back in the game. The Red Sox have too many young players who are not playing enough. If they get rid of a couple third baseman and one catcher and trade them for some pitching it could get the team up in the standings. One of the dumbest mistakes the Red Sox ever did was getting rid of Jon Lester. He was our ACE and he was the most reliable. Clay Buckholts is good, but seems to get hurt and the when he comes back from the DL he is not as good. The Red Sox don’t have an ace in there farm system or one in the staring…

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Ways To Get Out of Awkward or Embarrassing Situations.


Way to get out of Awkward or Embarrassing Situations:

  1. A) That awkward moment when you are zoning out in class and the teacher calls on you. This happens to me all the time; it is so weird. Over the course of the past couple years I figured out that if you say “um uh” a couple times it doesn’t work and the class laughs at you. I have a technique that can never go wrong.

Step 1: Ask: “May you please restate the questions?”

Step 2: If she says were you listening? Quickly say, “ I was but I didn’t quite understand the question.”

Step 3: Answer the question

  1. B) That embarrassing moment when you under dress for something. You never forget thing like this; when you show up to a party and everyone is all dolled up and you come in your oversized sweatshirt and ripped jeans. These situations…

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