Modern Advances Come With Responsibility

In today’s age, technology is a part of everything. Almost everyone is constantly checking texts or social media. New technology like 3D printers could become a normal appliance in the near future. However, some gadgets are becoming all too much. Sure, phones help keep you connected with friends and world news. But what if it starts to replace real interaction? We need to consider how our actions could affect the future of our world. I don’t want to sound corny talking about this, but change is a serious topic. If we have changed so much in the past decade, what will the near future look like? At some point, we need to start being a little more simplistic. Otherwise, there will be no escaping the constant cell phone ring or texting. We are human beings, not cyborgs. We also need to think about what powers these gadgets, and how to be more efficient.

One of the best parts of modern technology is medical advances. We are so much more advanced today than we were ten years ago. This is one of the pros to modern day living. Transportation is improving as well. More environmentally friendly vehicles are being designed. Until we improve, we need to become even MORE efficient. We are so dependent on electrical power today, it is ridiculous. Think about it like this.. what happens when the power goes out during a storm? The lights, oven, refrigerator, outlets, and other appliances cease to work. We need to become more dependent on other resources. The same goes for gasoline. We constantly pump gas into our vehicles just to make them work. Emissions are released into the air until the fuel tank is empty. Gasoline is a LIMITED resource. We can’t depend on these two resources because someday gasoline and oils supplies will be depleted. Also, we cannot solely rely on electric power to charge and work home appliances. Sure, this supply is not limited. But if it fails to work, we are lost.

We need to become more responsible and aware of our technology use. If not, it will become a factor in everything. It is hard to imagine what the future will look like, but I do know one thing. Unless we slow down on technological advances and resource use, we will have a big problem. After all, when you have pros it’s important to also take a look at the cons.



The warmth of the sun on your skin

Visiting places you’ve never been

The smell of sea salt at the beach

Makes you feel so very free

Children running to the ice cream man

And their toes sinking into the sand

While you relax, burn and tan

No one is concerned about school

And thats not the best part

This is what makes it summer

Having fun with your friends

Swimming, Barbecues, Bonfires

S’mores, Burgers, and Popsicles

That is why…

…All these things involve one word…


Child Soldiers

Child soldiers are innocent prisoners, stuck in a jail for something they didn’t do
Their camps are cells and their attacks are punishment
What did they do to deserve this?
They won’t get the chance to live their lives
Forever having to do deal with the pain from their unfair past

After many years, they are freed of their miserable world
As they try to go back to their normal lives, the memories come back
People staring and stereotyping them everywhere they go
But they don’t mind, because they have escaped
They have gotten a second chance at life.

Boston, Massachusetts

1368975122338I had taken this photo last year and edited it. To me this photo is like the before and after of the 9/11 building in New York. Even though major building didn’t collapse or are physically gone, it feels a bit like it is though. It’s already been about a month since this tragedy has happened, it feels like it happened yesterday. In some ways it brought the community together. Everyone was nice to another, I even saw a guy on a street corner waving a flag proudly.

I took this photo with my Droid Bionic.

Map of Life

life has no blueprint

you chose what you desire

if your vision is clear

you can live life on the wire


no one can minimise your dreams

for they truly do have fire

burning through your thoughts

until your map can only be aspired


the lesson to life

is that there is no instructions

for you are the boss

in this extraneous combustion


Photo Credit: Artem Popov

Photo Credit: Artem Popov

Trust: “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something” (New Oxford American Dictionary). We experience trust everyday in our lives. We trust our teachers that they will teach us. We trust our parents to protect us. Sometimes we experience trust on a larger scale like trusting the guy with the arrow to shoot the apple and not your head.

Trust involves responsibility and confidence. Hanging onto a suitcase with a million dollars in it is a huge responsibility. You also have to have confidence in the person you are trusting. You wouldn’t go up to a random, sketchy stranger and ask them to keep a suitcase with a million dollars in it safe for a minute while I go run to get some Dunkin Donuts. You may not even trust your best friend with that enormous responsibility. With responsibility, you have control and power. Confidence is the feeling that you can rely on or trust someone. As you can tell, trust is important and takes time to develop.

Ever since the New York City Outward Bound Trip I have seen trust in my life more clearly than ever before. I went rock climbing on a five story wall that towers over sixty feet above the busy streets of New York City. I trusted my instructors who were belaying me and had the confidence to trust them with my life. On a smaller scale, I trusted the navigators who brought my crew to various locations. We ate at a Sikh Temple, and some of the food didn’t look too appetizing. I trusted the people at the temple that the food I was eating wasn’t roadkill found on the highway. The biggest trust exercise was definitely crossing the Brooklyn Bridge blindfolded. You held on to the person in front of you and trusted that they would successfully lead you across the bridge. Crossing that bridge was one of the best feelings in my entire life.

In the morning, you trust your alarm clock to wake you up at the right time. You trust your parents to be there, and you trust that they have not run away. When you went to bed the night before you had to trust yourself that you will be there the next morning. You have to trust Mother Nature that the world will be there the next day. When you get in your car, you trust that it will work. You trust the person driving you that they will bring you to the right place. You trust the people in the other cars that they won’t crash into you. We are always trusting someone or something every year, every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of our lives. Most of the time we trust unconsciously, without even thinking about it.

Trust comes in small packages. Trust comes in extra large packaging too. Trust is the basis of life and the foundation of success, a fundamental. Trust will build you up and tear you down, but trust will make you a better person.


Tearing you apart

From one side

to the other

Taking your happiness away

Making you feel guilty

and deserted


Wishing for your strength

Reaching out

and missing

Wishing for the love

and support


Wanting to shake it off


That feeling will not go

Trying and trying


Never forget

You are strong

Fight through the pain

You will succeed

Summer: A Poem

Photo Credit: Varun Kapoor

Photo Credit: Varun Kapoor

Long days, short nights

Walking Barefoot

Playing with kites


Going to Camp

Staying out late

Meeting with friends

Fishing with bait


Doing what you please

Climbing up trees

Going to the beach

Not having to recite a long, long, long, long speech


Cinnamon bun

Water gun

Midnight sun

That long run


Hamburger bun

Tanning under the sun

Having fun

Until summer’s done


Going on a family vacation

Touring the nation

Playing games outside

Eating foods that are fried


Swimming in a lake

Stuffing your mouth with cake


Not an old plumber

Not a big fat bummer

But Summer



End of School


photo credit: Shailesh Kuttappan, Wikimedia Commons

It’s the end of school

Mixed feelings

Mostly happy, but a little down

Leaving friends behind

Breaking old routine

But then you realize what lies ahead;

Sunny weather

Days at the pool

Relaxing at the beach

No homework

Sure it’s the end of something, but the start of something new

What lies ahead?

You don’t know until you live it

It’s the end of school