Caribbean post 2: Bitter End Yacht Club

Photo Credit: Myself

Photo Credit: Myself

Another great location in the British Virgin Islands, Is on the same Island as the last location I blogged about.  The Bitter End Yacht Club is located in the most beautiful setting I have ever seen, Gorda Sound on the north part of the island, Vigin Gorda.  There are many things to do, both leisurely and active in the beautiful tropical setting.

There are a few great restaurants in the area, most notably Saba Rock.  This restaurant and hotel is located on a small island within Gorda Sound.  The only way to get to it is by dinghy or a short ride in a small ferry.  There is always a place to relax.  Hammocks are strung everywhere between palm trees.  And there are lounge chairs overlooking the pool and Gorda Sound.

If you are more of an active person, there are also many activities to do for fun.  There are many hiking trails prepared.  They go up and down the mountain that towers out of the water.  In addition, you can rent small sailboats to have a fun time sailing around or exploring Gorda Sound.

Caribbean Trip Post 1: The Baths

Last month, I took a family trip to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.  One of my favorite places was a beach on the West Coast of Virgin Gorda.  The Baths is not a beach you typically go to for relaxation.  This beach is meant for adventuring.  South of the beach is a colony of granite rocks, that were imbedded in volcanic lava long ago, and create a series of caves known as the devil’s path.  The name fits it well.  Waves crash through these rocks, and can toss around a person like a ragdoll.  There are multiple ways to find a path through the rocks, but they can be summarized into three routes.  I call them the water route, the inland route, and the overland route.

Photo Credit: Myself

Photo Credit: Myself

The overland route was the most fun way to get through, in my opinion, and provided a great view.  It was probably the most dangerous way as well. There were many moments when I thought I might fall, which made the experience scary.  In parts, you have to jump to another rock with a sheer drop below you.  In order to get to the top of the highest rock, you have to run on all fours up the side of a rock at a 45º angle.  If you stopped moving your feet you would slide back down.

The water route was also about as fun, and challenging as the overland route.  To make it through that way, you have to be prepared to swim, and always be ready to grab onto a rock if a big wave comes.  The sea life was amazing to watch; the colorful fish would use waves to save energy while swimming around.

The inland route was boring compared to the other ways.  Sure you do have to climb over small rocks, and watch your feet for rocks that could cause you to trip and fall onto a pile of sand, but for all of the larger rocks, there are wooden staircases for steep climbs, and ropes for slippery parts, unlike the other routes.  There are even arrows to show you where to go.  However, there has to be some way through for people who don’t want to risk hurting themselves, or if they are carrying a load, maybe snorkeling equipment to snorkel at Devil’s Bay on the other side.  This is also the slowest route, because it is always filled with people going in both directions.

The Baths was one out of many of the great locations in the British Virgin Islands.

The Castle on Christmas


I took this picture when my family went to Disney World for Christmas this year. Cinderella’s Castle looked so beautiful covered in lights and everyone was in a good mood since it was Christmas. It was the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

San José Is The Place To Go

If you are looking for places to visit in Costa Rica, visit San José! San José is the nationals largest city with a total population of 288,054 . It’s known for major transportation and is the safest and least violent city in Costa Rica. San José is also such a historical and beautiful place.

A place that’s hot is the Arenal Volcano. the correct Spanish name is Volcán and is an active andesitic strat volcano. It is located in the north-western part of Costa Rica. The elevation of the volcano is 5,479.

A place to cool off is at the Celeste River. The color of the water is a beautiful turquoise color. The river is located in Tenorio Volcan National Park. The color is caused by a chemical reaction between sulfer and calcium carbonate mixing.

There is also a lot of history of San José and you can visit the Museo Nacionel de Costa Rica, or the National Museum of Costa Rica. It is located in San José and was built in 1917. This building has bullet wholes in the side of it from the 1948 civil war that took place there.


The final place you can visit while your in San José is the National Theatre of Costa Rica. This place is located in the central section of San José. It was opened to 1897 and is used as an opera house and theatre.

These are only few some of the  gorgeous and historical places you can visit while you’re in Costa Rica.


City of Dreams

Photo Credit: Grufnik

The sun peeks out of the horizon, saying “Good Morning”.

But the city is already awake.

The Subway trains slow into the station,

birds in Central Park chirp tunes

and Broadway signs flicker with life.

Blue dotted curtains on apartment windows open,

letting the light flood into their homes.

Cars already fill the streets,

scattered sounds filling the New England air.

The paper stands are open,

today’s news broadcasted across the busy sidewalks.

Doors open and close,

people come and go.

Young and old,

men and women.

Nothing divides them.

Trains pull out of the station,

streaking across the city with no time to lose.

Passing through the city,

slicing the cold early-­spring air,

the train speeds across the tracks.

It’s old engine groans with protest, but keeps going.

Faster, faster.

The engineer urges,

trying to push the train.

It presses on.

And finally the train slows,

the station in sight. As the train squeals to a stop,

passengers walk off the train, the intercom welcoming them.

“Welcome to The City of Dreams.”

New York City

It’s New York City! Home to many famous sports teams, fascinating tourist sites, holiday parades and the all famous New Year’s Eve ball drop. Although New York City is not the capital of America, it is its most populated city. New York City is also known as America’s “melting pot,” America’s most diverse city. New York City is unique in so many different ways, about 800 languages are spoken there, it is the America’s largest city, and is the location to the Statue of Liberty where many families first came to America in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Statue of Liberty is one of New York City’s most famous tourist sites. It is located on Ellis Island near lower Manhattan. The statue represents the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertis, it is 126 years old. It is a symbol of freedom to America and a welcome sign to immigrants. It limits to only 240 visitors per day and no more than 3 three groups of 10 per hour. Currently, the statue is under construction from hurricane Sandy and will reopen by July 4, 2013. The balcony has been closed since 1916 due to safety reasons but will also be reopened by July 4, 2013 as well. One of America’s most important monuments, The Statue of Liberty symbolises many great things for American citizens.

New York City is home to many good professional sports teams. However, their Major League Baseball (MLB) team the New York Yankees is by far their best team both historically and with amount of World Series won. The Yankees have won twenty-seven World Series Championships and have won eighteen east division championships. The Yankees play at Yankee Stadium, one of the newer stadiums in the MLB, in the Bronx of New York City. The Yankees have some of the best fans in sports and obtain a major rivalry with the Boston Red Sox. If you are ever in New York City and there is a Yankees game, I suggest checking out their beautiful stadium to go and watch them play.

Overall, as you can see, New York City is a magnificent city that is very important to many Americans. New York City is a place of opportunity and diversity, as said before, a “melting pot”. If you are looking for a little extra fun yet options to make a living, New York City is the place for you. New York City is a place where risks are encouraged as it sends off a message that anything is possible. Life is short, but make sure to fit in a visit to New York City, you won’t regret it.

Angkor Wat: The World’s Largest Religious Monument

Angkor Wat, located in Siem Reap Province in Cambodia, is the world’s largest religious monument. “Angkor” comes from Sanskrit and means “city” while Wat is Khmer for “temple.” Cambodians are usually referred to as Khmer people and Thai are referred to as Siem. So, the name Siem Reap means “Thai Defeat,” but that’s another story. Angkor Wat also appears on the national flag of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat was originally built in the 12th century by king Suryavarman II as a Hindu temple. It was a dedication to Vishnu. Later, in the 16th century, Buddhism took over and Angkor Wat was converted to a Buddhist temple. The Buddhists tried to paint the giant wall mural depicting several scenes from Hinduism and in some parts, you can actually touch the carved stone on the mural.

Angkor Wat lies on an island 1km x 1.5km with a 1 km wide moat on all sides. There are two entrances: the front in the west and the back in the east. Angkor Wat, unlike most temples, faces to the west instead of the east to signify that Suryavarman was intending to be buried there. Inside the temple, there is a central point where you can see in all four directions, many intricate and sometimes unfinished carvings, and a big central tower which was the king’s tomb. The central has really steep stairs that you could be afraid of going up and down.

Overall, Angkor Wat is a great place and has a lot of extra history and details to it, and it is also a great tourist destination.

New York

New York is a maze

Twists and turns

Turns and twists

Dead ends.


Turning in and out

through buildings,

through blocks


Seeking for gladness

and happiness.

Find your way

to the new way

of light


Casting your dreams,

through day


through night